Are Jackson Guitars Good? (An Expert Opinion)

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 Jackson guitars have been a staple in the music industry since their introduction in 1980. Jackson guitars are renowned for their sleek designs, high-quality craftsmanship, and unique sound.

But with so many different guitar options on the market today, it can be hard to determine if Jackson guitars are right for you.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Jackson guitars and why they may be a great choice for your musical needs.

Generally: Are Jackson Guitars Good?

Jackson guitars are a great choice for the musician looking for a high-quality instrument that offers a unique sound and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Jackson guitars feature sleek, modern designs with perfect blend of form and function that make them stand out from other guitar brands.

Besides everything I mentioned, Jackson guitars are constructed with only the finest materials – such as an Alder body, Maple neck, and 22-fret Rosewood fingerboard – to ensure maximum sound quality and durability. One of my favorite Jackson guitars is the Jackson JS32T, it’s sleek, it boasts a killer design, and most importantly, it gives out a very unique sound and tone that is better than anything you’ve heard or played when it comes to Metal.

Benefits Of Jackson Guitars

Jackson guitars offer a wide range of benefits to the musician looking for an instrument that stands out from the rest.

Still, let me mention some of the greatest things that make the Jackson guitars good!

Jackson guitars are built to last, with only the highest quality materials used in construction featuring superior craftsmanship and build quality made to last for decades. Jackson guitars are also known for their unique sound and tone that stands out from other guitar brands.

Now, what comes next is the design. Jackson guitars feature modern, stylish designs that make them stand out from the crowd, most of the time colorful designs such as red, diamond green or simply minimalistic white. Either way, their designs never fail to impress.

One of the most important features to check out in guitras, and the one that I like the most about Jackson guitars is the fact that they are designed with maximum durability and will withstand years of use without any issues.

But that’s not all. One other crucial aspect of any guitar is versatility. Versatility is one of the things that Jackson guitars can be used for many different genres of music due to their wide range of tones and sounds available. With their uniqueness, Jackson guitars will match any preference of any player, so yeah, this could really be your ideal choice.

Where it gets even better is pricing. Jackson guitars provide excellent value for money when compared to other highend instruments on the market today. Now, considering the fact that you’re getting a high-quality/high-end guitar that outperforms most competitors at its pricepoint, Jackson guitars are truly worth it.

Customer service is always welcomed, and as a guitar player in your beginnerphase, you are going to need all the help you can get whenever you run into a small issue or problem. Jackson provides exceptional customer service, ensuring you get the best possible experiance with your instrument purchase!

Jackson customer service reminds me of the customer service I have gotten from Schecter. Although, are Schecter guitars good or not quite? That’s a topic for another day, now let’s check out the Jackson types of guitars.

Types of Jackson Guitars Available

Jackson guitars have been renowned for their superior craftsmanship and build quality since their introduction in 1980.

Jackson guitars are available in a variety of models, ranging from electric to acoustic and bass guitars. The brand also offers signature models that feature unique designs tailored to the specifications of some of the world’s top guitarists.

Jackson’s diverse range of instruments includes six-string, seven-string, eight-string, nine-string, and even twelve-string guitars! 

They ofer various body styles such as single cutaway, double cutaway, and V shapes for maximum comfort when playing.

In addition to this wide selection, Jackson provides custom options so you can create your own unique instrument with all the features you desire!

Most Famous Guitars From Jackson

There are three very famous guitars from the Jackson brand that I cannot leave unmentioned, and they include:

Jackson RR24M Pro Series Rhoads Electric Guitar: This iconic Jackson guitar has been the go-to instrument for many of the world’s top guitarists, including Randy Rhoads himself.

Featuring a 24 jumbo frets, alder body, maple neck and fingerboard, Seymour Duncan humbucking pickups, and Jackson tuners, this Jackson guitar is the perfect choice for serious musicians.

Jackson Soloist SL7: This classic Jackson guitar was desinged with versatility in mind and features a solid mahogany body and a set-neck construction that offers increased sustain and better resonance than bolt-on guitars.

It also comes with Jackson’s signature Jackson humbucking pickups and Jackson tuners, making this Jackson guitar a great choice for any genre.

Jackson X Series King V KVX10: Jackson’s X Series instruments are designed with modern musicians in mind, ofering Jackson’s signature sound at an affordable price point.

The King V KVX10 is the perfect example of this, featuring a solid alder body, maple neck and fingerboard, Jackson humbucking pickups and Jackson tuners for exceptional tone and playability.

In conclusion, Jackson guitars are one of the best instruments on the market today, ofering superior craftsmanship, unique sounds, and incredible designs that will make you stand out from other players.

Price Range for Jackson Guitars

So, as you know now, Jackson guitars are known for their superior craftsmanship and high-quality construction, and they come with a price to match. Jackson guitars range in price from $500 to more than $3000 depending on the model, quality of materials used, and features included.

When it comes to finding where they are, or those looking to purchase Jackson guitars, there are many retailers that carry Jackson models both online and in stores.

These retailers offer Jackson guitars of various styles from entry-level models to profesional-grade instruments.

By the way, Jackson also offers its own line of custom instruments for those who want to create their own unique instrument with all the features they desire.

Pros & Cons of Owning a Jackson Guitar 

Now, after all that information, I want to share with you something else, specificaly noting the pros and cons of Jackson guitars!

Pros: Jackson guitars offer superior craftsmanship and build quality, unique sound, sleek designs, exceptional durability, versatility for multiple genres of music, and an affordable price point. Some of the designs for the guitars have a resemblance to Charvel guitars, but are they as good as Charvel guitars, or even better?

Jackson also provides excelent customer service that ensures you get the best possible experience when purchasing your Jackson guitar.

Cons: Jackson guitars tend to be more expensive than other brands on the market today. They are also no longer made in America, though Jackson still has a good reputation for its quality control standards regardless of where they are manufactured.

Additionally, Jackson guitars may not suit all playing styles due to their limited range of tones & sounds.


After all, Jackson guitars are a great choice for serious musicians and guitarists alike and as I mentioned throughout the article, they are known to offer superior quality, unique sounds, incredible designs, and afordability.

Jackson also provides excelent customer service that ensures you get the best experience when purchasing one of their instruments.

With all these benefits in mind, Jackson guitars are definitely worth considering if you’re looking for an instrument to take your playing to the next level!

Anyways, I hope you liked what you read thus far, and I hope this article included everything you needed to know!

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