Baby Taylor BT1 Guitar Review

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This is the epitome of a travel guitar.  A small body, lightweight, and outstanding sound quality are what sets this apart from other guitars in the  “travel guitar category.”

Why am I so excited to write this review? Because it’s one of my favorite guitars to play on because its affordable, it has impressive loudness despite its size, and it has a consistent tone which is perfect for kids learning how to play as well as expert guitarists playing live.  (Lindsey Beckingham and Taylor Swift also used this exact model for songwriting and performing.)

Let’s explain why I think this guitar should be in every guitar’s arsenal:

The Build of the Baby Taylor BT1 Guitar

First of all, this guitar is strictly acoustic so no amps and no pickup. (Sorry electric guitarists!)

The body is a ¾ dreadnought making it quite compact for a guitar and increasingly lightweight for the traveling artist.  What’s surprising is the full richness and tone coming from a tiny body. It sounds like a full-sized dreadnought without the big bulky size!

Although I have personally had no problems with the size and felt comfortable playing this guitar, many other guitarists have reported that people with bigger hands or a bigger frame may be a bit uncomfortable playing this guitar.

Now the top wood is made carefully with Sitka Spruce and the body wood with Layered Sapele creating a dynamic that allows you to play a large variety of different styles as well as being durable.  The wood also creates a nice finish creating a beautiful, attractive and elegant look.

This particular guitar features a non-cutaway to continue the tradition of an acoustic guitar (Remember it’s strictly acoustic!)

Like many similar low-end Taylor brands, it comes with an X-bracing, die-cast chrome tuners, a Nubone Nut, Micarta Saddle, and a gig bag.  

Overall this guitar is quite durable, a smooth finish (where you can brush your fingers without any squeaking) and looks great!

Where the Baby Taylor BT1 Guitar Shines and Falls Flat

This guitar is perfect for the advanced beginner who would like a compact size guitar to play and bring around.  

Although I’ve been saying how great this guitar is, there are some things to consider. Although this guitar is affordable, this guitar can’t replace a higher end guitar with that has greater quality and as well as a richer bass (which is constricted because of its size.)

You may also want a test run if you have bigger hands or a slightly larger frame.

My Final Opinion On The Baby Taylor BT1 Guitar

I’m a little biased since I have owned one for a couple of years but if you buy one, it will be your traveling companion.  It’s the perfect starter guitar for young kids (as well as being extremely affordable) and is able to pack a huge amount of volume despite its smaller size. 

When playing this guitar, you will notice the great projections and clarity it produces along with a sweet, full voice that will make the audiences smile.  

You should check this guitar out and you will not be disappointed!

Sound Sample:

Baby Taylor BT1









  • Great For Traveling
  • Great For Kids
  • Great Value


  • None

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