The 6 Best American Made Acoustic Guitars

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Do you enjoy playing an acoustic guitar? Better yet, do you want an American-made acoustic guitar that will rock your world? We have collected some of the best US-made acoustic guitars under one roof. They are majestic, iconic, and above all, they are fun to play.

A Quick Look

Why Go With An American Made Acoustic Guitar?

Aren’t we all patriotic? American acoustic guitars carry a history with them. Some of these brands were responsible for some of the best tunes in our history. No matter the brand of your choosing, you are guaranteed to get a brand that made history at one point in time. But first, let’s discuss what you need to look for in a superb acoustic guitar.


The Price

To some people, price is not an issue. They are willing to part with over $5000 for a sweet piece of acoustic guitar. However, if you are operating within the budget, make sure you pick a guitar that you can afford.


The Brand

Acoustic guitars come in different brands. All these brands have their strengths and weaknesses. Choosing a brand that you are familiar with is critical as it will become easier to play it.


The Features of the Guitar

Premium acoustic guitars come loaded with better features. However, they are very expensive, and not everyone can afford them. Their stripped-down versions that have fewer features but are affordable exist as well. Your preferred choice of features will influence the type of guitar you choose.

Now that we have mentioned the things that make a great acoustic guitar let’s look at some of the best American-made acoustic guitars.

The Top 6 American Made Acoustic Guitars

6. Taylor 114ce 100 Series Acoustic Guitar

Taylor is a household name in America. It has been producing outstanding acoustic and electronic guitars for ages. The 114ce 100 Series is one of their best acoustic guitars they have today.

The guitar has a modern Grand Auditorium shape that has a scale length of 25.5”. The fretboard is made of ebony wood, the body is made from Sitka spruce, with a slim Sapele neck.

The guitar contains Expression System 2 and has three calibrated pickup sensors. You will also sport the dials for bass, volume, and treble. The chrome tuners that are located at the headstock help with sound tuning. The ebony bridge has the Micarta saddle and a Tusq nut.

The sound of the guitar is unmistakably Taylor. It’s sound and resonates, which makes it perfect for lighter strummers. The well-rounded tone offers an ideal balance, which makes this guitar suitable for many playing styles.

Why this Guitar?

The outstanding sound and the versatility of this guitar is why you need to get it. It’s a beautiful piece of music instrument, which will never disappoint. It’s also affordable.


  • Perfect sound
  • Offers value for money
  • Includes a gig bag


  • It’s a little heavy

5. Fender Paramount PM-3 Standard

Do you need a premium Fender acoustic guitar? You should try the Paramount PM-3 Standard. The guitar is equipped with everything you need in a guitar. The outstanding sound is responsible for some fantastic tunes. The guitar is geared towards professional musicians and those who like to experience top quality tunes.

The guitar has a small size compared to the PM-1 and PM-2. Just like the majority of acoustic guitars, the PM-3 standard is made of solid wood. The backside is made of mahogany, which gives it a longer lifespan. The C-shaped neck is also made of mahogany. The fretboard is made of rosewood and contains 20 frets.

The guitar has fantastic hardware and sports the vintage-style radio control knobs. You also get a master volume and master tune together with the phase controller.

The warmth of the tune is fantastic and is very balanced. It’s perfect for players who sing too because of the reduced size.

Why this Guitar?

If you want a guitar from a proven manufacturer, you should go for this model. It feels fantastic in your hands due to its small size. It’s made of top-quality materials that make it one of the best acoustic guitars we have today.


  • Amicable tone
  • Easy to play and tune
  • Amazing sound controls and premium electronics
  • Comes with a gig bag


  • An improvement is required on the frets and body design

4. Fender California Newport Classic

Only a few acoustic guitars can measure up to the California Newport model. The iconic California beaches inspired the name of this guitar. Other than the name, the guitar packs some amazing features, which makes it a contender of some of the best acoustic guitars that we have today.

You will sport the solid Sitka spruce with the back made of mahogany. The C-shaped satin-finished mahogany neck is perfect for any player, and the fretboard is made of Pau Ferro with 20 frets. The guitar shows-off a Strat-style body, which is appealing to the eye.

The guitar is equipped with amazing electronics. You will sport the Fishman electronics that are kept in check by subtle controls. The guitar also contains built-in tuner, treble, middle, and bass controls. At the headstock, you will get the sealed nickel tuners that do a fantastic job of balancing the tune.

The sound produced by this guitar is impressive. Mahogany and solid spruce offer a decent sound when unplugged. However, the guitar performs at its best when played as an electric guitar. It may not be a versatile guitar, but it does produce an amazing sound.

Why this Guitar?

The design of the guitar is impressive. However, if you are a fingerstylist, this is not your guitar. It may not be a cheap option, but it justifies the cost through its performances. If you are a seasoned player, you will enjoy the tunes and sound of this piece of art.


  • Amazing sound
  • Equipped with fantastic features
  • Provides you value for money
  • You get a gig bag when you purchase it


  • It’s not versatile and doesn’t fit fingerstylists

3. Martin DX1AE

Manufactured in Pennsylvania, this acoustic guitar symbolizes what Americans want in their music. The DX1AE provides you with the authentic taste of the Martin model and costs less than $1000.

At the top of the guitar, you will find Sitka spruce, which is known to improve the tone when you are playing. The guitar lacks binding on the fretboard or the body, and you will find a simple rosette at the soundhole. The manufacturer has used Stratabond on the neck, which gives it a smooth feel. The fretboard is made of Richlite, which is an eco-friendly compound.

You may not notice it from the first glance, but DX1AE is an electro-acoustic guitar. There is a Fishman Sonitone system that works alongside the tone and volume controls. The headstock is equipped with chrome sealed tuners which help with the tuning process.

Even though the guitar wasn’t made using wood, the sound it produces is at par with other guitars that cost less than $1000. You should expect a balanced and warm sound. It’s not the loudest of the guitars, but it accommodates fingerstyle playing.

Why this Guitar?

If you don’t want to spend more than $1000 on an acoustic guitar, you should get the DX1AE. The fact that it’s an electro-acoustic guitar makes it versatile for any playing style. The sound is terrific and has a balanced tuning.


  • Better for fingerstyle playing
  • Comes with proven electronics
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Costs less than $1000


  • It’s not loud enough

2. Breedlove Solo Concert

Breedlove is one of the most respected guitar manufacturers in the US. Based in Oregon, the manufacturer is responsible for some of the best guitars in the market. The Solo Concert is an excellent example of their impressive work.

The guitar has a petite body, which makes it easy for you to play. The fretboard is made of rosewood and contains 20 frets. The neck is made of mahogany, while the body is made of a laminated rosewood structure.

Solo is an electro-acoustic guitar and has L.R Baggs under-saddle piezo pickup. You will also notice a versatile 3-band EQ controls.

The guitar has been commended for offering stability and string changes because of the pinless rosewood bridge. At the headstock, you will find the chrome tuning machines that do a wonderful job of keeping the tune balanced.

Whenever there is a combination of cedar and rosewood, you should expect a darker tone. There is a balance between the low and high of this guitar while producing a warm sound. It plays even better when plugged in an amp.

Why this Guitar?

The superb electronics, ultra-playable neck, and the presence of a second soundhole, you can only expect better sound and tones. It’s a perfect guitar for your gig, and its performance will never disappoint.


  • Includes a gig bag
  • The combination of cider and rosewood is perfect
  • It’s a versatile guitar


  • They can work on the frets and the controls to make them better

1. Taylor Guitars 224ce-K DLX

Taylor guitars are known around the country as one of the best guitar brands available today. The acoustic guitars are loved by many people due to their tone, sound, and design. The 224ce-K DLX is a true definition of their outstanding work. Made in the US, the guitar provides you with the American touch.

The guitar is made of the Hawaiian Koa, which is a tropical hardwood. It plays a vital role in the sound of the tone and provides a unique theme when playing. The neck of this guitar is made from the solid Sapele, while the fretboard is made of the African mahogany and contains 20 frets.

You will notice the Expression System 2 electronics. The guitar also includes the behind-the-saddle pickups instead of under-saddle. It also has three calibrated pickup sensors that help with your tuning. It also comes with a phase filter, volume, bass, and treble controls. The headstock is equipped with six chrome tuners that make it possible for you to tune your guitar to your desire.

The guitar may have a bright sound when new. However, as you continue to play it, the sound gets warmer and more vibrant. If you are a fingerstylist, you will enjoy playing this guitar because of its natural brightness.

Why this Guitar?

First, it’s manufactured by a proven guitar company. You should expect only great sound and feel when playing this guitar. You can also tweak the sound of this guitar to your desired levels of brightness. It’s a versatile guitar that can play well with any guitarist.


  • It has a small size that is perfect for a gig
  • Comes with a gig bag
  • The sound and tunes are top-notch
  • Offers value for money


  • There can be an improvement in the electronics

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you play the acoustic guitar the same way as the electric guitar?

A: These guitars differ slightly. They are also designed for different genres. However, there are electro-acoustic guitars, which mean that that can be used as both. These guitars have cross features, and you can plug them to act as an electric guitar. An acoustic guitar is perfect for smooth music, while electric guitars are geared towards rock and metal.

Q: What’s the difference between the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar?

A: The main difference between the two is sound. An electric guitar has a distinctive sound that is not shared by the acoustic guitars. However, the difference can only be noticed by an experienced player.


If you have been searching for acoustic guitars that are made in the US, the ones we have mentioned above are perfect. Most of them cost less than $1000 and have received positive reviews from the people who have bought them.

They will provide you with everything you need from an acoustic guitar. They are small, playable, and come equipped with the best features. Even though there are some foreign acoustic guitars that perform at the same level, these guitars have an advantage over them due to their rich history.

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