The Best Blueridge Acoustic Guitars in 2023

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There can be so many things to explain when it comes down to functional craftsmanship. Even though you may come across a lot of qualified luthiers that can produce practically any sort of guitar and if you’re a perfectionist and crave the greatest of something, to turn the odds in your favor is to go after someone that excels on that very field.

Blueridge is just about that. They dwell and thrive on making quality acoustic guitars, if your goal is to get yourself a sound acoustic guitar that is well worth its price and is made with great craftsmanship, then Blueridge is the right brand. Blueridge applies a simplistic approach, convey the soundest traditional prior to the war and the most well-known guitars to be ever produced, and develop those same models for present-day guitarists.

It has been proven as a valid philosophy that has led this brand to manufacture some of the most incredible guitars of all times, asserting their worth on the music industry with well known blues musicians with the likes of Jimmy Capps and the genius himself John Jorgenson, not to cite innumerable different players that take part in this broad variety of music styles and genres. With Blueridge tends to manufacture many guitars which no matter what abilities you have or what kind of budget, you can always find a guitar waiting for you on their lineup.

Do you want a dreadnought that you can be able to reach and play occasionally which is perfect for newcomers as adequately as professionals? Take a look at the Blueridge BR-40 Dreadnought. Yearning for a classic look, exceptionally-crafted guitar design which makes effective use of Adirondack top? Then try Blueridge BR-180CE. And if what you’re after is an acoustic-electric model which you can plug in and ramble around then Blueridge 160CE is there to satisfy your demands.

Although you can always find their classic guitars which they specialize on reproducing, on their lineup you’ll find this separation by era. For instance, if you’re curious to explore the models that are prior to the war fashions with a X bracing construction, you can check the Blueridge BR-163. if a modern touch is what you revel in then, go with the Blueridge BG-180. Both series produce a quality sound with a charming touch on their looks, and they’re barely the top of the iceberg which is named Blueridge.

Thankful to their various list of genuine traditional reproductions alongside up-to-date present guitars, Blueridge suits to everyone demands. Analyze your style of playing and envision which guitar is going to look better on you and will satisfy your hearing senses, you can be certain that you’ll find many guitars from Blueridge that will hit home and are going to be compatible for your collection of guitars.

The Blueridge guitars are produced by Musical Saga Instruments they present the production of acoustic guitars with some absolutely fantastic instruments and they arrive in at an exceptional incredible price range.

Commonly, I normally would just classify one of the several guitars they produce from this list, but given that we’re speaking about the excellence of Blueridge, in this instance, then I’ll have to state that Blueridge offers some of the most striking and invitingly rated instruments. Among the Contemporary Series and the Historic Series provided by Blueridge, you are inevitably in for a great deal of a guitar that is produced respectively for any guitarist of any ability.

Which is the Best Acoustic Guitar by Blueridge?

6. Blueridge BR-43

If you fancy that traditional feeling of sound that a guitar with a modern appearance presents then Blueridge is your solution. This particular guitar BR-43 which comes from the up-to-date line up of acoustic guitars is going to please every player who’s in love with the classic guitars and at their surprise, this guitar is very budget friendly and very affordable. Even though it comes at such a fair price this guitar still boasts a solid Sitka spruce top and handcrafted braces the dovetail joint that is located on the neck that is regularly found on the high-end guitars.

The solid Sitka spruce is genuinely known as one of the most reliable wood materials which help the guitar gain the kind of durability that’ll last you for decades to come, the BR-43 acoustic guitar makes effective use this very wood material from which the top is made. Coupled with an X bracing that was created prior to the war provides the guitar with a splendid balance of adaptability and power to serve the perfect tone quality. The back and sides are made of mahogany wood, the fingerboard is made of rosewood and it comes in a high glossy finish that aids in protecting the wood.

In conclusion with the top being the most significant part in the composition of tone the combination of the Sitka spruce and the laminated mahogany that comes with this guitar is bound to please just about any guitarist of every skill level. This fairly priced guitar resonates a quality in sound that is going to make it hard for you to stop strumming it.

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5. Blueridge BT-143CE

Blueridge acoustic guitars, especially the ones that fall under the line of all wood Prewar and Historic series, have earned so much recognition over the decades and this isn’t all credited to the quality of sound these guitars produce or the vintage aesthetics they’re adorned with, this is credited due to the high-caliber features they come with which are offered at a very affordable rate.

Till presently Blueridge Guitars series were making practical and effective use mainly of dreadnoughts. Now however some of the models utilize an electro-acoustic style. This particular Blueridge BR143 CE makes effective use of the Fishman Prefi Plus pickup system which is a pretty reliable electronic system.

This Blueridge comes with a Cutaway body structure which allows the players to access those frets that are close to the sound hole. This guitar highlights a solid mahogany which is used for the back and sides, the neck too is made of mahogany and the top makes effective use of the solid Sitka spruce.

The craftsmanship of the Blueridge manufacturers is manifested in the X bracing that is forward shifted this guitar. When you hear about guitars that are inspired in a retro fashion you might expect to find a broad or wide neck, here Blueridge switches the game up and delivers a mainstream style of the neck which is up to the modern standards. Though it does not arrive boast a large or deep sound hole construction this Blueridge still produces an astonishing character of responsiveness. Nonetheless, the sound projection is more powerful than you would expect from a cutaway design.

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4. Blueridge BG-140

Many guitars that are manufactured nowadays are greatly influenced to a great extent from most of the instruments that were presented throughout the 20th century mainly the beginning of that century.

This guitar comes up from the lineup of the Historic Series is a tribute to the dreadnoughts and the Jumbos made by Gibson which emerged during the mid ’30s. In a conventional manner, Blueridge delivers its own unique exquisite touch of aesthetics to the selection of materials that are used on building this guitar.

This traditional design with elegant appearance makes effective use of the broad-shouldered body – a tribute to the timeless classic Advanced Jumbo designs made by Gibson.

The materials used to build this retro guitar consist of mahogany which is used for the sides and the back with a polished glossy finish, the top is made of solid Sitka spruce, the headstock is made out of what the brand calls ‘Century Wreath’, decorated on top with a vintage sunburst.

Blueridge’s BG-140 has a natural shaped profile, the slimmer neck offers comfortable playability which assists you into accessing the fretboard easier. Thanks to its neck this guitar delivers a delightful flexible response to the sound too. This guitar produces a standard power of projection and a brilliantly rich tone, given the standard body size of this guitar.

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3. Blueridge BR-40

This reasonably-priced guitar and the classical-inspired appearance this instrument features are bound to leave you wanting to play it and have fun with it. Its top is made of solid Sitka spruce snuggled by a mahogany laminated sides and back.

While the tonewoods selected for this guitar may not be from a high-end type of materials, but at this price rate, you cannot expect to have several of the exquisite materials that are used to build an acoustic guitar of the highest caliber.

Mahogany is used for the neck too and the rosewood bridge is applied that allows a smooth fret-to-fret switch which is also used for the bridge. The bracing design of this guitar is a notable feature, this guitar highlights a forward X bracing design which is a genuine model that was built prior to the war.

This style of bracing is typically applied across all the series of the guitars that are manufactured by Blueridge. Regarding the sound, this guitar is well-balanced with a powerful projection and a harmonious resonance, this is exactly what you would expect from a dreadnought guitar. The quality in sound this guitar generates is just as traditional as the appearance, which makes this guitar accessible to every style of playing.

Overall, this guitar is tailored for anyone who enjoys playing a classical looking guitar and dwells on the sound of the traditional acoustics.

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2. Blueridge BR-180CE

Expressing the visual appeal of this guitar may be the most pleasurable thing since this guitar is one of the most fashionable guitars in the market.

This Blueridge BR 180CE will leave many guitar players in awe with its pleasing appearance. On top, this guitar makes effective use of a solid Sitka spruce followed by an Indian rosewood rear and sides. The exceptional sound quality this fully sized dreadnought produces is applied by all the famous brands in the guitar manufacturing industry to a great degree over time.

The yellowish top and the vintage look is complemented with a pickguard decorated with tortoiseshell. The ebony bridge is followed by a fingerboard which is made of ebony too, the neck is made of mahogany wood.

This acoustic-electric guitar also makes effective use of the pickup system by Fishman’s Presys Blend a great system that is used to be installed in most of the famous electronic guitars.

As you may come to conclusion by the name of the pickup system you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that it comes with a mic and beneath saddle pickup, which of course comes with a control panel where you get to blend the bas, treble and master volume. Commonly there’s a mounted tuner too.

The Cutaway design of this dreadnought allows you more acces to the fingerboard. The only downside of this guitar is that when you play it frequently for a long period of time you’re bound to end up with scratchy frets. In conclusion, this guitar is perfectly crafted and has a set of distinctive features and the design is built in that manner that it will stand the test of time. The material selection enhance this guitar’s durability and playability.

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1. Blueridge BR-63

Just as the greatest instrument to be ever built this one too The BR 63 that comes from the contemporary series of acoustics by Blueridge is not exaggerated.

This guitar is crafted with one main goal in mind, to allow you to carry it around and to produce the type of your sound. This travel-friendly guitar comes with a traditional sound and a distinctive design. Careful consideration is paid to the details of the features that this guitar makes effective use of.

The craftsmanship of Blueridge manufacturers manifests itself in this traditional guitar by making effective use of the solid Sitka spruce top which when coupled with the classical forward handcrafted X-bracing produce a loud and lively sound.

Many of the Blueridge guitars highlight a classical dovetail neck joint, the standard slim neck which is made of mahogany and Kluson tune machines that run as a modernized mechanism to provide the players with a modernized feeling.

One glance at any of Blueridge guitars and you can be sure that you’re witnessing premium craftsmanship, the style and the traditional quality that was produced during the Golden Era are still resonant and evidently manifest that feeling with every guitar that has the Blueridge name on it, they never fail to convey soundwise the feeling of the classics and the vintage aesthetics. Overall i would say that this guitar is great for both beginners and experienced players.

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So, Should You Buy A Blueridge Acoustic Guitar?

If you’re a fan of the classics then It doesn’t matter what kind of Blueridge you’re picking you’re bound to find yourself feeling like Ricky Nelson or Elvis Presley with a Blueridge Guitar. If you’re looking for an affordable classic guitar you can revel on the different series that this brand produces. If you’re feeling like you want to reincarnate the sound of the ’60s or the ’30s then you’ll find many guitars on the Historic Series. The materials Blueridge manufacturers used to build their guitars are very durable and contribute to a powerful projection of the sound most of. In this list, I’ve included some of their top-rated guitars with a broad range of variety in prices. If you’re a well-experienced guitarist then Blueridge BR – 180CE is one of the soundest alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Where are Blueridge acoustic guitars made?” answer-0=”Blueridge acoustic guitars line any commercial manufacturer is made in factories in the east. They were first made and assembled in Japan, after some years the production began in Korea, and now all of the production processes go on in China, however, the expertise is still there.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Who owns Blueridge Guitars?” answer-1=”From the beginning of their production Blueridge Guitars have been owned by Saga Musical Instruments company. A company that has pushed the industry to perform better and to release better models every single year, also the company owns a total of twenty-two musical instrument brands.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Are Blueridge acoustic guitars good?” answer-2=”I can confirm that all Blueridge acoustic guitars are pretty decent models, delivering plenty of sounds, distinct tones, and durability. However, I would most likely recommend them to the entry-level market or the budget market as they are not the best for advanced users.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”What kind of strings do Blueridge acoustic guitars come with?” answer-3=”I can comfortably say that all of the Blueridge acoustic models in the market, except the 12 stringed models come with the D’Addario EJ16 Light Gauge Phosphor Bronze strings right out of the box, which is pretty good, to be honest.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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