The Top 7 Fender Guitars in 2023

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If you get the best fender guitar, you will probably have a guitar that can pretty much do anything. Nowadays the guitar industry offers a variety of diverse acoustic guitars. Even though it’s a difficult challenge – to pick just one brand to side with– but it’s also a pleasant one nonetheless. Today we are going to take a look at one of the most reputable brand for acoustic guitars, the mighty Fender.

The Fender series of acoustic guitars has evolved in the past certain years to contend with other famous acoustic guitar manufacturers. Even though they don’t provide the market with as many acoustic guitars as much as other brands do, but nevertheless, there’s a diverse batch of body sizes and shapes to befit all purposes.

Personally, I feel persuaded by the company’s unique selection of acoustic guitars. I am confident that any guitarist of any playing fashion, funds, and expertise can discover a guitar worthy of a spot in their collection in Fender’s acoustic line. Most of the acoustic guitars this brand provides can be attained for an absolute bargain. Generally, they are very affordable, but several models offer characteristics that normally are stored for guitars at a price range that will break the bank.

Below I will list some of the most noteworthy acoustic guitars that this brand manufactures.

A Quick Look At The Best Fender Guitars

But before we go into details and discuss the 7 top acoustic guitars Fender has to offer, let me first examine for you the main question here. Why would you choose Fender? First and foremost I personally find that this brand expresses a deep dedication to provide their guitars with excellent quality and long lasting robust construction. In this list, you’ll find some of the most reviewed acoustic guitars under Fender’s most popular selection.

Which is the best fender guitar?

7. Fender CD-60S Dreadnought

Starting our best fender guitars list with the CD-60s is important, because it’s one of the most popular guitars in its category. Fender is recognized for the traditional electric guitars and basses, but do not mistake them for newcomers to the acoustic world either. Today, we’ll be examining the Fender CD 60s, a robust dreadnought sized acoustic guitar ideal for any kind of player. With a traditional mixture of the dreadnought and mahogany back and sides, the renovated Fender CD 60s Dreadnought grants excellent quality at a charming value. It produces the legendary full-bodied sound, proper for the beginner or the striving performer, giving the wonderful playing adventure you could expect and much more. The fundamental attribute you can observe regarding the Fender CD 60s is its appealing design. It boasts a laminated spruce top (which is very rare at the price range Fender offers this acoustic) as well as mahogany on the back and sides.

It comes with 20 frets, the fingerboard is made of rosewood, a duo-action support rod, firm die-cast tuners, furnishing it with well-equipped peculiarities that don’t usually come with acoustic guitars in its value. Because of its small neck and frets the fretting hand will be much more relaxed which allows the player to play for longer periods of time without growing tired and getting discouraged.

Furthermore, This fabulous dreadnought build brings a persuasive sound and powerful projection, which is what makes Fender CD 60s an exceptional alternative for flat pickers.

It arrives with generally deep lows but also crisp clear highs, which earns the guitar the unique status to operate it in just about any style. Henceforth this guitar is outragesly easy to handle and can contribute to everyone who is not exactly sure what their style of play is. On our full Fender CD-60S review, we went in detail, so make sure to read that too.

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6. Fender CT-140SE

The bright and cheerful sound the Fender CT-140SE.
Fender’s CT-140SE is a calibrated down version of an auditorium style acoustic guitar. the main characteristics of the auditorium acoustic guitars direct sharper highs and mids because of their slimmer form. The CT-140SE lacks a profound low end solely because of its body. That doesn’t indicate that it doesn’t sound great, it just not quite bassy.

I’d define the tone of the CT-140SE as lively and cheerful and it’s actually remarkably great for just about any circumstance. You can alter your tone slightly by switching its strings as well. The strings this guitar arrives strapped up with occurred to be slightly stiff and they had a tad bit of resistance to them. Getting a set of strings you prefer is also a huge element in matching the guitar to your requirements.

All in all this guitar’s decorated with a really well-constructed design. I admire its auditorium style, I oftentimes fancy dreadnaught fashion bodies simply because of their profound deeper resonance and brilliant low end but I really like the compact and comfort the Fender CT-140SE provides.

Overall the quality of this guitar is exceptional. It provides exactly what you would expect from an auditorium designed build. Bright, lively, not quite bassy, but nevertheless vibrant and conveys adequately to your audience.

This is a genuinely magnificent auditorium fashion guitar with a short scale that’s completely satisfying for just about anyone. Even old professional players usually like to choose this baby up as a backup strummer. The body form and compact scale of this acoustic surely lends itself well to new guitar players and those who are simply starting to perform.

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5. Fender FA-100

Fender’s acoustic guitar FA-100 is a full-sized dreadnought, given that it’s a full-sized robust that alone makes it a leading selection for those contemplating for an excellent beginner acoustic guitar.
The guitar emphasizes a gorgeous blonde tone top wood with shaded sides and back and a vintage black pickguard. It’s also accessible in all black.

The top wood is a spruce laminate, the body is made of basswood, and the fretboard is rosewood. the neck highlights the distinguishing Fender headstock build. The FA-100’s X-bracing gives balance to the guitar in enduring the pressure originated by the strings. The neck carries a support bar for minor modifications for buzzing or tone, and it comes with a wrench composed for these alterations. The FA-100 has classy die-cast chrome sealed tuners that are quite beneficial for an acoustic guitar in this cost range. Users find that it holds its tune very well.

Not so common for low-priced acoustic guitars, the FA-100 arrives set up charmingly and available to operate out of the box.
The operation is set at a reliable pitch, and most users meet no obstacles with intonation. As I stated earlier, lower-end guitars usually have really high action that makes them really challenging to play.

The FA-100 presumably won’t win an award for being an incredible sounding acoustic guitar, but in this cost range, it’s a very superior sounding acoustic guitar. It delivers the rich, pure tone that is regularly associated with Fender acoustic guitars.

In conclusion, Fender FA-100 is an outstanding acoustic guitar for anyone just starting out. Many players discover that it’s one of their favorite beloved guitars, even if they have an additional expensive guitar. Fender’s FA-100 comes with Fender’s unlimited lifetime warranty, as mentioned in the Fender FA-100 review. Overlal, i would say that it’s a nice option for any music genre.

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4. Fender PM-1 Dreadnought

Fender developed their venture toward acoustic guitar making with the Paramount line of acoustic guitars. A series of guitars produced to be a difference maker in the industry with their top-notch design qualities, with pristine new highlights and exciting artistic touches, inducing a new generation to the culture of superb acoustic sound.

With the Fender PM-1 Dreadnought NE as in this case, the term ‘traditional’ saturates every bit of this guitar’s structure. Substantial mahogany back and sides, directed by a dense open-pore mahogany top to give the impression that the Fender PM-1 Dreadnought NE was chopped straight out of the tree from where the elements are based. The deep earthlike mahogany and its dotted texture replenish the shape of the body with a natural appearance that is eye-catching.

Pairing the unadulterated polish is a rosewood fingerboard and mahogany neck who tend to create an old school shot of style and vintage charm. The aesthetic attractiveness of PM-1 Dreadnought NE is that it produces an absolutely actualized uniqueness, set by the classically inspired headstock, a genuine throwback to Fender’s acoustic guitars of the 60s.

The Dreadnought shape in PM-1 Dreadnought NE makes for a sound body, yet the manufacturers at Fender company made sure that this instrument is remarkably light to hold thanks to the open-pore ending.

In conclusion, the general tone and unification of the PM-1 Dreadnought NE delivers such a splendid clean canvas where guitarists can project their uniqueness in terms of sound and playability. Furthermore, by improving the design and production with a precise approach in mind, Fender have been able to examine the divine simplicity and elegant nuances of skillful craftsmanship. To conclude, i would say read our Fender PM-1 Review to learn more about it.

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3. Fender FA-115 Dreadnought

Fender has always been there when a beginner guitarist has started their journey of becoming a professional guitar player, Fender has successfully done so for a long period of time. Their beginner line of guitars has a long list, therefore, we present to you their newest model that hits the market at a low-end price.

With Fender FA-115 you can say goodbye to the laminated top that is usually made for beginner players, Fender decided to step up and bring in quality in the new acoustic guitars so the instruments compliment the quality of the players. The new FA 115 rocks a solid spruce top. It’s as if dreams are finally coming true for all the acoustic guitar fans considering the price.

Although some modifications had to be made elsewhere in order to provide the players with a firm wood top, the backis made of laminated basswood and same goes for the sides and back, a nato neck, and the fretboard is made of laminated hardwood.

But that’s where the rock-hard spruce comes in and steals the show, it’s very strong, and it compliments so many styles of playing, it’s tone is bright with a diverse range, The difference between the other entry-level guitars in sound is definitely noticeable.

Furthermore, this guitar is made to impress and surprise the player with a solid top and its dreadnought body style, you can be sure of the quality of acoustics are going to be vital, vivid and lively. However, you’ll be pleased to also hear the lower-end basses which add to this perfect combination of this acoustic guitar as i mentioned in my full fender fa-115 review.

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2. Fender T-Bucket 300CE

Fender T-Bucket 300CE is a substantial acoustic-electric guitar for the enthusiastic or intermediate guitar performer nowadays. Fit to hit the limelight or studio sessions, it presents a statement with its majestic style and electronics mounted for excellence and quality. It’s an excellent guitar for those who fancy a unique instrument and an affordable one too.

Fender’s California T-Bucket series stands out from the crowd instantly by taking a glance at its distinct headstock. It rocks an octagon-shaped form with an elegant vase inlay. If you look broadly you are bound to notice a splendidly estimated maple top.

The California series combines the Fishman Isys III pickup method, which I must state is pretty remarkable. Not to mention, It allows me to also tune the guitar without reaching for the GuitarTuna app on my smartphone.

The core and essence of an acoustic guitar is the head, which must be able to make space for a resonating tone to roam freely for a natural, vibrant sound. This guitar combines quartersawn scalloped bracing, artfully designed to strengthen the cool-sounding laminated maple top while enabling it to vibrate smoothly for exceptional projection and responsiveness.

The laminated mahogany back balances the maple top’s character, acting collectively to produce a detailed sound that brings out the best of every note and chord.

The one attribute – among the many – where Fender earns praise for is the attention to detail they put on their guitars. The hardware is an overlooked feature for many affordable entry-level guitars, though it is a crucial factor to consider. T-Bucket’s sound is somewhat comparable to the CD-60, although is a tad bit brighter in the trebles. The action was quite perfectly balanced and accommodated itself well to bar chords and complicated strumming and its sustainability was very impressive. Read full review.

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1. Fender FA-235E Concert

Finishing up our best fender guitars list, we have the FA-235E. Fender has made it clear with the reputable acoustic guitars that they are the go-to brand when it comes to having a quality instrument in your selection.

Fender may also be known as the go-to brand that provides most of the beginners out there with tremendous quality guitars which help them through their first steps to becoming a professional player, Fender has always been there to improve player’s skill by significant measures, and furthermore, Fender’s FA235E might be just what we are
talking about.

However, their guitar has way more potential than to consider it only a beginner’s guitar. It can be handled and provide tremendous satisfaction even in the hands of a well-experienced player. The guitar is decorated with a pretty polished look, It has a concert body form, and the entire guitar is properly laminated machine. Laminate mahogany is applied in the back and sides too.

The neck is made of 20 frets and it uses a Graph Tech TUSQ nut and pearl keystone inlays. The nato neck is ornamented with a rosewood fretboard that partners with the Viking rosewood bridge. You have onboard controls that help with the modification of the volume, treble and bass for a stage ready amplification.

The innovative Fishman electronics can have a beginner guitarist ready to provide the crowd with a live performance and produce that iconic Fender quality. The sound is vivid, note defining, and great in trebles, this guitar is balanced with mahogany to generate a quality sound with some warmth. In conclusion, Fender’s FA235E Is a fabulous all rounded guitar that can provide any player of any skill level with a satisfaction most of the guitar’s fail to produce. It has never been a bad idea to make Fender your definitive choice. Make sure you read the detailed review of the Fender FA235E for more information.

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My Personal Thoughts

Fender’s list of guitars are well accommodated for players of all distinctive levels, which is displayed in the broad range of rates they offer. The Fender series of acoustic instruments has continued developing remarkably.

I had fun going through the 7 best fender guitars, as well as studying each of their specs/perks. If you are looking to hit the market for a guaranteed quality in a guitar, I would recommend your direct your sights on a Fender. Why? I personally really fancied the Paramount’s ability to contribute a high-value guitar that is both sophisticated in looks and elegant in sound. The inlay work is exceptional, as well as the choice of elements. It’s classic, yet reserved. Passersby will see instantly that you acquired a high-quality instrument, but the masterpiece installations would appeal to everyone. Fender’s competitive brands such as Epiphone also provides the market with some amazing acoustic guitars, but I discovered that their decorations lose their radiance after some time. If you acquire a Fender in the Paramount Line of guitars, it will surely make a timeless extension to your collection.

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