Top 5 Best Jasmine Guitars in 2023

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Jasmine is a very respected brand when it comes to acoustic guitars. That’s why, in this short article we are going to take a look at the best jasmine guitars for this year. Looking back at the background of the name and company of the Jasmine. Jasmine line of acoustics is maintained by the music company KMC after 2005. The brand was founded in 1962, in 1978 they were the earliest company to ever present the guitar building market with acoustic-electric designs, where they mastered the idea of the preamplifier-equalizer characteristic.

Jasmine’s Acoustic guitar series currently offers 22 different designs and a sum of 4 distinct body types.

High-quality sound and a crisp looks are particularly likely to be completed with top-notch work. Jasmine brand attempts to improve the composition and structure of the guitars, but at the same time, they try to sustain their integrity and playability as easy as imaginable for their players. That’s the cause why the Jasmine acoustic guitars have a common design of their hardware. You will witness an outstanding decoration of Rosewood Bridge with manufactured bone compensated saddle. Proceeding to its tuners, they are rather conventional and straightforward that you cannot worry at all. They accommodate a variety of acoustic guitars including steel-string dreadnoughts as well as nylon-stringed acoustic guitars, but it is unquestionably their student designs which collect the brand’s highest ranks.

In the music industry, Jasmine acoustic guitars are the core example of leading names. From the startling range of acoustic to electric and bass they furnish a mixture of guitars for melody lovers. The Jasmine acoustic guitars are generally famous among entry-level strummers due to their remarkable layout and convenient handling.
One of their most selling acoustic guitars is the Dreadnought Jasmine S35 which holds the status as one of the most reputable steel-stringed acoustic guitars. Their acoustic guitars are fitting for players who are just starting out their journey of becoming a skilled guitarist, due to simple playability and eloquent sound.

Which is the Best Acoustic Guitar by Jasmine?

5. Jasmine S-35 Dreadnought

We are going to start our best jasmine guitars list with a budget-friendly model. When you’re set to go on the journey of finding the most affordable acoustic guitar, you need to be properly prepared to meet with a broad range of designs and models and different brand names. You need to be equipped with at least some knowledge about every brand that provides the market with what you’re after. You’re bound to meet with giant brands like Yamaha, Fender, Taylor or Gibson and some worthy notable brands that offer affordable guitars like nobody else with the likes of Epiphone, Ibanez Seagull or Jasmine and so many more reputable brands which you can learn more about through our website and you can check out our best guitars for each brand here.

Jasmine, while it may not be as reputable or high end as most of the brands we’ve mentioned earlier, they still provide some quality to their most affordable guitars and it’s assured that they can handle their own trademark touch in this oversaturated industry.

Nonetheless, given that Jasmine delivers quality acoustics, it’s not unusual to expect some compromises made regarding the materials used since they try their best to make their guitars accessible to everyone. Specifically to say they use laminated materials and their setup of the guitar leans on the average end of the spectrum if not mediocre but nonetheless with some adjustments in tone and with the right modifications you can make these guitars deliver to satisfy each one of the goals you deem to be important to start your journey off right.

The Jasmine s35 highlights the traditional dreadnought body design that is equipped on the top with X-braced laminated spruce, matched by a nato back and sides furthermore the neck is made out of nato too, the fretboard is typically made out of rosewood a material usually used to make the fretboard smooth to move your hands around.

You can witness for yourself that there’s no fancy touch to this guitar regarding the materials that are used to make this instrument and it’s still has a smooth-looking satin touch to it. Nonetheless, this acoustic still manages to offer stable playability and can withstand the test of time when it comes to durability. with the price range, this guitar comes you can not expect more than that.

Regarding to the sound this guitar delivers even though you might expect so much given the price this guitar comes at, you’ll be surprised to find out that The Jasmine s35 is quite properly balanced and produces a kind of projection that would be regarded as powerful, crisp and clear. While it may not be able to grant you a great stage experience, this guitar is still equipped with enough sound to satisfy each beginner and advanced guitarist who’s peeking around for an affordable set of steel-strings to have fun with.

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4. Jasmine S-34C Cutaway

Getting a good and affordable guitar is a difficult decision as it is, but comparing to when you’re looking a good jumbo acoustic at a more affordable rate, it tends to get even harder, and that’s where Jasmine S34C comes to aid.

This acoustic is one of the few affordable jumbos you can find and which is worth having and if that is not enough for you this guitar comes with a cutaway design. Given that this is a jumbo guitar and with a cutaway design you’re getting more performance for less money but nonetheless, you should expect some cutouts somewhere to be made and one of those is the tonewood that is used to build this guitar.

There’s a laminated spruce top followed by Sapele which is used for back and sides. Furthermore, this guitar is not totally a bad combination given that Jasmine tried their best to proper fit this guitar accurately. The cutaway design contributes a lot to this guitar because you can reach the full range of its tones. While the design is not so eye-catching this guitar is set to surprise you with the sound quality and build stability.

Usually, guitars at this price rate are not so Hardware oriented for most of the players who are expecting an all rounded instrument. The Jasmine S34C is decorated with a rosewood bridge which features a synthetic saddle, a headstock of die-cast tuners which work comparatively well given that you tune the guitar from time to time.

Regarding the sound this Jumbo produces is definitely something you can show off. There’s a powerful projection and there’s plenty of volume you can have fun with. The massive low-end response manifests itself thanks to the jumbo shape this acoustic has, and the trebles are nearly well established.

For everyone who’s out there looking for an affordable jumbo is bound to find whatever they need in the Jasmine S34C. Still not convinced? Read our full Jasmine S34C review For more information.

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3. Jasmine JM-10 Mini

If you’re someone who loves to travel around and at the same time wants to have his favorite guitar playing around then Jasmine JM-10 Mini is made tailored to your needs. This travel-friendly compact guitar is every traveler’s dream.

Nonetheless, if you are someone who has small body type then this compact guitar is bound to suit your needs too. This guitar has 6 steel-strings which exclude it from the list of being an entry-level guitar since steel strings tend to fatigue and overwork your fingers more.

The Jasmine Jm 10 Mini features a typical technology which is usually used for all the Jasmine acoustics. It’s decorated with a laminated spruce top, the X bracing tends to be a bit more advanced which strengthens the sound without jeopardizing volume projection, Sapele is featured on the back and sides, it comes with chrome tuners and a touch of glossy finish.

Given that it falls in the mini acoustics category this guitar is a bit bigger than a kid’s guitar but nonetheless smaller than the traditional, jumbo or dreadnought models. The neck scale length is short and so is the fingerboard. The slim neck contributes to giving the player an easier way of playability. It comes with a built-in truss rod which allows you to modify the neck and the string height which are just above the fretboard.

The fingerboard and bridge are equipped with a timeless fashionable rosewood material. Exceptionally built with a laminated wood structure, this alone provides great durability and leaves you with little to no issues at all in a place where humidity and temperature are at question.

They produce an outstanding quality sound. Even though this guitar may not produce a powerful projection as you may expect but nonetheless this is normal since we’re talking about a smaller body type which has not so much room where the sound can resonate and be projected with a more powerful sound.

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2. Jasmine JC-27

When you take a first glance at The Jasmine JC-27, the most highlighted part of this guitar is the dark colored top. Do you wonder why? What is the cause behind this? Well, this guitar is made of solid Cedar top wood.

This adds tremendous value to this guitar because most of the guitars that are manufactured by Jasmine come in laminated spruce. When you take a look at the high-end guitars which are more expensive, you will notice that most of them are usually made of a solid cedar top.

Cedar top delivers a deeper and a kind of warm tone that produces a booming sound quality that cannot be otherwise provided by a laminated spruce top. The spruce top tends to brighten the sound meanwhile cedar gives it a rich touch and a warmer feel to deliver that traditional acoustic guitar sound that is so sought after.

This guitar is decorated with a full glossy finish and the tuning keyboard is coated with gold, a tad bit different compared to the chrome tuners most of the guitars are equipped with. Here I presented to you most of the significant features this guitar provides you with. Basically, the price increase is due to the solid cedar top, since it is a high-quality wood that can produce the type of sound most of the players adore.

I must also mention the fact that solid wood tops age splendidly and tend to open with time if they’re taken care of properly. Furthermore, Jasmine JC27 is made of Sapele on the back and sides, the fingerboard altogether with the bridge and the neck, are made of rosewood. This model is equipped with Jasmine’s classical bracing which is a blend for a classical bracing and the top bracing designs, the quarter-sawn bracing provides with superb strength and sound quality.

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1. Jasmine JO-37CE Orchestra

At number 1 of our best jasmine guitars list, we have the Jasmine’s JO 37 CE! This Acoustic which falls under the series of orchestra guitars highlights a solid spruce top which is bound to age way better than the laminate top which is usually used in most of the Jasmine guitars. This alone helps the player produce a more resonant quality in sound and a better projection.

Most of the Jasmine designs highlight the advanced x-bracing that contributes to improving the top’s strength and integrity and a maximized vibration. This Orchestra model features a thinner neck which allows the player a sense of easiness in playability.

This fashionable guitar has a touch of elegance which is displayed by the rosette Abalone near the sound hole and is also decorated with pearl dots between the bridge. Ornamented with these fashionable features you are bound to adore this acoustic guitar. Just as it is the case with all Jasmine guitars this one too has a synthetic bone saddle to assist you in tuning the guitar for proper sound quality.

This feature tends to deliver excellently for those advanced players that want to furthermore improve their ability to hit those guitar riffs that are close to the body of the guitar with a style.

Overall, this guitar is bound to leave you wanting to play with it more thanks to its scale height that renders a pleasant touch and outstanding playability that gives this orchestra shaped guitar a dreamlike feeling. The installed Fishman Isys III preamplification allows a pickup tuner and 3-band EQ for precise, consistent sound quality and well rounded amplified execution.

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Should You Get A Jasmine Guitar?

Simplifying the matter of what the best acoustic guitar manufactured by Jasmine is, is a challenging attempt, nevertheless, it is a crucial issue in need of solving, especially for players who are almost new to the instrument world and would like to narrow down their approach when looking to buy one.

So what do you choose when you’re trying to pick among many guitars this company has to offer. I’ve made this article with one thing in mind and that is to help you make an informed decision based on the many features these guitar’s have to offer.First and foremost, you ask what kind of guitar presents you with the most suitable style, are you looking for an Orchestra style, Dreadnought shaped or Mini design?

Jasmine’s acoustics are accessible and can also be operated by children because of their thin neck. They are the perfect instruments to take on the long way journey or as an alternative option in case, you don’t want to use your favorite guitar.

We’ve included all of these series in our top 5 best Jasmine guitars that they have to offer and we are excited to know that we have helped you somehow into making a decision providing you with information about all Jasmine’s series.

Even though many of Jasmine’s guitars are not going to produce the enchanting type of sound essence that you may fancy or expect of their guitars, nonetheless, they are sufficient enough to qualify for a budget-friendly guitar for an entry-level player, even though you might someday outgrow it after obtaining more knowledge. Nevertheless, they have the vital peculiarities to help you get started on your journey.

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