The Top 5 Best Mini Acoustic Guitars

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Acoustic guitars are one of the most popular instruments around the world. Since they are one of the most popular instruments brands were and are trying their best to make them on different types and sizes, they are playing with instrument’s quality, sizes, tones, and other characteristics to make them more and more practical for each and every guitar player.

Our eyes are familiar with the most popular guitar model which is the dreadnought body size, but there are so many other models or designs of guitars which are different by their size.

One of the most comfortable and best of guitar sizes are the Mini guitars.

Mini guitars just like the name itself states, are smaller guitars in size, they are the most suitable of guitars if you want to carry around the city or any outdoor place that you may want to take your instrument with you. Some of them have a louder sound and more resonance and some may not be as loud, but nonetheless, since many brands that provide the market with mini guitars produce such guitars that their quality it’s just like some of their bigger guitars.

In this article, I am going to give you a glimpse about the best mini guitars and I am going to talk about the best brands of mini guitars which i’ve included in the list below, I’ve included some great brands such as Fender, the great little Martin, the outstanding Yahama and the well-reputable Hohner.

You can get one of these at an affordable price and play with it however you want, we gonna talk about their sound, construction, tone, quality, types of wood and other characteristics about best mini guitars you can get in the mini guitars market. Let’s get right into it.

Which is the Best Mini Acoustic Guitar?

5. Fender MA-1 Mini Acoustic Guitar

You don’t need to know so much about guitars to know that Fender is one of the best guitar companies and therefore one of the most reputable brands. So if you want your children or probably your students to undergo the Fender experience you don’t need to buy an expensive Fender guitar, your children can experience the full feeling that most Fender guitars render with this affordable Fender MA-1 too, this guitar makes effective use of that trademark quality and sound of a real Fender. So let’s talk about it in more detail.

Fender MA-1 is a Parlor guitar meaning it comes at a body size 3/4 and it is one of the best and most affordable of mini guitars, utilizing on top made of a laminated Agathis following an X-bracing with a beautifully laminated sapele which is used on back and the sides, the neck is short and it’s made from nato wood, so with this price, it’s definitely hard to get a guitar made out of these type of wood materials.

If we talk about hardware this guitar is equipped with a kind of playability that is going to provide you with a great amount of stability. It has a set of die-cast chrome tuners and a solid bridge which is made out of the standard rosewood. For the children, the tone and the volume don’t play any role but this Fender doesn’t think like this, of course, the sound it’s not the type that most of the dreadnought size guitars produce but the guitar has a very good quality and a beautiful tone. So it is definitely a great option and an enjoyable guitar for your children to play and learn on. If you plan to get this guitar, make sure your read our review on the Fender MA-1. Definitely a great travel guitar

4. Yamaha FS800 Mini

Yamaha FS800 is an excellent choice for the starters, thanks to the small size but it’s not only the size that is plays a huge role in this guitar this guitar has many other noteworthy qualities.

The difference between FG line up and the FS line up it is that FS provides the market with smaller acoustics than the FG.
The Yamaha guitars are very well known for their solid strength and great durability.

The construction of their FS guitars are smaller in size and provide you with a good for traveling guitar, at just the most affordable price. The top of this guitar FS800 is one of the greatest highlight this guitar features since it is made out of solid wood materials, on top featuring a solid Sitka Spruce, the back of the guitar and the sides are made from nato.

The guitar has a rosewood fingerboard and rosewood bridge followed by some diecast tuners.

If we talk about the sound of the guitar we know Yamaha it’s one of the best so of course, this is not as loud as a dreadnought guitar but it is loud and it has a beautiful tone for the beginners and the starters.

Since the top is made out of solid wood materials the guitar can last you longer without losing the volume or bass so the sound comes with great quality.
In conclusion, this is one of the best Yamaha’s for children to start learning and playing and experiencing a famous brand of guitar which has almost made it to our every list of guitar reviewing. Definitely a great travel guitar.

3. Hohner HAG250P

Every person starts somewhere in life to pursue their dreams and desires and then becomes a great master of that desired craft. For most of the children, the nylon stringed guitars are one of the greatest instruments to start their journey of becoming a guitar player. The Hohner HAG250P is made particularly with that goal in mind and for children, it’s a very good guitar to start with.

Right now we are talking about Hohner HAG250P which it’s one of the best guitars for kids who are from 4 to 9 years old with a very affordable price.

The guitar’s top, back, and the sides are made from laminated agathis, with a neck from mahogany and a general hardwood fretboard. So it’s more than enough for beginners. The hardware of this guitar it’s maybe a letdown but it’s still playable for the children, the nut it’s from the plastic and when you tune it, the guitar holds the tune for a short period of time.

The sound of the guitar it’s so basic it doesn’t have anything extraordinary but if you know how to tune it well it’s an attractive playable guitar.

So, in conclusion, this is a good guitar for beginners and the starters the only thing you need to do it’s tuning it well and start learning or playing. This is the best mini guitar you can get for a cheap price. So go and grab one of these babies and start learning. To read more about this guitar, check out the Hohner HAG250P full review.

2. Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa

This is one of the super comfortable guitars you can carry around. It’s so lightweight and it has additional light strings that you can bend around. The tone’s balanced and pleasant, So it’s fun to take it everywhere you go and jam with it. So this is the best for your smaller hands and for the children. The guitar it’s finished with laminate and has a great sustain.

The only thing that can not be good at this guitar, it is really prone to being breakable and if you are careless with it since it’s not made of solid wood materials you can break it so easily.

Made of High pressured laminated top and followed by a laminated Koa which is used for the back and sides. Of course, it doesn’t sound like a dreadnought guitar but it is a guitar you can enjoy, it has a nice tone and it comes at a low price range so you can buy it anytime you want.

Just as most of the mini affordable guitars on the market you can find this Martin too disappoints when it comes to being in tune for a long time. So even with this, you have to tune correctly after every time you start to play.

The guitar is well constructed and can be played easily by the young guitarist but also even from the old guitarist so it’s all about how well you can play.

In conclusion, this is a great guitar for your children it has the look the sound and the quality of a great guitar. Read our full review of the Martin LXK2.

1. Fender CP-100 Parlor Small-Body

To finish our best mini acoustic guitars, we have the Fender CP-100. When we talk about fender we talk about quality, so like any other Fender guitar, this one too is the best of all mini guitars you can get. With small words, this is a work of art for all other mini guitars you can get.

You can play with this baby around a laid back atmosphere. So if your children or if you want to have an astonishing experience with a mini guitar this is the one you need to get.

This guitar has the charm the volume and everything you want to have from a guitar. This piece of art is made from laminated spruce top. The sides and back of the guitar are made of laminated mahogany with a smooth silk finish embellished to its enticing charmful appeal which is going to leave you in great awe.

The bone is synthetic and the neck is made from mahogany, the neck of the guitar supports the rosewood fingerboard that happens to be with 20 frets.

The sound of this Parlor artwork it’s absolutely the best you can get in mini guitars it has flavor, tone, volume (of course not as dreadnought), color and everything you need to have from a guitar.

So this is the best of all mini guitars you can put in your hands for a very affordable price I personally would recommend this to everyone who’s looking for the best mini guitar.

The Conclusion

Mini guitars are the best guitars for the children and the people who are moving around with their instruments in their hands. So mini guitars are for learning and for playing whenever you want.

If you have small hands or if you are a child who would like to start somewhere in his musical dream these are the best guitars you can get. So go and grab one of these babies that we listed above. With mini guitars, you can play whatever you can play with big guitars, these type of guitars even have advantage over dreadnought sized guitars because you can play it just like a ukulele, and also they are easier to carry around, they are not so heavy so if you are a student or if you are going camping around you don’t have to take a heavy case with yourself around the woods to have fun, what you need it’s only a mini guitar and a passion and creativity for music.

This article was written to help and give you a glimpse of the best mini acoustic guitars you can get rated by professionals and by beginners you can play with it as a professional and you also can play with it as a beginner. So we hope we helped you. Good look with finding your ideal guitar and have fun.

Sometimes people are not able to make the difference between what’s a ukulele and what’s a mini guitar. Nevertheless, they have some major differences between one another, the ukulele makes effective use of only four strings while most of the mini guitar’s make effective of 6 strings and some arrive with nylon strings and some are equipped with steel strings. Mini guitars are the same as a normal guitar but they tend to come in a manner of the size that is smaller than the regular ones. The guitar can be tuned to play like ukulele the only difference its G string of the ukulele is one octave higher than it is on the normal guitar.

So the mini guitar is a regular guitar but it is used more for children to learn the guitar since it’s more accessible to children’s arms, since most children are much shorter in body or arms terms than most adults, so they can get their hands around the instrument more easily and it is suggested by so many guitar teachers that children first should acquire one of the mini guitars to improve their learning skills until they are at a physical level to handle with care a dreadnought guitar.

Since this is a regular guitar which offers a smaller size this guitar makes up for a perfect travel-friendly guitar too for people who are somewhat experienced with guitars, you can take it more easily when you are traveling since it doesn’t need to take so much place of your case when you’re packing, but it is harder to play it when you have big hands and taller arms so if you are a traveler who has big hands and taller arms who likes to take the guitar with yourself everywhere you go and you are not intimidated by the size of the guitars I am writing about, then, this may not be your type of guitar, you will need to look at other sizes of guitars like a dreadnought or grand auditorium guitar body size or something else.

This type of guitars is more adaptable for the children who are at a young age, who are willing to learn the necessary skills to play the guitar and play it with their cute little hands. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that an adult can’t have fun with it too, of course, they can but since the guitar is short it limits your fingerpicking style of playing and it will be harder to go scale from scale.

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