Top Seagull Acoustic Guitars in 2023

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When durability and good quality are mentioned in the same sentence then you know you are talking about the best Seagull guitar. Seagull as a guitar brand delivers a broad selection of guitars from acoustic guitars to electric guitars. The most notable thing about Seagull is that their guitars are pretty easy to get comfortable with and offer a kind of ease of playing that compliments the sound quality their guitars produce.

The new players are going to find the guitars manufactured by Seagull pretty easy to learn on and they will have little to no problem mastering the chords. Seagull offers guitars at a fairly reasonable price.

The sound quality that guitars from Seagull produce is impressive beyond words and you can be sure that these instruments are going to fit well in every player, from any rank of skillset, be it a pro or an amateur.

Many players are very happy with the manufacturing quality that comes from Seagull craftsmanship, the craftsmanship in Seagull’s guitars enables the players to have little to no difficulties at all while playing the guitar.

The brand Seagull Guitars was founded in 1982 by Robert Godin who built the first Seagull guitar ever, in Quebec. The main goal behind all the Seagull guitars is to manufacture the type of guitars that features all the vital elements that a guitar player may need, to produce or invent their own style of music. With their affordable prices, Seagull is eager to make their guitars accessible to the working musicians too who can’t afford to break their bank. Each and every Seagull guitar is made in Canada from the beginning of the company to the recent day. The wonderful selection of natural tonewoods is delivered straight from a credible source from the La Patrie Village.

Many devoted guitar producers work at LaPatrie with one goal in mind, to build the distinct guitars for the players who are just as much invested into leaving their distinctive mark in the music industry. The whole population of La Patrie is nearly 500 people, almost half of those people are related directly to Seagull, helping the brand create guitars and have succeeded in doing so by introducing the majority of Seagull’s best guitars which you can find on the top list of the market.

The brand Seagull has always directed its manufacturing towards an environmental alternative. They applied the necessary steps to make sure that the environment would not be affected as a result of using the materials to produce such guitars.

By fancying the application of retrievable wood and operating hydroelectricity supplying spaces, they are striving to preserve a clear nature. Consequently, they aspire to avoid deforestation. Seagull guitars are top rated by many musicians throughout the globe, from the source of the guitar to the last touch everything is fascinating about this company, their guitars come in the best state and are adjusted readily to meet every player’s needs. The high caliber quality essence Seagull guitars produce leaves room for players to get creative with.

Seagull provides the market with 5 series of guitars, with various characteristics and features inside all series. You only have to estimate your means, and then conclude what design, polish, and body style you fancy the most. With the selection of the wood materials, Seagull assures that that the players won’t encounter any diminishment in character of their guitars.

Which is the Best Seagull Guitar?

5. Seagull S6 Original

At the start of our best seagull guitars list, we have their most popular model – the S6. With exceptional structural design while at the same time delivers ease of playability the Seagull S6 is a roaring choice for most of the guitarist out there.

Being the highest rated guitar from Seagull I’ve decided to put this award-winning guitar on top of this list. With the unique use of materials that help to render a dazzling sound make this guitar one of the most notable guitars ever made by Seagull.

But first, let’s address some of the features this guitar makes use of and what’s all this bragging all about. I’m going to list some of the most notable characteristics this guitar offers and what separates it from the other guitars. You may be surprised to find out that this guitar when you first take a look at it doesn’t boast its qualitative character and you may notice that there’s nothing exceptional about its appearance, the design may seem somewhat classical it comes with no decorative inlay.

But what separates this guitar from all the other guitars, is the tremendous quality in sound. You may not see the quality, as with many other guitars but you can be sure that you are going to hear it when you strum this guitar for the first time. The solid cedar top this guitar makes effective use of contributes to that impressive sound quality I’m talking about.

This guitar is made out of Canadian Wild Cherry which is very rare to be found in guitars that fall into this cost range, the aforementioned materials are used for the back, while the sides are made out of the same materials too. The Cedar top contributes to delivering a distinctive tonal essence which furthermore aids the guitar into opening up more with time.
Overall, this guitar sounds remarkably good and it can be compared to the higher end acoustics that are way much more expensive. Read the full Seagull S6 review for more information.

4. Seagull Entourage Rustic CW Q1 GT

The Rustic CWGTQI from Seagull is an acoustic-electric 6-stringed guitar that delivers a sleek way of playing the guitar and produces an impressive sound and it arrives at an outstanding price. Its solid top is made of cedar and it’s pressure tested with a touch of glossy finish, embellished with wild cherry wood on the back and the sides which tend to deliver a warmer sound.

This altered dreadnought shaped guitar has a powerful projection of sound, which makes this instrument ready for any kind of performance. The neck makes effective use of an integrated set that helps the guitar be more stable, have better tonality and produce a powerful projection.

The slimmer neck that many guitars in The Entourage line are equipped with, is used to convey the feeling of the classical acoustics. This guitar makes effective use electronics of Quantum I for an elevated tone you want to plug it in. If an instrument with exceptional characteristics is what you fancy, then The Entourage Rustic CWGTQI by Seagull’s is what you need.

The concentration that is invested by manufacturers at Seagull is a statement to their exceptional application of craftsmanship that presents this guitar with a neck which further enhances its playability and leaves room for a marvelous guitar action.

The guitar’s neck is way much more than simply a fretboard, it also helps to improve the guitar’s tone quality. Seagull makes effective use of the integrated Set Neck which provides the guitar with the sound you’ll fancy to have in a performing acoustic. This method renders a type of stability and consistency in the action.

Thanks to the integrated system the neck pitch sits perfectly steady. If the neck is way too far forward the guitar will sound dull, if the opposite circumstance occurs and the neck is too far back then the sound will be tinny. Seagull’s methods guarantee advanced sound and playability with many innovations found in the entire line of Seagull.

3. Seagull Coastline Cutaway Dreadnought

Seagull’s Coastline Series brings to all the guitar aficionados the Momentum AE HG, this particular guitar is made specifically for more experienced players. This guitar is the predecessor of the fashionable 80s classic guitar made by Seagull.

The reason it can be regarded that way is because of the uncanny resemblance this guitar carries when it is compared to the traditional Seagull S6 which was first launched back in 1982 and ever since this guitar has been the standard setter for many up and coming guitars of that era. Meanwhile, Momentum is trying to improve that legacy and has done so by developing, updating and combining some prolific features.

Commonly as it’s the case with most of the Seagull guitars, this instrument is also manufactured in Canada, a village in Quebec named La Patrie. The lustrous touch this guitar boasts indicates the special level of attention applied to the guitar’s structure. Seagull’s Coastline Momentum highlights a solid cedar top and it is coated with selected tonewoods of laminated wild cherry which is used to cover the rear and the sides.

The Coastline Momentum’s back and sides are splattered with a dark, reddish shade. The cedar top which this guitar display contributes to giving this guitar a beautifully stylish appearance and also provides the guitar with a rich tone resonance.

Moreover, the neck is made out of rosewood and so is the fretboard which additionally emphasizes a set of dot inlays that extend throughout the fingerboard towards the notable Seagull headstock which allows a regular string drag, which renders better stability while tuning the guitar. This guitar makes effective use of the Fishman Sonitone meaning that when plugged into the amplifier it produces a clean sound quality.

Overall this guitar arrives with some incredible finishes in the structural design such as the interior of the sound hole which is coupled by a high-quality cedar top and the flawless developed bracing.

2. Seagull Natural Elements Standard Dreadnought

This collection of acoustic guitars offered by Seagull is a notable take on a purely acoustic instrument with an environmental friendly appeal taken into consideration. The acoustic guitar we’re going to review now is Seagull’s Natural Elements Standard Dreadnought.

This guitar is hand-picked and comes with a pressure examined top that gives the greatest scale of solid durability which achieves an outstanding response and produces a rich vibrant sound. The wood materials are polished with a satin finish which complements the essential charm of the wood and providing it with the soundest shield without dismaying the sound projection.

The Neck is decorated with Silver Maple Leaf and makes effective use of the Integrated Neck Set which provides the guitar with endurance and longevity. Furthermore, the bridge and the fingerboard are made of fashionable dark rosewood.

The Nut is made of standard Tusq and so is the Saddle. The headstock is decorated with gorgeous flame maple, followed by open gear tuners, and a unified string composition on the top to prevent turning tension and present the guitar with a great amount of tuning maturity.

This model makes effective use of the B-Band AC1.5T Electronics system which is a great installation for the price rate this guitar comes at. Overall, The Seagull Natural Elements SG is a stunning acoustic guitar in showing great looks and acoustic features and is the perfect option for the guitarist who fancies the most reliable natural looking acoustic on the game.

1. Seagull Artistic Mosaic

Finishing our best seagull guitars list, we have the Artistic Mosaic. Also known as the leader of the midrange standard of acoustic guitars, this guitar carries the excitement of a unique instrument. Seagull provides the market with a fine line of guitars that are in the mid-range regarding the price affordability.

All of their guitars and the tonewood materials selected for their guitars come from Canada and are manufactured with substantial, solid wood materials that are eco friendly. The Seagull we’re going to learn about now is The Artist Mosaic, this guitar features a simple design which nonetheless shows a faint of a sought-after premium guitar.

This guitar is a classical dreadnought which means it produces a powerful sound that is going to be satisfying for everyone at your next camp trip. Given that this guitar is a full-sized dreadnought it’s probably not fancied for beginners or people who have smaller hands, this guitar makes effective use of solid mahogany which is applied to the back and sides of the body. Topped with cedar which is pressure tested and has a charming peculiar semigloss finish.

This Seagull does not come with an electronic pickup system, nonetheless, it highlights a set of Seagull composed tuners with chrome buttons, a Tusq nut by GraphTech and a solid saddle that blends perfectly with the rosewood bridge.
Overall this guitar renders a quality in sound that makes up for all the other aspects and features where this guitar lacks in.

The alliance of Mahogany and solid cedar top provide this guitar with a warmer and smooth tone resonance. The powerful projection of sound this guitar delivers and the tonewoods selected to build this guitar are groundbreaking news for this instrument since the solid wood used to make this dreadnought is going to open as the time passes by providing you with an acoustic that is going to grow in warmness and sound.

Should You Get A Seagull Guitar?

I’m sure that once you decide which Seagull to pick, you’ll be delighted with countless features Seagull’s guitars offer when you first look into their most popular lines and the quality of their guitar speaks for itself after you start playing with it.

The great robust construction, their guitars are manufactured with assures you that you have a solid durable instrument in your hands for a long time.

The eco-friendly tonewoods selected for Seagull’s guitars is another bonus for all the people who care about the environment, as should we all do so. With all this information being given here you might still ask yourself should you invest in a Seagull?

At the affordable price these guitars arrive, believe it or not, it’s hard to not purchase one even if you already have a guitar to play with.

Despite the skill level, you may be at you’re bound to find that this Brand produces an instrument for every player who strives to be an accomplished guitarist and wants to make their musical journey as comfortable as possible.

To conclude, whichever Seagull model you decide to go with, you’ll probably won’t regret it especially if you’re an intermediate player or just someone who knows some tricks of the trade. With great care of craftsmanship, the incredible projection of sound, and high-quality selection of materials which will help this guitar grow better with age. You should also see what’s your playing style is and decide to go with one of who compliments your style the most. I hope this mini buying guide was helpful for you to choose the best seagull guitar. If you have any questions please feel free to send us an e-mail!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who makes Seagull guitars?

Seagull Guitars is a Canadian based company that is a subsidiary brand of Godin Guitars that has delivered some of the best acoustic guitars on the market. However, it is worth mentioning that the whole manufacturing process is done by Seagull's designers and engineers.

Where are Seagull guitars made?

I can comfortably say that the company still produces its excellent guitars in Canada, to be exact in the La Patrie town, where it was also founded. The company also tries to keep a small carbon footprint and practices echo-friendly values.

Are Seagull guitars handmade?

All of Seagull acoustic guitars are hand made from the company. This counts for all of its models from entry-level to high-end premium ones, and this is a large indicator of the quality of these guitars. On top of that, the company offers a limited lifetime warranty for all of its guitars.

What is the best Seagull acoustic guitar?

The best Seagull acoustic model is the Seagull Artistic Mosaic, which is in the middle of the price range, however, it has tons of interesting features and qualities that make it the very best guitar in the company's wide range.

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