The Top 6 Best Taylor Guitars in 2023

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If you landed on this article, then you are probably looking for the best taylor guitars in 2020. If you too are a hard-core guitar aficionado, then you’ve presumably overheard of Taylor Guitars previously. You probably own some of their acoustics yourself. If you are just taking your first steps towards this life long quest of becoming a guitar player and starting out as a beginner or even if you’ve been a long time enthusiast who wants to further advance your skills then Taylor is a brand you definitely will grow familiar with in future.

They are popular for producing many of the greatest acoustic guitars on the business and they have continued providing the industry with quality and been doing so for more than 40 years. There are surely many guitar brands that have existed in the market for a greater amount of time, but few of them have left such an outstanding impact on the guitar industry.

They offer loads and loads of choices, and that’s where things start to get tricky, when the time comes to picking the proper guitar it can become pretty complicated. To assist you in choosing a guitar that befits your playing style the most, we have examined a set of various models from them, and selected the 6 best guitars.

Here Are The 6 Best Taylor Guitars

6. Taylor 310ce Dreadnought

An old school body perfected. Taylor’s 310ce blends classic dreadnought tone and bass response with the ultimate Taylor sound quality, bright trebles and an expansive, airy middle range that Bob Taylor’s trademark design emphasizes. Dreadnoughts respond exceptionally well to light picking or heavy strumming.
This dreadnought guitar provides you with one of the most popular of guitar shapes, fitting for all the players from the powerful tone, deep lows, and crisp highs. The Taylor 310ce is a slight alternative on their classic 310 dreadnought, highlighting a cutaway as great as built-in expression system pickups so it grants the player to be able to perform with it right out of the box.

The impressive projection of this guitar makes it ideal for folk players but it doesn’t limit you to only that, you can rock on with it in rock or jazz styles, as well. The Sitka spruce produces a bright soundboard with a broad dynamic range, while the sapele sides form out a powerful tone, delivering a depth that’s particularly distinct in the low end. To conclude the 310ce is amongst the soundest Taylor acoustic guitars.

The substantial Taylor adventure proceeds with the updated 310ce sapele/spruce dreadnought cutaway acoustic-electric guitar. Cool black binding flanks the silk decorated sapele back and sides, and a polished Sitka spruce top, which continues up the fretboard.

The 300 Series is truly the musician’s workhorse, mixing technology and craftsmanship with understated technique. A Venetian cutaway applies dimension to the traditional dreadnought styling, while the resonance of Sapele is devotedly magnified through the specific Taylor Expression System.

The warm sound and wide midrange of sapele stabilize the rich and chic features of a Sitka spruce top. The resulting blend renders the perfect guitar for powerful, rhythmic playing techniques.

Using exclusive pickup technology manifested by Taylor, the Expression System amplifies your guitar with an unequaled, natural energetic tone. Onboard tone controls contribute to the flavor which produce a particularly clean magnified sound. Read more on our full taylor 310ce review.

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5. Taylor Builder’s Edition V-Class K14CE

A first-class electro-acoustic with a game-changing construction.
The Builder’s Edition V-Class K14ce is quite a declaration of intent. It merges the unique V bracing with a distinctly diverse, extra convenient, Grand Auditorium characteristic. Of course, its build character is nothing short of extraordinary as we would suppose, and not least at this rate. We’re further hinted of the K14ce’s high-end series, however, by the spring vine inlay that occupies down the majority of the dark brown ebony ’board, while a moderate koa purfling line rests just inside the ebony edge, and continues throughout the headstock, which is over ebony-faced with an almost reserved paua inlay.

The gold Gotoh tuners entirely match the lightly worn vibe, just like the green abalone spots in the ebony bridge. While there’s loads for those who love details to cherish. The modernized Taylor guitar is hugely classified in terms of striking feel.
Like its cousins in the V-Class series, it flaunts a large number of innovative traits. Most striking is the unique bracing design, so let’s begin there.

The V-Class guitars avoid the X-style bracing that has long governed acoustic guitar construction. Rather, the top bracing adds two long braces designed in a V shape including its spot at the endpin. According to Taylor’s manufacturers, this helps the top to be further in tune with the vibrating strings – enhancing volume, support, and tone.

Taylor’s K14CE feels unlike anything I’ve imagined. We, the reviewers, lash out the term “smooth” for any guitar that sounds conveniently with minimal friction. But, as in other operations, this guitar accords to new climaxes.

The K14ce is a visual masterpiece. The body woods are elegant. Gorgeous inlays ring the frame and soundhole, with a huge, decorated grapevine inlay crossing most of the fretboard. Enameled wooden pinstripes adjoin both fretboard and headstock. There’s extra colorful purfling throughout the perimeter of the 2-piece back. It’s all a bit blingy for my likeness, but there’s no disputing the exquisite craftsmanship. For more information, check out our Taylor K14CE review.

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4. Taylor GS Mini

Great guitars that own large dreadnoughts are mandatorily obliged to be powerful and have a rich quality in sound, given that size is being here the central factor, smaller guitars like Taylor GS Mini are presumed to be the contrary of that, with a distinctly lower volume. Nevertheless, this sound restriction has been improved by the Taylor GS Mini thanks to the features used and the creativity represented by the company.

A compact guitar that equips the player with great quality, Taylor GS Mini is a pleasant small guitar that can be valued as an acoustic superstar.

Composing a lively, charismatic quality sound that would go contradictory to the saying, size matters, this guitar is extremely manageable and is perfect to have around when you want to have a piece of wondrous instrument on the go, yet it is still very comfortable to hold and perform in the warmth of your house or just about anyplace.

The guitar’s back and sides are both made out of sapele while the top is made from substantial sitka spruce, a feature frequently encountered in high-end acoustic guitars. Most of the acoustic guitars use low-quality wood for the bridge and fretboard, but this guitar utilizes real ebony wood.

Overall, Taylor has earned a respected status in the guitar making bussines, providing the market with some of the most playable guitars in history. The Taylor GS Mini ensures that its easy-to-play will keep you going at it for hours to come and won’t get you that easily bored, given the sound character it renders.

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3. Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

Charm, elegance, and simplicity are all statements that can easily be used to define this Baby Taylor acoustic guitar. It emphasizes a 3/4th scale cutaway dreadnought body character with substantial mahogany sides as well as back.

There can be no doubt that it looks astounding, but the real question here is how does it sound? Surprisingly, it performs even better than it looks.

As with other scaled-down guitars of Taylor, they have somehow succeeded to decrease the size without crippling the sound quality. How they accomplish this when so countless other guitar companies fail, we may never know. It is no mystery that Taylor manufactures some exceptional guitars, but this could easily be regarded as one of the high-grade Taylor guitars. It is in the affordable cost series but sounds similar to a high-end guitar that would take a year’s worth of savings to obtain.

In conclusion, it holds its unquestionable status as one of the Taylor’ gems, particularly considering its size. Oftentimes, you ought to sacrifice the essence of quality for the size, but this is not the situation with this guitar. it is a great guitar to exercise every day with and the small body makes it effortless to pack and carry around when you are at a bonfire party. Looking for a guitar to bring with you on hiking or a camping trip? This is the perfect place to look at.

It’s a great fitting for adults as well as kids starting to play the guitar.

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2. Taylor Guitars Big Baby Taylor

For the artist in you and the adventuresome spirit you may want to set loose, for the times you’ll make the best recollections out of and the times people will cherish you for, the harmony you’ll inflect and the small space The Big Baby Taylor it’ll take.
When it comes to guitars there are full sized guitars and there are travel-friendly guitars, Big Baby Taylor locates itself someplace in the midst of this spectrum.

The benefits this guitar provides are countless, but we’ll try to characterize the most important ones. Aside from being convenient for traveling this guitar provides you with a buzzing volume and bass response. The body uniqueness of the dreadnought translates into a guitar that is smaller than the standard dreadnought you may encounter on the many standard-sized guitars, but nonetheless, it still maintains the richness of projection that a traditional dreadnought provides.

Being a Taylor the construct gives the guitar a sense of polished looks and quality, and that is thanks to the top which is made from solid Sitka spruce, while the sides and back use laminated sapele. The neck is made of solid sapele, and the fretboard is made of genuine African ebony.

The tonewoods of the Big Baby Taylor provide the player and the listener with an amazingly pleasant well-rounded sound.

In conclusion, this guitar may not be as big in sound as a solid, full sized dreadnought, but the tone this Big Baby produces is very vibrant. We went in detail on our full Big Baby Taylor review, so make sure you read that too.

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1. Taylor 314Ce Grand Auditorium

To finish up our list of the best taylor guitars, we have the Taylor 314. This guitar fuses an impressive auditorium-style construction that has the width and depth of a dreadnought form yet contributes the intensely vibrant tones that will sweep you beyond when you play it the first time. The neck is slim, allowing you to build chords and strike the strings with ease. Highlighting a spruce top with Sapele back and sides, the guitar is composed for stability and bright tones.

Furthermore, an ebony bridge stands out stylishly on the frame to provide it with a lovely and distinctive feature. Taylor’s 314 Grand Auditorium Guitar brings a professional playing skill for newcomers and professional players to the counter. It plays wonderful and leaves room for lots of opportunities to grow your abilities for ages to come.

The resonance of the 314ce is mesmerizing. It’s got all of the glory that Taylor is known for, and is greatly well balanced with just the proper amount of bass response and the incredible warmness is conveyed from the sapele back and sides. The top on this guitar is extremely active. It projects volume notably great and responds perfectly to shifts in pick attack.

There’s always an additional gear accessible on this guitar, which makes it so hard to put this acoustic down. Each note strikes through with intensity, precision, and astonishing tones. The note separation is impressive when you play a chord, with each note standing out and casting through.

The 314ce sports the Grand Auditorium body shape, which was an original Bob Taylor design introduced in 1994. It has unquestionably endured the test of time and is both gorgeous to look at and a true entertainer for all methods of play. As we mentioned in our Taylor 314CE review, this guitar is one of the best looking acoustic guitars out there, so it’s definitely worth a second look.

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What makes Taylor Guitars special?

Unmatched build essence, the most solid and playable necks, a vast collection of tonal possibilities, eco-conscious raw materials, and a life long excellent record of service and support. If you are in the market for a new acoustic guitar and you are not sure which brand to go with, just buy a Taylor guitar because you never go wrong with them. They have all types of guitars for every budget, so finding something you like from their products is very easy. I hope this guide was helpful for you, and you found the best taylor guitar for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Taylor guitars better than Martin?

You can't possibly compare two complete brands and try to determine which has the best guitars since both have some distinct qualities that differentiate between the two. For example, Taylor's acoustic guitars have a brighter and richer sound, that boasts clarity but lacks a little body compared to Martin's.

Where are Taylor Guitars made?

Taylor produces all of its guitars in the USA, to be exact about 20 miles east of downtown San Diego in El Cajon, California. The manufacturing facility is quite large, to be honest, and you can get free guided tours of the facility almost every day, make sure to visit it.

What strings do Taylor acoustic guitars come with?

While it will depend on the model and the edition of the guitar, normally most of the guitars since June 1, 1999, come with Elixir Strings on all steel-stringed models and ultra-thin NANOWEB strings on nylon-stringed guitars.

How should I clean or polish my Taylor acoustic guitar?

I can comfortably say that you can clean the dust and stains on your guitar with a lightly damp cloth to take most of the dirt, and then go over it with a dry cloth such as microfiber. After that, you can polish all your glossy surfaces of your guitar with a normal store-bought or automotive polish comfortably to achieve the best results.

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