The Best Capos For Acoustic Guitars

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Playing and learning the guitar is a pretty long road, in fact, it is endless and there isn’t a limit when you can I learned everything there is to learn about. These may be skills and techniques, but you can learn new things about your instrument by employing different tools and accessories. This can be new acoustic guitar amplifiers, with different tonal ranges, different guitars, a wide range of pedals, and many more. But these are mainly good tips for electric guitars, but there is hope for acoustic guitars as well since you can employ a guitar capo to change the way you play and the sound you can get from your acoustic guitar.

But what is a capo exactly and how does one works. A guitar capo essentially is a clamp that that sits on top of the strings of your guitar horizontally. This means that you are able to shorten the playable length of the instrument and changing the instruments open pitch. Simply explained, a guitar capo works as an extra finger, for example setting your guitar capo on the third fret will have the same effect as pressing your finger on the third fret changing the sound of the open notes, to sound higher and livelier. This technique is employed most often from singers/guitarists that want to achieve brighter tones for their music.

Since we know what a guitar capo is let’s take a look at the best guitar capos in the market.

The Top 10 Best Capos For Acoustic Guitars

10. Guitarx X3

We’ll start this list with an excellent guitar capo, the GUITARX X3. In fact, this is one of the most solid capos that you can every buy, it is extremely versatile, does its job perfectly, looks very good on your guitar, doesn’t scratch the neck, can move pretty fast and many more interesting features.

While capos are pretty simple accessories or tools for your guitars, some manufacturers overcomplicate the thing with tons of features and stuff that really isn’t necessary while playing guitar. On the other hand, the GUITARX X3 acoustic capo is designed to perform properly, not have tons of features but to be by your side for a long time.

The GUITARX X3 capo is a very high-performance item that will be at your side on every performance and practice session, as it will stay in tune and will deliver a perfect intonation on every single fret. One of my favorite parts of this capo was its steel spring with internal memory that puts just enough pressure on the neck of the instrument.

In addition to that this capo is extremely easy to move through the frets and you will find that it is extremely versatile since, besides acoustic guitars, it can be used with electric guitars, ukulele, banjo, folk guitars, mandolins and bass guitars.

Finally, I should mention the high-quality silicon padding on the back that will protect your instrument at all times, and on top of all this, the price of this capo is very competitive and i think that it will make your acoustic guitar playing experience much better overall.

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9. D’Addario Planet Waves NS

D’Addario is one of a well-known music instrument brand and its subsidiary Planet Waves always has delivered some interesting accessories, and its NS capo line is just excellent. The company has managed to deliver a great design that will not get in your way while playing and overall it is one of the best capos in the market. Without forgetting it is worth mentioning that the D’Addario Planet Waves NS acoustic guitar capo is extremely cheap.

This guitar capo is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum to be as durable as it gets and it is very light at the same time weighing just 1.6-ounces in total. As I stated earlier this guitar capo will absolutely not get in your way while playing and you will forget that it is even there.

It is worth mentioning that this guitar capo is extremely attractive and it is one of the most attractive, the additional color options just take the experience to another level since you can choose the one which suits better your guitar. The paint jobs include Black, Silver, Metallic Bronze, Metallic Grey, Classical and Lite.

It is definitely designed with guitarists in mind thanks to its micrometer tension adjustment that ensures that your performance will be buzz-free, regardless of which fret you will put your capo on. It is worth mentioning that it is extremely durable and it will be at your side for a long time, and it is very easy to adjust through the neck on the fly.

If you are looking for a solid capo from a big name brand the D’Addario Planet Waves NS fits the bill.

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8. Donner DC-2

As far as budget musical accessories go, Donner is your best bet as the company has managed to deliver some truly solid products throughout the years and all of them have delivered excellent value for their affordable price. But the best capo in the company’s lineup has definitely been the Donner DC-2. While it does lack the premium feel of some other capos in this list the Donner DC-2 will prove to be extremely durable.

It is worth mentioning that the Donner DC-2 is definitely one of the most popular capos in Amazon as it has close to 2,000 reviews. The Donner DC-2 is constructed of alloy and it is very elegant and has a very beautiful design that will look good on your instrument. It is a very elegant tool that will not distract the viewers and listeners from your sound and instrument and it weighs just 60 grams in total. There are four different paint jobs you can choose from for this guitar capo including, gold, black, silver and cinnamon, and you can’t go wrong with each of them.

It is extremely versatile and will keep your strings in tune no matter what, and it is very easy to use. You just clip on to the fret and it is all done, its strong spring with internal memory will allow you to adjust it with ease and move it around the fretboard. The silicon pad will ensure that the frets and the neck will be scratch-free at all times. It is also compatible with an electric guitar, which makes it a great pick!

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7. Shubb Deluxe Series GC-30

Shubb is a specialized capo company that has been producing excellent models since 1974, and their Shubb Deluxe Series GC-30 has been one of the best in the market delivering a premium capo experience that will elevate your guitar playing to another level. This capo is very competitively priced, has a pretty unique design, is very durable and secure, it is very adjustable and extremely versatile at the same time.

First of all the Shubb Deluxe Series GC-30 will be your favorite capo thanks to its unique and original design that is fan favorite. It is also worth mentioning that this capo won’t interfere with your playing as it has a pretty low profile design that will be out of your way at all times.

It is also worth mentioning that this guitar capo is extremely durable and made out of high-quality materials such as stainles steel, meaning that it is really a premium tool.

Thanks to the unique way that this guitar capo was designed you won’t have to worry about spring vibrations as it will help them eliminate completely and it won’t go out of tune at all times. You can easily set it up on any fret and it will stay there, and on top of that, it is very easy to move around the fretboard and will put the same amount of pressure at any time.

If you want a high-quality stainless steel capo that will last you a lifetime, and will deliver excellent quality, the Shubb Deluxe Series GC-30 is a perfect choice.

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6. Nordic Essentials Deluxe Capo

Nordic Essentials Deluxe Capo is definitely a professional capo and you can see it from the get-go as the craftsmanship on this tool is priceless.  This is a true premium capo, it is extremely easy to use, and has a very luxury feeling. On top of that, it is very versatile and will be a great addition to your musical arsenal. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look.

Right from the get-go, you will notice that the Nordic Essentials Deluxe Capo is a luxury item since it comes in great packaging and inside it, you will find the capo itself a soft to touch carrying pouch and the instruction manual.

The Nordic Essentials Deluxe Capo has a very classic and beautiful design and it is really one of the best capos in the market, if not the best. It has a premium-grade zink alloy construction on its mode and it weighs just 59grams, and you will forget that you have put it on your frets. Its steel spring will not allow your guitar to get out of tune and it has a lifetime warranty. The silicone pads of it just take it to another level.

Taking everything into consideration, combined with its various finishes and competitive price, you can’t say no to the Nordic Essentials Deluxe Capo.

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5. Creative Tunings SpiderCapo

Next up we have a very creative and advanced capo, that will be useful in hands of advanced guitarists and songwriters, the Creative Tunings SpiderCapo. Simply explained this capo lets you choose whether or not to capo each string, which translates into greater creative prowess and the ability to explore new sounds and tonalities, and when you take the quality and price of this capo into consideration things just jump into another level.

With its thumbwheel, you clamp the SpiderCapo’s plastic chassis into the top and bottom of the fretboard, and it is worth mentioning that the places that make contact with your guitar are covered with leather, so there is no risk of scratching or damaging your guitar. Once you set the capo securely then you can adjust each of its fingers to be on top of the strings and then play with tuning and explore this new world.

So many acoustic and electric guitarists swear by these kinds of guitar capos since they allow you to set interesting and stranger tunings without retuning your whole guitar manually, creating custom tunings on the fly is a joy.

If you want to try out a new way of exploring your guitar playing, the Creative Tunings SpiderCapo is the best tool that will help you in the way.

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4. Dunlop Acoustic Trigger

The Dunlop Acoustic Trigger Capo is one of the longest standing options in the market, as it has gone for more than twenty years unchanged and it really is one of the best, don’t change what is not broken right? This capo is a high-quality tool, that is lightweight, won’t damage your guitar will keep your guitar in tune, and it can be used in a wide variety of stringed instruments, especially on the guitar family.

While some of the guitar capos may alter the resonance of your acoustic guitar, the Dunlop Acoustic Trigger will definitely not affect the sound at all. The company has developed a great technology for its spring that applies constant pressure, just like a finger would. On top of that this capo is made out of high-quality aluminum that is also aircraft grade to keep it very lightweight and add immense durability to this capo. Thank to that the Dunlop Acoustic Trigger is also compatible with 12-string guitars, something not a lot of guitar capos can claim.

You can slide the Dunlop Acoustic Trigger through the fretboard easily on the fly without any problem and you will notice that it will be your best friend on stage and studio. Without forgetting, I can comfortably say that for its price the Dunlop Acoustic Trigger has definitely no weak points.

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3. G7th Performance 2

If you want to try out a new capo or want your first one you can’t get any better than the G7th Performance 2, which is one of the smallest and sleekest ones you can get, and it is definitely the easiest one to use as you can easily slide around the fretboard of your guitar. However, the G7th Performance 2 is pretty expensive for capo standards, but then again this capo has a lifetime warranty, meaning that the manufacturer trusts their product.

Right from the get-go, you will notice that the G7th Performance 2 is smaller and lighter from any other capo that you have ever seen, and really I expected a bigger and heavier tool but on the contrary, this was pretty lightweight and small.

Using the G7th Performance 2 is very intuitive and easy like it can be literally adjusted and operated with just one hand, this may seem not really important but it is pretty crucial as it can let you adjust things on the fly unlike many other guitar capos in the market.

One thing that many musicians will appreciate is that this model will allow you to adjust spring tension quickly and easily, by just squeezing it to the desired tightness. I was pretty skeptical about it, but while using it I noticed that it was way better than spring-loaded guitar capos.

If you are a guitarist and want a solid capo that will be by your side every time, the G7th Performance 2 is the capo you should buy. It definitely can be considered a best capo.

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2. Kyser Quick-Change Capo

Coming up now we have one of the most popular capos in the market, the Kyser Quick-Change Capo, which is also one of the easiest and the most attractive guitar capos to use. It is all made in the US and it has a lifetime warranty, if you need just one capo to conquer all of them, the Kyser Quick-Change Capo is your best bet, and once you try it, you will definitely not go back to any other capo.

It is also worth mentioning that the Kyser Quick-Change Capo has been in the market since it was invented at the end of the ’70s. The design of the capo is still the original and it has some slight tweaks from the original one to improve its durability and adjustability, for example now there is used a better aluminum with a nice texture to it on its body, and you get a wide option for paint jobs, including interesting patterns besides simple plain colors.

Like I mentioned the aluminum makes is really lightweight and durable, but it is also great for ease of use since you can easily move it around the fretboard. On top of that when you are not using the capo you can attach it to your guitar’s headstock for storage, and some nice aesthetics.

On top of all this, the aluminum parts will never be in contact with the body of your guitar and you can rest assured about the state of your guitar, thanks to the rubber padding. It is also worth mentioning that the Kyser Quick-Change Capo is very cheap and will deliver perfect value for its price, the lifetime warranty just takes it to another level.

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1. Paige Original 6-String

Coming to the end of our list we have an interesting capo here, the Paige Original 6-String which may be a little weird when you look at it but it ensures a very buzz-free performance and thanks to the affordable price you can definitely give it a try.

This capo is simply excellent as this one works by wrapping around the neck of your guitar, while this may sound like a nightmare for quick adjustments, actually, it was very easy to adjust it on the fly, and you can easily store it behind the nut when not in use.

Thanks to its screw you can easily adjust it easily and securely to your desired fret, and if you want a buzz-free sound this is your best bet. If you own an acoustic guitar and you are looking for a capo, definitely go with this one!

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There you have it, folks, the ten best guitar capo in the market. I really hope that one of these guitar capos will end up in your arsenal and you start to explore various ways as to how to employ this accessory. I am sure that it will help elevate your game and teach you new techniques. I would also recommend you get a set of acoustic guitar strings for beginners if you are just starting out. If you are looking to get one for an electric guitar, then please make sure it fits. Not every electric guitar is made the same, so you should be careful. This also applies to a classical guitar player.

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