Best Guitar Stands [Top 5 Picks]

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You can never have enough accessories for your guitar. I can comfortably say that there are a million of them out there, some affecting the way you play, the others comfort, portability and so much more. Then again you can’t have all of them as well. I have accumulated a large number of accessories for my guitars throughout the years, some more useful than the other, for example, capos, they have been extremely useful. However, there is one piece of equipment that every guitarist needs but tends to forget, and that is the guitar rack.

This is a very overlooked piece of equipment that not a lot of guitarists forget about but once you have more than one guitar in your lineup you will feel the need to have one. It is crucial as you can’t hang all your guitars to walls and that is not even very secure. A guitar rack will keep your guitars secure and it is a nice way to display them in your room, shop, or studio.

For that reason today we are going to take a look at the best guitar stands. The best models in the market, and options that will deliver you excellent value for your price. On top of that, we will check the types of guitar racks and how to choose the one for your needs. One thing that I can say from the beginning that most of these models are very affordable and different models fit into different budgets. Now without further ado, let’s take a closer look.

Which Are The Best Guitar Stands?

5. AmazonBasics A-Frame 

We are going to kick off this list with a super cheap yet excellent A-Frame guitar stand, coming in from AmazonBasics. This guitar stand can handle both acoustic and electric guitars as well as other instruments since it has three adjustable width settings you can set up as.

It has non-slip rubber feet on the bottom to keep it stable at most times and if you have just one guitar and want an affordable yet portable model, the AmazonBasics A-Frame is the best pick for you.

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4. Hercules GSP38WB 

Coming up next we have the Hercules GSP38WB. This is a wall-mounted stand that will provide a superb option for users that lack floor space. The Hercules GSP38WB might look pretty simple and basic, like every other wall-mount stand, but it has the special Auto Grip System that grips the neck of your guitar securely yet gently.

This feature will prevent any accidental slippage and it will keep your guitar intact at all times. This stand has a great all-around feel and has a special foam to keep your guitar scratch-free while hanging.

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3. On Stage XCG4 Tripod 

Next on our list is the affordable yet excellent On Stage XCG4 Tripod. This might be a very classic and cheap tubular model, but it is one of the most widely used guitars stands in the market and it is something that you can rely on.

The tripod design of the On Stage XCG4 makes wonders and it features black powder-coated metal construction, smooth rubber padding, and smooth rubber padding. All these features will support your instrument without any damage and it also has an adjustable length to make it suitable for a variety of instruments.

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2. D&A Guitar Gear Hydra Triple 

For those that own multiple instruments, I have the perfect stand here, the D&A Guitar Gear Hydra Triple. This might not hold as many instruments as a rack as it can hold just three guitars at once but it does its job perfectly.

It has six legs on the bottom to keep it stable, and to ensure the anti-tipping feature, so even if you remove one of your guitars the stand won’t lose balance at all. On top, it also has gravity-activated locking heads that have a soft coating to protect your instrument.

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1. Zither Wooden Guitar Stand 

On top of the list, we have the Zither Wooden Guitar Stand, which is a premium stand. This is for those that own special beautiful guitars and want something just as good looking to showcase them on.

It is a hand-crafted stand that is made from solid wood from different choices including mahogany and walnut among the others. It has a hand-rubbed oil finish as well. It is padded on the top and the bottom, and while it might not be cheap it is pretty good overall for premium instruments.

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Things To Know Before Buying a Guitar Stand

There are some things you should take into consideration before buying a guitar stand. There are different types of them and not all of them are created equally. If you follow the tips below you will find yourself the best guitar stand, that is made for your needs and your budget. Let’s get started.


As you already know guitars come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from the most simple the most bizarre. Guitar stands also come in different shapes and sizes, and there are different types of them from you can choose. Each of these types having their distinct advantages and disadvantages. I will now simply explain all of them individually so you can choose which one is better for you.

A-Frame Stands

The A-frame guitar stand is one of the most popular and the simplest guitar stands out there, on top of that it is the cheapest of all the options out there, well at least for floor stands. The A-frame guitar stands like their name implies fold out into an A-shaped stand, and upon the first look, they might seem a bit unstable and small to hold a guitar properly. However, they can do their job quite well without a doubt. Like I said they are also foldable and quite small, making excellent choices for musicians on the road, in terms of portability and storage.

However, some disadvantages come into play with these guitars. For example, a slight bump into the guitar that sits on this type of stand and it will fall over. Not a good option if you are living with children, pets, or a place that gets a lot of foot traffic. They also always hold the guitar at a slight angle meaning that you have to leave some space between it and the wall. then again if you want a simple and cheap solution these are excellent.

Tubular Stands

Next up we have tubular stands or sometimes called as tripod stands. They are called that since most of the time they have three-foot, but sometimes more. Like the aforementioned type these are also pretty affordable and favorites of many beginners since they are extremely easy to use overall. I can comfortably say that they offer better stability than their A-frame counterparts since they deliver support to both the neck and the back of the guitar which is perfect overall.

However, they have some disadvantages that come with the territory. For example, they need to be assembled, which is not as big of a hassle it is something to consider. Also, they are quite bulky and large, meaning that they will take up a lot of space on your floor. On top of that aren’t portable due to size and also because they aren’t foldable at all.

Wall-Mounted Stands

Like their name implies wall mounted stands are mounted to the wall, so you can display your guitars on the wall in a more guitar shop fashion rather than hanging them from their straps. The guitar here hangs freely by the neck and I have to say that they look excellent overall. I can say that these stands have plenty of advantages including that they are extremely affordable. On top of that children and pets won’t be a problem since they probably can’t reach and knock them accidentally. They keep floor space unoccupied and are excellent choices in my opinion, and the favorite of many guitarists, especially of them that own multiple guitars.

However, there are also some disadvantages to these stands. The most annoying of them being the whole mounting part. You need to take a complete toolset including drills, screwdrivers, plugs, and such to complete the task. On top of that, you need to have some strong walls to keep them securely on the wall and don’t bother with this method if you don’t.

Multi Guitar Stands or Racks

While guitarists with a single instrument can do with the above methods, those that have multiple guitars will need something that can accommodate all of their instruments. Multi-guitar stands come in different types the most frequent of them being the tripod design which is designed to hold at least three guitars in its body. These are excellent choices and have some interesting features such as the anti-tipping design, which keeps the thing balanced all the time.

On the other hand, you can buy guitar racks, which are mostly suggested for guitarists that own more than four instruments or for studio owners. A guitar rack will accommodate a lot of guitars and are excellent options for gigs since they can also be folded when you don’t need them for easy transportation and such.

However, the cons of these stands or racks are that they are pretty expensive to buy overall. On top of that, they also take up a lot of floor space regardless if you have two or 8 guitars stored on it. You should also be careful when you remove a guitar from these racks since they might bump into each other and cause damage or scratches.

Further Notes

I always recommend guitarists to use a guitar stand. This is for the safety of your instrument and to keep it in tip-top shape. Get as many stands as guitars you use daily. For example, if you use bass and two guitars on a daily basis get a multi-guitar stand or a rack. For other instruments, you don’t use you can use cases, but they take too much space. So still guitar stands are very viable choices.

Always check if the stand you are buying has stability enough to keep your guitars steady all the time. Other than that make sure that the stand has some sort of padding where your guitar touches or has a soft finish to not cause any damage or any scratch.

Portability may be a big factor for some users and if you need something that you can carry away check for those features in the stand you consider. It is especially important for those in a band to invest in quality stands that are transportable and won’t take too much space.

Also, check for the price of the item you are buying. Don’t go above your budget, and shop within your means. Don’t buy a multi-rack stand that has all the features you want if you own just one instrument. Opt for a simpler model like a tubular model or a wall-mounted stand to keep the price low and get a lot of value for your price.

Do These Stands Work With Other Instruments?

Well, the short answer is it depends. However, most of the stands out there work with a wide variety of stringed instruments. Acoustic and electric guitars are just a start, bass guitars can be used as well. Banjos can be suited there and some bigger ukuleles can too as well. However, for smaller ukes, you might want to invest in a dedicated ukulele stand.


While buying a stand for your guitar is not as complicated as buying the guitar itself, or say a new amp or pedals, but it has some fine points you need to be careful of before buying. If you stick with the tips above you will get yourself just the stand you need and within your price as well. Check the top picks section to select yourself one of the best stands in the market and get an idea about what a good stand should deliver.

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