Best Guitar Stools For Beginners & Experts

Playing the guitar, especially the acoustic one for a long time can be exhausting. A lot of guitarists are faced with discomfort and aches in their backs because they don’t feel comfortable while playing. One thing that guitar teachers these days forget to teach is the proper positioning when playing guitar. The position is everything and if you don’t have a good positioning than you will be in pain and it will affect your performance.

This is a thing that is more apparent with self thaught guitarists as they mostly play from couches or normal chairs. The importance of a good guitar stool seems to be forgotten but its importance has not diminished at all. It is a very overlooked aspect of the guitar playing, maybe because it looks mundane or pretty simple, and not as glamorous and flamboyant as playing the instrument itself. But just like a pianist that is nothing without a good chair, the guitarist will suffer without a good guitar stool.

So for that reason, I decided to write this buying guide on the best guitar stools. A guide which will present you with the best options in the market when it comes to guitar stools, the importance of them, what are they, and how to choose the best guitar stool for your needs. This guide is not just for guitarists, but for studio owners and music bar managers that need to ensure the well being and comfort of their musicians. Now without further ado, let’s take a closer look.

Which Are The Best Guitar Stools?

5. Fender 30 Barstool 

We are going to kick off this list with a guitar stool that comes from a brand that is a veteran in the guitar business, Fender, and the 30 Barstool. This chair comes in a high-quality build and an interesting retro design that makes things pretty interesting for every guitarist. On top of that, it has a competitive price.

The Fender 30 Barstool definitely will support all your weight comfortably with its super-solid 4 feet body that is made out of steel tubing with 1-inch thickness. It is also chrome plated to make things better. There are also some rubber caps on the bottom fo the feet and the footrest is perfectly implemented.

With the swivel and the super thick and plush padding, you will have plenty of comforts on this excellent chair one of my favorites.

4. On-Stage DT8500 

Next up we have the super interesting On-Stage DT8500. This chair comes from a brand that is a veteran in this particular industry, making countless numbers of instruments and microphone stands and all other sorts of music equipment.

It is an affordable yet super strong chair that is made for durability and comfort. This guitar stool is one of the most adjustable ones that I have ever seen delivering some features that every guitarist will fall in love with. The frame is also super strong with a dual lean construction.

It has plenty of padding in the form of foam and it is vinyl covered in the top. But then again my favorite thing about this is the implementation of the backrest footrest and adjustability in every way to ensure you have the best setup.

3. Torin TRP6185 Swivel 

Next up I have a pretty interesting chair that looks very understated, and it would blend into most places including a bar, studio, home, shop, or anywhere in between, the Torin TRP6185 Swivel. Like I said it is a pretty slick and classic looking guitar stool.

The Torin TRP6185 Swivelis placed with a jet black vinyl on top of its thickly padded dense foam padding which is extremely comfortable overall. It can swivel as its name implies for 360 degrees giving you plenty of freedom while playing.

It is also extremely sturdy and is made out of heavy-duty steel supports that are extremely solid overall. It has four legs that are reinforced with anti-slip protective caps and has a stabilization ring that acts as a footrest as well. One of the best in the market and also the best bang for your buck.

2. Stagg GIST-300 

The runner up on this list is the Stagg GIST-300, which is not a stranger for any guitarist around here. The brand knows how to make products for the pro audio market and its quality is unprecedented as you might have seen in their guitars, basses, and other instruments and accessories.

The Stagg GIST-300 is an excellent guitar stool that will deliver you excellent value for your price. It is also extremely convenient making itself one of the most versatile guitar stools, both for acoustic and electric guitarists.

It has all the necessary features to keep you comfortable and push you into a better safer posture. The build quality is top of the class and is of the highest standard. The height is pretty good as well and the whole thing is foldable to make things easier to transport, definitely an excellent chair.

1. Gibraltar 9608MB 

On top of the list is the Gibraltar 9608MB, coming in from a brand that is mostly known with guitarists, bassists, and drummers in general. This model we have here is a drum throne to be correct, but it is large and versatile enough to deliver tons of comfort for every guitarist.

This is a premium model though, having a premium price, but it offers premium features as well. It has an adjustable backrest and a super-wide motorcycle saddle-type seat that is extra comfortable. It is super thickly padded as well to make you feel comfortable and covered with vinyl.

It is a three-legged stool that is super stable and sturdy, and with all the adjustability that comes with it, you can have plenty of fun on this chair.

What is a Guitar Stool?

Guitar stools are specifically designed chairs to be used by guitar players. They resemble mostly to barstools, and you will most likely have seen them in music venues, such as bars and pubs. simply explained these are chairs to help a guitarist play better and be more comfortable.

What is the Difference?

There are many similarities between a guitar stool and a normal ordinary chair or a barstool, most of the time you can find some of these chairs in home improvement stores sold as barstools or regular chairs. However, some differences differentiate between the two of them. Some specifically designed features make them specifically better for guitarists.

All guitar stools have the same basic design, for the most part, they are raised like barstools have pretty well-padded seats, that are covered in a different material, and most of them can swivel for better and more comfortable movement. However, some features make one better than the other and that is what we will discuss below. So let’s get going.


There are different materials used in the construction of a guitar stool, just like in normal chairs, the most popular being either metal and wood. But which one would you choose? Yes maybe guitar stools with wood frames are better looking and more premium, but they have some disadvantages. For example, most of them are pretty heavy, especially in comparison to most of the metal guitar stool. On top of that metal, stools have boosted durability and most of them are covered with rust-proof materials to make them resistant to oxidation. So it will mostly depend on your preference and your needs.


This is the most important thing in my opinion when it comes to comfort. Think about when you were in school most of us sat in pretty uncomfortable chairs that had little to no padding and that made things pretty difficult. That is the same thing that will come into play when you are considering a guitar stool. This is a stool that you will spend a significant amount of time on and the better padded it is the more comfortable you will be. Heavy-duty cushioning is a nice extra and chairs with memory foam are always welcome, but be sure that your chair has enough padding.

Weight Limit

The weight limit of your chair will be a good sign of showing you just how durable a chair might be. You should also choose a chair that can support your body weight and a bit extra to keep things safer. This will ensure that you feel secure in your stool and will perform to your best without worrying about comfort.

Height and Weight

Like I said, in the beginning, most guitar stools are pretty tall, just like barstools. However, the height that you will choose will depend on you solely. I always recommend to first sit on the stool before buying to get a good feeling about it. But then again if that is not possible check the manufacturer’s specifications to see if it the right one for you.

The weight of the stool, on the other hand, will be a different factor that will depend on your needs. If you don’t plan on moving the guitar stool frequently than you might get away with a heavier stool. If you plan on moving it from venue to venue, or if you are managing a bar and you will need it once a week then you might want to look at the lighter options.

Footrest and Backrest

These two are also pretty significant factors that will affect your comfort levels tremendously. Especially if you are playing for longer periods. A footrest is one of the most useful parts of a guitar stool as it is a nice place to rest your feet, to prevent them from swelling and achieve a better positioning depending on your preference. Preferably get a guitar stool with adjustable footrests so you can adjust it depending on your momentary needs which is awesome. This is also the better choice for bars and studios since you will be accomodating different musicians

The backrest is equally important. Your back especially the lower part will suffer without proper support and it will inevitably start to ache after some time. So to avoid all those issues invest in a good guitar stool with a backrest, but a padded one, since without padding it will feel like leaning on a wall. It should also be adjustable for your needs and may be removable if you are working with different musicians.


This is an especially important factor for musicians that are on the road. I know how cramped the vans can get and your bandmates may ask if it is really necessary to take a large chair with you. However, foldable options will help you make the chair more portable and take up less space. There are some nice options in the list that delivers foldability in their bodies.


This may be an overlooked factor but in my opinion is one thing that makes or breaks a good guitar stool, separating the good from the bad. You want to be stable on the stool and not wobble around like you are in a boat. You need the chair to stay stable for the remainder of your performance, not something that you will feel uncomfortable and at unease. There are some interesting chairs that have some locking mechanisms to keep things pretty secure.

Design and Looks

Well, this is a pretty interesting factor, one that we might not like to admit that we care about, but that we definitely do. Who doesn’t care about how they look on the scene, yeah maybe Kurt Cobain didn’t but everything about his looks represented his style. The chair should as well, it should be a part of your overall gear. But on the other hand, if you are playing solely at home and won’t be out then this is probably not an important thing. Meaning that it will all depend on your preference.


So now you are more than ready to go on and buy yourself the best guitar stool for your needs. If you stick with the factors above and know your needs you won’t be mistaken now and in the future. Also always remember to get the most for your money, don’t look at the labels, look at the quality, padding, and what it offers for the price. Don’t forget to check on the top picks section to take a look at the fail-safe options and have a nice time on your chair.