Boss Katana Air Review

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If you are playing an electric guitar you know the struggle that comes with just starting to practice at home. You have to find an outlet to plug in your amp, then find the cable to connect the guitar to the amp, all the cables and clutter just ruin it sometimes. Plus when you have to plug in your headphones to the amp and it is a little too far away things start to get annoying. Only if we could have a wireless set up.

Well, the Boss Katana-Air delivers on that promise, by being the first combo electric guitar amp that is truly wireless. That is right you don’t need any wires or cables, just turn on the small stereo amp, plug the transmitter to the guitar and start practicing. I found it so convenient through testing that I am definitely buying one, just pick up and play, it blew my mind.

I want to start by saying that this combo wireless amplifier is shaped like a black lunch-box that we took to school, really convenient and portable, measuring just 7.1×13.8×5.7-inches and weighs about four and a half pounds in total, so you can place it anywhere. The top, bottom and the back of the device are covered with black plastic, and the front and sides are covered with the black grille with the Boss logo in the middle.

On the top panel, you will find a silver plastic handle to carry the device and the control panel that has a nice set of controls like choosing the amp type that had 5 options consisting of Acoustic, Clean, Crunch, Lead and Brown. Other than that you will find the gain, volume, bass, middle, treble, boost, delay or effects, reverb and master knobs, a bunch of buttons, input ports and a nice port that charges the transmitter that goes on to the guitar.

There is also a free downloadable companion app for this amp named Boss Tone Studio that is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. From the app, you can easily control the effects, tones, store preset modes, and even change the knob functions, just perfect.

The device can work with the included batteries that provide 20 watts of power for up to 12 hours, and 30 watts of power when connected to the AC unit. Despite being a very small amp the sound was massive, I was truly impressed with the distortion, gain and just the sheer level of volume. I should not have doubted and should have expected true Katana quality. You can also use the Boss Katana-Air as a sole speaker to play music or something, I tell you this is the most convenient package ever.

I found that it delivered excellent tonal shaping and okay sound quality allowing you to express your full arsenal. Don’t mistake this for a beginner package, every user regardless of the level can enjoy the Katana-Air.

Pretty much in love with this amp, I recommend this to everyone that enjoys some quick practice sessions with extreme convenience and comfort, however, i wouldn’t recommend this for playing in front of crowds. If you want to see more options, you can read our best guitar amplifiers buying guide.

Boss Katana Air









  • Wireless
  • Small & Convenient
  • Versatile


  • Tone Is Not That Great

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