Charvel DK24 HSH 2PT CM Review

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Charvel guitars have risen to prominence in the 80s for their collaborations with famous guitarists like Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads and many more. The owner of the company, Wayne Charvel has worked for Fender for several years before starting his own company, and the results are excellent to this day.

Its high-end guitar lineup was always up to par and has offered some distinctive tones and elements not found anywhere else.

The Charvel DK24 HSH 2PT CM is no different with plenty of interesting features, and I think it is the end-game Charvel guitar, providing perfect value for its price, a true work of art.

The Charvel DK24 HSH 2PT CM gives the impression as a very simple guitar, but upon analyzing its details and overall build you will see why this is a premium guitar. It features an alder body with a double-cutaway shape that gives a lot of comforts and is very lightweight, also it provides easy access to high-notes. The guitar comes in two different color schemes you can choose from both are finished with satin, one is the Army Drab and the Crushed Orange, you can safely choose either of them as both are very attractive.

The Charvel DK24 HSH 2PT CM features a bolt-on dark caramelized maple neck with two-pieces, coming in with a sleek hand-rubbed finish. It carries on this performance to the maple fretboard that is caramelized as well, it contains 24 jumbo frets with a nice touch of details like the fluorescent Luminlay side dots that glow in the dark. It has a 25.5-inch scale length and has rolled fretboard edges, this provides quick transitions, which makes this a great guitar for shredding. It is also worth stating that the guitar is Made in Mexico, so you don’t have to worry about its build quality and attention to detail.

The Charvel DK24 HSH 2PT CM packs two humbucker pickups one at the bridge and one at the neck, plus a single-coil pickup right in the middle of them to complete the package, all of them are passive and very high-powered. The controls consist of two knobs one for volume one for tone, and a five-way pickup selector, that will be plenty for on-stage or studio, the pickup selector works pretty well and allows perfect transitions. It has a Gotoh Custom 510 floating tremolo bridge, that is very fine and smooth, an adequate locking nut with the addition of its own diecast tuners for great stability.

As expected form the Seymour Duncan pickups, it is easy to see why this guitar sounds excellent, it is very tight and with balanced treble, it can get warm sounds easily for blues, and can get punchy with its single-coil pickup, it can be used perfectly for rhythm. However, I think that it is better suited in the hands of the lead guitarist.

To conclude, I would say that it’s one of the best electric guitars out there because it has plenty of features that are worth every cent.

Charvel DK24









  • Great Design
  • Easy Handling
  • Good To Learn With


  • None

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