Daisy Rock Venus Review – A Beautiful Vintage Guitar

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Female guitarists have a special place in my heart because let’s face it, this is a mostly male-dominant business. But guitarists such as Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Bonnie Raitt, Janis Joplin, Joan Jett, and my favorite female musician of all time PJ Harvey, have been prominent forces in a man’s world, and they have nothing but my utmost respect.

Female players tend to generally have smaller hands and shorter arms, which can make it a little difficult playing this mighty instrument. Daisy Rock Girl Guitars company since the start of the 2000s has produced an amazing lineup of guitars produced specifically for girls and women. They have filled a niche gap in the market nicely and their Daisy Rock Venus is one of their best models.

It has an excellent design, very lightweight build, great tones and excellent sound, shortened scale, and a slim neck to make it perfect for female guitarists wherever they are.

As expected from a brand that designs and manufactures guitars solely for female guitar players, the Daisy Rock Venus has a very feminine design. It has mahogany tonewood with a double-cutaway Stratocaster style body, with a little more bulbous base. The finish on this guitar is like nothing else on the market with a beautiful Ivory Pearl coating on the body and vine and flower inlays. The neck is also made from mahogany and is bolted on to the body, with a shorter scale length of 24.75-inches.

The neck has a very thin and slim design that makes playing extremely easy and effortless. It has abalone binding and on top of the neck, you will find a rosewood fretboard with 22 frets.

Despite looking feminine, this guitar is excellently built and very solidly so, the mahogany tonewood gives it plenty of stability and durability, also it gives this guitar lengthy sustain. The body is also very lightweight, making it very portable and comfortable to carry for longer periods of time, in the studio and on stage. Excellent craftsmanship and quality from Daisy Rock.

In the hardware department, the Daisy Rock Venus is equipped with an excellent inventory. It rocks a stop tail bridge that connects to a synthetic bone string nut. On the headstock you will find the reliable Grover tuning machines, the hardware package is covered in chrome, and I found that this layout provides excellent stability and the guitar won’t get out of tune as easily.

As far as electronics go, the Daisy Rock Venus is equally good equipped with dual Daisy Rock high-output humbucking pickups positioned strategically on the bridge and the neck. The pickups are connected to a three-way pickup selector switch, a master volume knob, and a master tone knob. This provides the essential controls that are not overwhelming and provide great versatility.

The Daisy Rock Venus sounded great in my opinion, the high-output pickups were pretty hot and provided great performance for blues and rock genres. However, I tested it with other genres and it was excellent as well.

A great guitar designed for women, high-performance, solid body, good price, the Daisy Rock Venus.

Daisy Rock Venus









  • Good For Small Hands
  • Female-Friendly
  • Beautiful Paint


  • None

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