Dean Custom Zone Review – A Budget-Friendly Electric Guitar

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Dean Guitars has been a respectable company in guitarist circles because they have produced guitars since 1977. But with the change of ownership in the ends of the ’90s, they have focused their efforts to produce better acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, with amazing quality and with prices ranging from the lowest to the highest end, and it is also worth noting that its designs have never shied away from flash.

They have risen to prominence for their signature guitars for notable artists, such as Bret Michaels of Poison, Kerry Livgren of Kansas and most importantly Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. The Dean Custom Zone is an excellent beginner guitar for bolder people that want to rock on stage.

Starting with the design the Dean Custom Zone comes in three daring color schemes, Fluorescent Pink, Sea Green, and Fluorescent Power Purple, all with neon finishes.

They are guaranteed to grab attention, but if you are a subtle person with not an out and about personality this might not be for you, and not for me as well. However, this guitar looks pretty cool, without any markers on the fretboard and the addition of black pointed headstock, I really like it. The Dean Custom Zone uses solid mahogany as a tonewood that does a good job of keeping the costs low while providing great sustain and distortion.

The maple neck is bolted on the body and features a satin finish and a C-shape for playability and extreme comfort. I found my self sliding up and down the neck smoothly and would transition from chords to solos in an instant. The fretboard has a smooth glossy finish and 22 jumbo frets that also provide a sleek feel. Overall, despite being built and made in China, the Dean Custom Zone provides excellent quality and finish, that is very comfortable and lightweight.

When talking about electronics and hardware the Dean Custom Zone is equipped with two humbucker pickups that are designed by Dean itself, and are placed strategically at the neck and the bridge position.

They may not be the most advanced pickups or the most powerful ones in the market, however, they provide priceless functionality and great sound. When i had this guitar, i replaced it with a pickup for metal, because that’s what i was playing back at the time.

The controls of this guitar consist of two knobs for master volume and master tone and a three-way pickup selector switch, this array is very simple and works pretty well in most settings that you’ll find yourself as a beginner. It has very mediocre generic closed gear tuning machines that work perfectly and will keep your guitar in tune at all times.

On the body, it features an adjustable tremolo bridge, suited for metal and solos and an included whammy bar for extreme bending and divebombs.

When I first played this guitar I noticed that it was very well in tone, aggressive and punchy. Perfect combo for metal and rock rhythm, it had a decent thickness and if you add a distortion pedal in the combo this guitar will rock for ages.

If you want a little flash and are mostly playing metal and har

d rock pieces, you can’t go wrong with this great and affordable beginner electric guitar.

Dean Custom Zone









  • Good Price
  • Good For Beginners
  • Good Looking Design


  • Cheap Materials

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