Which Is The Easiest Way To Learn To Play The Guitar?

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Learning to play guitar on the internet has become a very popular activity online. Let’s first look at the advantages…

  1. It’s cheaper to learn guitar at home instead of going to private lessons
  2. You can use sites like GuitarLessons to help you for free
  3. You can watch your lessons anytime you like without having to stick to a strict schedule
  4. You can learn from many different teachers from around the world
  5. You can download the lessons and practice them offline
  6. You can get an instant refund if you’re not happy with the quality of the instruction
  7. All in all, it’s a pretty good deal right?

Interactive Online Guitar Courses & Review Sites

You can look at video sharing sites like Vimeo or YouTube and find lots of free online guitar lessons there. It’s a great place to start. I would also recommend finding some busy active forums like ultimate-guitar.com where you can ask and learn from the direct experience of other guitar students. This is by far the most trustful source online.

What not to trust… guitar review sites! These are not in any way independent and actually get paid each time you join a guitar site through one of the links they may provide you with in a review. They are there to make money from you, not to help you. You can easily recognize them by the fact that they review lots of different guitar sites and give a star rating to each one. They only review guitar sites however where they will be paid for each referral they make so it’s not a complete and accurate look at the industry.

You Still Have To Teach Yourself!

Even though you’re taking an online guitar course you still have to basically teach yourself how to play. It’s different when you have the personal attention of a real teacher in front of you to analyze and offer solutions to your playing problems. Online you have to do that for yourself it’s really an enhanced form of teaching yourself guitar!

Stick with it however as there are many great guitar websites offering lessons out there. Look on YouTube, search in Google, try out their free lessons, check out the forums and you won’t go far wrong.

What Do You Need?

All you need is a good acoustic guitar. You can take a look at our buying guides. If you are in a budget, you should go with Seagull or Fender guitars, but if you are looking for the best, go with a Martin acoustic guitar.

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