Epiphone Les Paul-100 Review – A Modern Guitar

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The Epiphone Les Paul-100 is a perfect beginner and even intermediate guitar that offers one of the smoothest playing experiences, in the package with vintage and modern tones, it offers countless features and is really one of the best electric guitars on the market.

In addition to that, it rocks the classic Les Paul look, that is just perfect and has inspired a countless number of people to pick up the guitar and learn, as it was played by amazing guitarist throughout the history. It offers plenty of features that make it perfect for beginners and it offers tones that will soothe your soul. Without forgetting I should say that this guitar is affordable compared to high-end Les Paul’s and provides amazing value for its price.

To be a Les Paul, a guitar must meet some set standards by Gibson. Epiphone is very experienced in making affordable Les Pauls and for this LP-100, they have used their expertise to provide a great Les Paul with amazing affordability. This guitar has the iconic Les Paul shape and design, but I noticed that it is slightly lighter than the original. This was due to the use of the mahogany tonewood that is extremely affordable and has great qualities, with a very smooth maple top.

This guitar is available in various color schemes such as Heritage Cherry Sunburst, Ebony, and my favorite the Vintage Sunburst, but all of the models look very attractive, to be honest. In fact, every Les paul looks perfect enough for me. The bolt-on neck is standard mahogany and has a great shape to make it extremely playable and allows you to easily slide up and down the neck. The neck also comes with a rosewood fretboard that is basic and simple but will do the job perfectly. I want to state that this guitar is extremely comfortable and very lightweight, making it very gig-worthy.

The Epiphone Les Paul-100 as a standard is equipped with a Tune-o-Matic bridge with an included stop piece. On the other end, you will find a set of die-cast tuning machines, that work pretty well and look very good on the headstock. You will see that this setup will help you get the guitar in tune easily, and it won’t get out of it as well. They all come in chrome giving the guitar a streamlined look that many modern guitarists seek.

The Epiphone Les Paul-100 sports dual 700T humbucker pickups that are located at the bridge and the neck, bringing the humming noises to near zero. The pickups are connected to volume and tone knobs, one for each, and the three-way pickup selector switch.

Apart from playing like a dream, the Epiphone Les Paul-100 sounds like one as well. As it allows you plenty of experimentation and tonal exploration. This solid body guitar will be adequate for nearly every genre, and I found out that it could handle heavy metal tunes excellently. It is also worth mentioning that the mid-range tones were particularly clean and very enjoyable.

The Epiphone Les Paul-100 offers way more than its price would suggest and you will notice this right from the get-go.

Epiphone Les Paul-100









  • Great Design
  • Great Quality
  • Good For Beginners


  • No Extras Come With The Guitar

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