Epiphone Pro-1 Acoustic Guitar Review

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Gibson’s respected subsidiary Epiphone is a purveyor of high-quality acoustic guitars that are easy to play. Having existed in the musical instrument manufacturing industry for more than a millennium, Epiphone guitars are guaranteed to be crafted from experience and legacy.

In its entry-level catalog, the Epiphone Pro-1 acoustic guitar is one the few standouts. It is designed mainly for beginners, providing comfortable and maximum playability at an affordable price point. We have heard a lot about the innovative Epiphone, but how does it translate to this guitar?

Epiphone Pro-1 Features

The Epiphone Pro-1 acoustic guitar looks pretty impressive in dreadnought body shape that is scaled down smaller than the Epiphone DR-100. It comes in three different color options: blueburst, ebony, and wine red. The natural finish showcases the woods of the guitar so well.

Talking about tonewood, the X-braced top is made of select spruce while the back and sides are made of mahogany. The body in its entirety is laminated which is, of course, understandable in the price range.

The Epiphone Pro-1 boasts a distinctive and well-designed neck that is made of mahogany. The neck rocks Epiphone’s EZ-Profile C shape, which is responsible for a comfortable grip. Thrown into the mix is a well-lubricated rosewood fretboard and jumbo frets, which enhances the playability of the guitar. The strings are easier to play with thanks to the short scale length.

In terms of hardware, the Epiphone Pro-1 does not disappoint. It has a rosewood bridge which does not use bridge pins, and that makes changing of strings more manageable. It also has a NuBone compensated saddle and nut which is so much better than plastic material.

This guitar has a metal badge-plated headstock, six deluxe tuners with a better 18:1 gear ratio for smoother tuning, low gauge strings that are simple to fret, and a humidifier to protect the guitar from harsh, humid conditions.

Finally, the sound is something you would really appreciate for its price tag. This guitar does have a quite crisp and vibrant tone with plenty of natural resonance brought by the dreadnought body shape.

The Verdict: Should You Buy Epiphone Pro-1?

Epiphone is one of the few brands that pay much attention to simplicity and playability of their guitars. And it is actually a given since they are targeting the beginner market. Props to the maker for delivering yet another acoustic guitar that both beginners and advanced players can comfortably use regardless of their skills.

If you are an advanced player, you might not be able to appreciate this guitar as much as beginners would. However, Epiphone has more advanced options for you — the Pro-1 Plus and Pro-1 Ultra. Both guitars are affordable too and they add genuine acoustic-electric tones to performances.

The Epiphone Pro-1 acoustic guitar is not just an affordable entry-level option. It delivers on the maker’s promise of good ergonomics, budget-friendly price point, and wonderful sound. All in all, the Epiphone Pro-1 is one of the best acoustic guitars for beginners in this price range.

Sound Sample:

Epiphone Pro-1









  • Great Playability
  • Suitable For Beginners
  • Budget-Friendly


  • None

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