Fender CD-140SCE Review

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I have always said that Fender acoustic guitars are extremely overlooked, and underrated. But then again what can shine through the super impressive and classic electric guitar models such as the Telecaster, Stratocaster, Jaguar, Mustang, Jazzmaster, and many more. However, the brand has some great acoustic models that will make any guitarist happy. I have always tried to shop for guitars that had superior craftsmanship, playability, and tones with the cheapest price I can find. Based on the recommendation fo some experts, I have found out that the Fender CD-140SCE delivers all that, so let’s check it out.

Target Audience

Fender has always praised itself as a premium guitar manufacturer, and the brand has let its subsidiary brand Squier when it comes to producing budget based models like Epiphone does for Gibson. That is why the Fender CD-140SCE is such a surprising model. It is not exactly budget-priced but for what it offers it is still pretty cheap. Reviews have stated that this is a great acoustic-electric is a great model for most guitarists out there that want to play plugged in. I have reviewed some acoustic-electric models from the company such as the Fender Newporter, and I am quite confident that this one will perform just as good as it. Worth making a closer inspection.

Specs and Features

One should not expect a lengthy feature list on an acoustic-electric guitar, but when Fender is in question you definitely should, and the Fender CD-140SCE doesn’t disappoint. Just by looking at the spec sheet and feature list of this guitar, you will know what you are dealing with. Will it transfer to actual practical performance, we will see, but first off let’s check out its features.

One of the most interesting features of the Fender CD-140SCE is its amazing craftsmanship which many users have praised it. It is always expected to form Fender to deliver beautifully built guitars with attention to detail, but a lot of models that are built in Mexico have not been as good. Another surprising thing about this guitar is that it doesn’t have the classic solid mahogany construction. Instead, the company has opted for rosewood tonewood here with a spruce top. This combination of tonewoods delivers a warm and soft tone that works very well for so many styles, especially when played in higher volumes delivering deep resonance and warmth.

On top of all that the Fender CD-140SCE has an interesting scalloped bracing that makes this guitar pretty responsive overall and tons of bottom end performance. Also, this bracing style has been always louder than other types. The neck of this guitar is made out of mahogany which is pretty great for playability as it is pretty slim and modern. Actually, it has the Fender’s Easy-To-Play slim profile that also incorporates the rolled fretboard edges that makes it perfect for playing this guitar. On top of that, the rosewood fretboard is always a great choice for its 20 jumbo frets.

On the headstock, there are the chrome die-cast tuning pretty reliable machine heads. Up top, it features the excellent and surprisingly high-end Dual-Action Truss Rod that is pretty stable and will help you choose the action of your guitar to your needs. Before moving on to the electronics I should mention that it has a Graphtech NuBone saddle and nut that work wonders. In the electronics department, it is packed with a perfect Fishman Presys Pickup system that has an onboard tuner and preamp. This should give you plenty of performance when you need to plug this guitar.

First Impression

I always expect stylish instruments from Fender, the brand has always spoiled us. But this time around we have a more traditional design. I can’t say that it is not good looking, but it is pretty understated and classic. Rocking a natural finish with a classic jumbo cutaway body shape that is again pretty simple. There are not design touches that feel super special and fancy, but a straight to the pointed instrument that is ready to get its hands dirty. But then again the craftsmanship is solid and the guitar feels super sturdy. The rosette around the soundhole feels great as well and there are 3mm Pearloid dots on the fretboard to decorate things. The headstock is pretty attractive too, and the more you look into this instrument the more you start to like it.

When you take it in your hands it feels pretty comfortable. Not the lightest instrument around but still it feels pretty nice in hands, and even hanging from your neck. The tortoise-shell pickguard is also a pretty good addition to the guitar, nothing bad with it overall. The controls of the electronics are also nice enough and should provide you plenty of tonal shaping. The control panel includes the tuner, volume knob, bass, mid, and treble forming the 3-band EQ and the phase button. It leaves a good first impression on everyone. Don’t forget investing in a good quality case such as the Fender Flat-Top Dreadnought for protection though.

Sound and Playability

First and foremost, I can say that the Fender CD-140SCE is extremely playable, mostly because of its great neck shape that is really as its name implies Easy-To-Play. Moving on and playing with this guitar further you will feel that it is alive overall. Not bad for a guitar that costs way less than $1000. Plugged in with the Fender Acoustic 100 the lows got pretty good as well, without forgetting the adequate mids and highs. It has a natural twang and brightness as well, that feels good. Fingerstyling was appropriate however, one thing that impressed me the most was the strumming performance, which made it one of the best guitars for blues and folk music.


Taking everything into consideration you can comfortably see that this guitar delivers an amazing value for the price. It is not surprising to see this guitar being that popular and I gotta say that this is my biggest recommendation for the mid-range market. If you are a guitarist that wants a great acoustic-electric model with tremendous value for its price, and big brand quality than the Fender CD-140SCE is the best choice for you.

Fender CD-140SCE









  • Extremely easy to play thanks to its fretboard and neck
  • The warm and resonant sound both unplugged and plugged to an amp


  • Nothing significant

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