How To Become a Great Guitarist

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After all, we want to achieve the perfect state, which usually is described as virtuosity. It’s well known, that no one can be perfect, however, a musician can always get better. Even Steve Vai mentioned he could never achieve a point where he couldn’t learn new stuff, because there is no such thing. With that said, I’ll show you in 10 easy steps what can you do to become the best acoustic guitar or electric guitar player.

As a last note, it’s important for you to know that everything depends on you, I’ll show you the road, but you’re the one who’s going to walk on it.

1. Motivation

Before you even start training, it’s important to keep yourself motivated. There will be great times and bad times, that’s why you should never quit. Every time you pick up the guitar, even for just one minute, you get closer to your dream.

In order to get yourself motivated, just close your eyes. Imagine what you really want to become… imagine yourself on the stage in front of millions of people, who love and respect you. You will want it so bad you’ll do anything to achieve it.

Another way to get yourself motivated is to watch videos or listen to CD’s of your favorite guitarist or band. Most of the time it will give you the energy to continue on with the training or anything else.

2. Correct Training

You have to train yourself, both physically and mentally. Physically means to exercise to play fast, accurate and without an effort. Mentally means to have a good sense of rhythm, melody and a good musical ear.

It’s important to exercise as much as you can, even up to 10 hours. It depends on you and on how much time you have to spare. Of course, there are a lot of people who say they don’t have time, but in reality, they could play guitar all day, however, sometimes our lives are just too busy and we have a only very limited amount of time.

I would like to note that even 15 minutes of guitar playing is enough to become a very good guitarist, what really matters is what you do. For example: for 3 months, I didn’t play more than 30 minutes a day, whilst I used to play 4 hours. Interestingly, my technique and sense of music became a lot better in the last few months, because what I did was very effective. Here’s a program about the 30-minute training:

  1. Warm-up (5 minutes)
  2. Writing riffs, musical ideas (10 minutes)
  3. Improvising over backing tracks (10 minutes)
  4. Playing my favorite songs or riffs (5 minutes)

That’s all. Funny right? There is nothing complicated as music theory, dedicated ear training sessions or exercises, just pure music. And whether you believe it or not, improvising is the single most important thing that can help with everything. It helps on to have a better sense of rhythmfeelingtechnique, the ability to play faster and the improvement of the quality of your musical ear.

Before you would try this out, I have to warn you. Unfortunately, you must learn the basic music theory. Every good musician knows it, and it’s critical to be able to write creative riffs and play breath-taking improvisings. I mean, you have to get used to the scale before you actually play it, right?

3. Training Time

The minimum time you should spare on guitar every day is 15 minutes. The more, the better. If you are a beginner or intermediate, it’s important for you to learn the basic music theory. Try to improvise and start writing your own music as early as possible. Playing exercises for a better technique will help you a lot as well.

4. Make Yourself Recognizable

Slash, Jimmy Page, Angus Young… When you look at them, you can clearly see they have their own style and image. Slash is wearing his hat, Angus Young got his great stage presence with school outfit, it’s just incredible. Try to think of something new and cool. Also, if desired to, you can think yourself a cool stage nickname too, like Lackey, GG Man or anything else.

5. Have Your Own Style

Even though this is similar to Step 4, having your own style is critical. You don’t want people to recognize you as Slash or Steve Vai, what you really want is to be yourself and no one else. People want to listen to something unique, something that didn’t exist. How cool was Black Sabbath when they first came with that bizarre kind of hard rock, which was later on named metal.

6. Stage Experience

As early as possible, you need to work on your stage presence. Try to play at talent shows or at school. Maybe even at local bars or birthday parties. Every little thing will help you a lot until you might go on your life-deciding gig. Good luck on this one.

7. Make Yourself Known

Before you would try to do this, you must be really good and make the audience want to know more about you. No one wants to see a mistaking guitarist or a bad stage presence. Make sure you are good enough for the public.

After that, you can promote yourself on Facebook, Twitter, 9gag etc. Youtube is one of the best methods since you record yourself and people can see you playing anytime.

8. Get In A Band

If you want to become famous, you have to find yourself some guys. You’ll need a drummer, singer, bass player, anything you want. Make sure they are around your level and have a similar taste in music.

Before actually going on stage, the band members must talk about egomoney and friendship, because later on, it might become a problem, so it’s always good to have something stabilized.

9. Don’t Be Arrogant

If you see another player who is better than you, don’t be angry at him. Go to him and ask for a jam. You guys might become really good friends and maybe he will be the one that will make you famous. Who knows? It’s all about fate, so make sure you get a lot of friends and never make an enemy for yourself.

10. Be Yourself!

Unfortunately, life is uncertain and you can never know if you will have success or not. Either way, what’s important for you is to be yourself as much as you can and have a lot of fun. Playing guitar is a unique activity and writing music is something very special. Just live your life and see where the “Winds of change” will bring you!

With these said, I’d like to wish you good luck on your journey. It will take a lot of time, exercise and dedication, but I swear, it will pay off. Even if you will just stay alone in your room writing music or playing in front of a large audience.

I’ll write another article that will include a training session for all kind of guitar players and I’ll also create training routines depending on your spared time. For example: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours and up to 10 hours.

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