How To Buy Your First Guitar

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We all know that when you first are starting out, you have no idea what to look for. That’s why in this article we will list some things to help you start out.

1. You need to know what types of guitar you’re looking for and what is your budget. You don’t have to buy the most expensive guitar in town. However, you should be ready to fork out around $100-$300. However, please remember that if you want a better guitar, the prices usually are more expensive.

2. You need to know what music style you are playing. Below are some recommendations that I’ve found on the net.

Musical Styles:

  • Blues: any of the 4 basic types are suitable
  • Alternative: any of the 4 basic types are suitable
  • Classical: acoustic nylon string classic guitar
  • Bluegrass: acoustic steel string, acoustic/electric
  • Fingerstyle: acoustic, acoustic/electric, classic
  • Country: acoustic steel string, acoustic/electric, or electric
  • Folk/Rock: any of the 4 basic types are suitable
  • Folk: acoustic, or acoustic/electric
  • Ragtime: acoustic, acoustic/electric
  • Jazz: any of the 4 basic types are suitable
  • Metal: electric
  • Rock: usually played on an electric

3. Look for package deals offered by the guitar shop especially if you just started learning to play guitar. This package deals usually comes with a guitar, guitar strap, guitar pick, guitar case, and tuner. Sometimes it will also come with an amplifier at a price that you can afford. If you don’t get an amplifier, i recommend you take a look at our best acoustic guitar amplifiers under $200 list so you can get yourself a starter amp.

4. If you are buying for children or adults with small hands, then you should consider buying a 1/2 or 3/4 size guitar. Electric guitars and nylon-stringed acoustic guitars are easiest on the fingers

5. Stick with established guitar companies that have good reputations for excellent quality guitars.

As a beginner, you should consider Yamaha guitars because Yamaha guitars have many models for selection and they’re also well made. When you are ready to become a professional guitarist touring with your band members around the country, you can always upgrade to Martin acoustic guitars.

6. Look for unwanted guitars for sale at guitar shops. Ask the music shop attendant about it. Don’t be shy. I bought one Gibson Epiphone Electric guitar for about $100 using in this way.

7. Ask your local guitar shop if they are having any sales in the future. Asked them to contact you if they want to have promotional sales and you can take advantage if this special offer to buy your preferred guitar.

8. Check out your local newspaper’s classified ads and check out campus newspapers and bulletin boards. Some students are often in need of extra pocket money to pay for their schools and books. They will usually sacrifice guitars that they no longer using.

9. Buy guitar online and save money but check out the company’s return policy.  You can check out but stick with  well known guitar brand and buy only from sellers with good reputation.

10. Join contests promoted online when given the opportunity.

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