Ibanez V70CE Review

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When it comes to acoustic guitars there are millions of choices out there, fitting every budget and every skill level, so it isn’t pretty hard choosing one. However, sometimes people want an instrument that is versatile and can do it all. I find that pretty hard, however, if critics and buyers are to be believed then the Ibanez V70CE is just that, a versatile acoustic-electric guitar that will please everyone. Now without further ado, let’s take a closer look at this guitar.

Target Audience

Ibanez has always been the friend of the musician that wants to get extensive value for the price. The Ibanez V70CE is not different. Coming in at a pretty value-based price that is attractive for every buyer out there. This guitar is not particularly a new model, as it was used for a long time now, by at least a decade and in Japan, it has achieved major success. I have put much faith into this acoustic-electric, partly because I have already heard how it sounds from fellow musicians and partly because Ibanez never seems to disappoint. But then again we might be disappointed so let’s see.

Specs and Features

Most acoustic-electric guitars in this price range don’t have extensive spec sheets and feature lists, however, there are some interesting things that Ibanez V70CE promises and brings to the table. So just by looking at the specs and features of this guitar, I reckon that we have something special in our hands. Let’s break them down.

Starting with the body and construction the Ibanez V70CE is a full-sized acoustic guitar, with the classic dreadnought shape. In terms of construction, I didn’t expect this guitar to have access to better tonewoods, such as the mahogany back and sides and the laminated select spruce which in my experience have delivered a perfect performance in terms of tonality. What impressed me the most with this guitar is its excellent neck which is made from mahogany as well surprisingly, I have found mahogany to be an excellent material for the neck as it delivered great durability for the tension and such.

The nut width on this thing is pretty standard at 1.65-inches making it pretty playable at least in theory. The fretboard is made out of rosewood, which is a great choice for both budget and premium guitars, and with 20 frets on it, you will have plenty of fun I reckon. In terms of hardware the Ibanez V70CE is pretty good I should say, nothing exceptional though. It rocks an exceptional Ivorex II Nut and Saddle with Advantage bridge pins to help things out in terms of durability and reliability meaning that you will not have to worry about that anytime soon. On the other end, it has a standard Ibanez headstock with standard die-cast chrome tuners

Like I said, in the beginning, this is an acoustic-electric model so naturally it has some electronics that will help you amplify things when the needs arise. I have to say that there is nothing very notable but they should work very well indeed. It is packed with a standard active under-saddle piezo pickup made by Ibanez and also it has a specially designed Ibanez AEQ200 preamp. This is a pretty great system especially for those that are starting out as you will spot EQ controls with three sliders for the volume, bass, and treble. Pretty good for starters.

First Impression

The first time I have seen this guitar on a fellow guitarist was the glossy black option. However, I chose the blue burst color scheme for testing this one out. I have to say that overall this guitar looks pretty good. It has the dreadnaught body with a nice cutaway for accessibility to the higher notes. It doesn’t look high-end per se but it has nice aesthetics. The blue burst color looks excellent with the gloss finish,  and the multi-ring rosette just adds to the overall vibes of it.

I was also quite impressed with the ivory-colored plastic binding and the black pickguard just added a pretty great look to this guitar. It might be pretty cheap in comparison but feels very well made overall. I found out that it is comfortable to hold, not the best in this regard but certainly a great option. Right from the seller, it felt nice, but it needed to be tuned a little like every guitar out there, except the super high-end options. Overall the neck felt good and it delivered comfort.


One thing that I can say about the Ibanez V70CE is that it is extremely playable especially for its asking price. Like I said, in the beginning, this is a great guitar, a versatile one that can deliver performance for everyone, but especially for guitarists that are starting out. I was in awe with the balanced tone that came out of spruce and mahogany tonewoods, one which delivers a bit brighter tone and the other a little darker. The pickup system worked rather well and kept the natural tones intact, it was also good for strumming, fingerstyle, and picking.


I can definitely confirm that this guitar doesn’t have something very exceptional going on with it. However, the Ibanez V70CE does everything well and it is hard to find a fault with this one since it doesn’t realistically have one. For that price, it is a guitar you shouldn’t miss. Regardless if you are a professional or a beginner if you need an acoustic-electric model than this one will do it for you without a doubt.

Ibanez V70CE









  • Immense value for the price
  • Attractive design


  • None for the price

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