Marshall Code 50 Review

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Marshall is considered royalty in the amp market, and I can comfortably say that it is the most recognizable amplifier brand in the world. Despite not being the first in the business to implement features or not being the first British amp brand, but thanks to their non-stop refinement and high-power, simply no one does it better than Marshall.

Modeling or digital amps have been now for more than 20 years in the market, but the company made a move toward that technology in recent years, just in time when the tech advances allowed for a superior product.

The Code series has delivered one of the best digital guitar amps with more affordable prices, and today I am going to review the Marshall Code 50, and for starters, I can comfortably say that I was awe-struck, top craftsmanship from Marshall.

This exceptional amp has a very minimalistic build and design, well it does not need to show off, because its sound tells everything. It is very portable thanks to its size and lightweight, as it measures just 20.8×17.3×11-inches in total and weighs just 28.6-pounds, covering small footprint and is easily movable around the house or stage.

It has a black plastic build on the sides and a black grille on the front with the added Marshal logo on the top part. On top you will find the control panel that has a gold theme running, enhancing the premium look of the device. As its name would suggest the Marshall Code 50 has 50 watts of power available that sound more than that actually, but more on that later. It outputs the sound through a 12-inch special Marshall speaker.

The Marshall Code 50 is a true modeling amp having tons of presets, effects and emulation abilities. To be exact this amp can emulate 14 Marshall preamp models, 4 power amp models and 8 speaker cab models, with all the available, presets, plus there are some 24 effects you can choose from. You also can store your presets and use speaker emulations through your headphones or an external speaker.

The control panel of the device is on top and it is divided into two parts, on the lower end you will find the knobs for gain, bass, mid, treble and the volume knob. On the top part, you will spot a whole range of numbers and buttons you can push to achieve effects or emulations which is a little confusing. However, with the convenience of the mobile app or from your PC you can easily switch between tones, effects, emulations, and set your own presets.

Speaking about the performance of this amp I want to first mention that I don’t usually prefer modeling amps, however, the Marshall Code 50 is amazing. It is like a time machine that you can travel to the era of your favorite musicians and emulate the same tones and sounds, the tonal exploration was simply endless. A truly beautiful effort from Marshall, every sound was clear and it could get pretty loud, just fantastic.

A remarkable modeling amp at a surprisingly affordable price point.

Marshall Code 50









  • Great For Practicing
  • Amazing Value
  • Bluetooth


  • None

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