Orange Crush Pro CR60C Review

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Orange Music Electronics Company is an English company that specializes in making guitar amplifiers and speakers. All of its products have that trademark iconic bright Orange color, all of its amps are excellent in my opinion and it is the amplifier of choice of many British artists most notably Jimmy Page and Steve Harris of Iron Maiden.

The companies Crush Pro series has been nothing but marvelous, and its CR60C model is one that stands out in my opinion. This amp is designed for serious musicians out there, but I can comfortably recommend this to beginners. It has amazing power but it still is very portable despite that. It is not the cheapest of the amps, priced in the mid-range, it provides excellent power, features, plenty of tones and overall value for its price.

I want to start by saying that the Orange Crush Pro CR60C is a very portable package that you can comfortably place anywhere in your studio, home, or even stage, it is not the lightest though. Overall it looks really beautiful and attractive if you with its traditional orange paint job, but if that is too flashy for you there is also a black paint job available.

On top of the device, you will find the control panel which has a good number of controls that are placed intuitively and are marked. You have the volume, bass, middle, and treble knobs for both of the channels separately, additionally you will find the master volume, channel switch, and reverb control knobs, giving you a great number of controls you can play with.

Despite being a solid-state amp the Orange Crush Pro CR60C has an analog signal path, that provides a more responsive and dynamic feel, which sounds very natural for a solid-state amp. This amplifier comes with two channels you can play from, dirty and clean. The dirty channel has a high-gain preamp that is astoundingly clear regardless of the situation.

Like in every Crush Pro amp, the CR60C also has the buffered effects loop, great for a guitarist that likes to experiment with effect pedals. Furthermore, you can find the built-in digital reverb, that gives the sound warmness. It is also worth mentioning that the speaker in this amp is just fantastic, it is a custom 12-inch Voice of the World speaker that is designed to perfection.

As I mentioned earlier, the 44-pound weight of this amp makes it perfect for gigs and as well as for practice. I was particularly impressed with the high-gain preamp that provided the exact sounds for my liking, some darker cleans, punchy, adequately warm, and the distortion was too good to be true.

The tonal flexibility is great and I can see myself gigging with this amp without any complaints. One thing I should mention is that it keeps the clarity, sound quality, effects, and distortion regardless of the volume, you can keep it at low-volumes around the house and crank it up to ‘eleven’ on gigs without the sound becoming muddy.

An exceptional amplifier, providing great qualities and justifying its price.

Orange Crush Pro CR60C









  • Good Volume
  • Easy To Use
  • Simple Controls


  • None

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