Squier Affinity Stratocaster Review

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Well, we all love a Stratocaster, but with their stratospheric prices, it is not realistic to buy one at a budget or for beginner players. Lucky us because of the Fender subsidiary Squier has released its own version of the Stratocaster that is extremely affordable, and in my opinion, it is the best beginner electric guitar on the market.

It looks extremely good, it is very comfortable and very easy to play on, there is simply no better beginners package on the market. Additionally, Squier offers complete beginners packages, with a good amp and wiring to eliminate the burden of buying everything separately, which I know can get a little overwhelming as a beginner. It may not be the most flexible guitar on the market but it is a great guitar to learn on.

Build quality and the design of the Squier Affinity SSS is perfect if you want to keep this guitar for a long time and when you upgrade from it, to keep it as a memory because I like to do that.

Squier has made perfect choices when it comes to tonewoods and build quality, combining the best of both worlds to provide quality and affordability at the same time.
It has the classic Stratocaster shape with alder body that provides a good balance, it has a bolt-on maple neck that is equally decent and will provide excellent playability.

On top of the neck, you will find the accessible rosewood fretboard that provides smooth transitions thanks to its high-quality and high resistance to daily abuse for starters.

I think that there is no guitarist out there that won’t appreciate the design and looks of the Squier Affinity SSS, it is a classic, plus it comes in different colors you can choose from.

In terms of hardware the Squier Affinity SSS has a pretty standard bridge and tuning machines, that are pretty good but won’t last a lifetime, however, I was pretty impressed with the string quality. The electronics are pretty good for its price actually, with three single-coil Stratocaster pickups, placed on the neck, middle and the bridge, I found no caveats with them as they were excellent for beginners and even advanced players have plenty of fun with this layout, however, they are upgradable when you choose to.

The controls are pretty basic and will provide good tonal changes, thanks to its 5-way pickup selector switch.

The Squier Affinity SSS for its price range sounded perfect, and I think it is important for a beginner to start feeling the vibes right from the start. This Strat delivers plenty of fun and will prove to be excellent and very playable.

To conclude, I would like to say that it really doesn’t get any better than the Squier Affinity SSS for a beginner, and no other brand has delivered such a beginner-focused guitar, top-class form Squier.

Squier Affinity Stratocaster









  • Versatile
  • Easy To Play
  • Great Sound


  • None

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