Supro Delta King 10 Review: Classic Amplifier

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The clean tone and the classic 50s look will make your room feel like a time machine back to the days when Chicago bloomed the love of rock n roll music and introduced a new face in the music industry, the Supro amplifiers.

The Supro devices beautified melodies for years and are still going strong today.

I decided to test out their newer and more refined model, the Supro Delta King 10. This amplifier will not make you want any other. So, here are some of my thoughts on it.

What is Supro Delta King 10?

The classic design represents the good old 1950s, the out-of-this-world sound quality that will make you feel like you are truly one with your guitar, there is so much to absolutely love about this device!

For someone who is new to the world of musical instruments, it might be hard to understand what exactly the Supro Delta King 10 is and most importantly, what is used for.

In short, the Delta King 10 is a guitar amplifier. Like any amplifier, its goal is to create the crisp and clean sounds that your guitar produces and boost up the volume so you hear every guitar stroke that you make.

The Supro Delta King 10 is a Class A amplifier, now what this means is that, unlike the Class B amps which have high distortion, Class AB and Class D have high power efficiency. The Class A amp will give you the greatest HI-FI, which means it produces the highest quality sound.

Where is the Supro Delta King 10 Made?

The Supro brand first started its business in the 1950s in Chicago when rock n roll was first introduced to the music scene, from then on, the Supro brand continued to produce amazing musical devices until eventually the brand was sold.

Today, the Supro brand mainly produces its products in New York and is still loved by many even after so many decades.

Features of the Supro Delta King 10

The main features of the Supro Delta King 10 are, as mentioned before, the Class A power tube that will give great sound quality.

It has 5 power watts, and although it has low power wattage, it is perfect for normal rehearsals or beginner guitar learners because it gets the job done perfectly without sounding extremely loud.

It has a field effect transistor boost which is normally found in low wattage amps and will make the tone thicker and more colorful.

Also, naturally, it has a 6v6 power tube that is used oh HI-FI amplifiers and gives the maximum 5-watt power.

The Delta King 10 is a combo tube that contains the amp as well as a 10-inch custom-made speaker.

When it comes to the body specifications, Supro Delta King 10 weighs 23 pounds, with a height of 41 cm, a width of 38 cm, and a depth of 18 cm (16” x 7” x 15”).

Frontal amplifier features

The front of the amplifier contains a single input jack and a volume, and right next to it are two switches.

On those switches, you will find the FET-driven boost switch that will boost up your guitar volume and the overdrive circuit which causes distortion in higher volumes.

Also, there are the two-band EQ or Equalization, the treble and bass, which will manipulate the sound frequency of the amp, reverb which will create an exact replica of the guitar sound, and finally, the master volume button.

Can You do Gigs with the Supro Delta King 10?

Absolutely, yes! Although it has a 5-watt power which can be considered low, it is perfect for rehearsals in your room or studio, or small gigs of about 100 to 150 people.

Also, as mentioned before, it is a pretty small amplifier that weighs 10.5 kg, so carrying it around for gigs will not seem like a hassle.

Who Can Use the Supro Delta King 10?

Supro Delta King 10 can be used by anyone who loves music and guitars, and wants to join the rock n roll or blues world!

Spending a few bucks on a good amp like the Supro Delta King 10 is absolutely worth it when it will give you such rich tones that everybody will fall in love with.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Supro Delta King 10

Something worth mentioning about the Supro Delta King 10 are the advantages and the disadvantages it brings to you!

Things I liked about Supro Delta King 10 – Advantages

When I went on the hunt for a guitar amplifier, I probably searched the whole internet before I stumbled across the Supro Delta King 10 and instantly fell in love.

The thing that I liked most about it is the design of the amp. I kept on going back and forth between the black and cream stripes and the tweed and black stripes before I eventually chose the ladder. I am honestly very pleased with my choice because now my room with the combination of the amp and guitar has created a new vibe that just gets me inspired to write more songs.

As a beginner electric guitar player, I was pleased to see that the control panel on the amp was pretty simple and straightforward, so I did not have to stress out for 4 hours while trying to figure out what button does what.

The sounds that the amplifier creates are so clean and fresh that it does not just boost up the tone of my guitar, but also the overall feeling of it, it truly does beautify every sound that I create with the guitar.

And lastly, compared to other amplifiers, the Delta King 10 is pretty inexpensive.

Things I did not like about the Supro Delta King 10 – Disadvantages

Thankfully, there were not many things that I disliked about this amp except for the fact that it can get a bit screechy if you turn the volume too high, which I did not find to be that big of a problem since the sound can be heard nicely even if the amp is on a low volume setting.


In all honesty, if you are looking for a great guitar amplifier that is below $1000 and wants to experiment with the Supro amplifiers, then go for the Delta King 10.

Not only is the amp aesthetically pleasing, but it is also small and lightweight, and does a great job of replicating the exact tone of your guitar and boosting it up so it sounds even better.

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