Taylor GS Mini Review

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As you can tell from the name, the Taylor GS Mini Guitar is a scaled-down version of the GS making it an incredibly lightweight, versatile, and a powerful guitar that can be played anywhere due to its portable nature. It’s one of the most popular Taylor acoustic guitars.

But don’t be fooled by its size as it can also create a full, rich voice that can rival a full-sized guitar (and is incredibly comfortable to use.)

Let’s see why the Taylor GS Mini is something you should consider:

The Build Of the Taylor GS Mini Review

Now the Taylor GS Mini guitar is known for its exceptional quality to sound and it’s extremely compact size with its Taylor Grand Symphony Mini body making it easy to play and travel with.  However, at the cost of its size is the ability to produce a rich bass and also slightly difficult for people with larger hands.

But this guitar uses Sitka Spruce for its top wood to help produce a dynamic range and create a versatile playstyle for different genres.  For its body, it uses an attractive Layered Sapele wood which helps make the guitar more elegant as well as durable. It also has a non-cutaway to create a clean, symmetrical traditional look to the guitar. However, it does make it slightly harder to play the low-end of the guitar as your fingers have to reach out a bit farther (which is not too big of a deal.)

Now the GS Mini also comes with a tortoise pickguard, a die-cast chrome tuner (for those who like the classic look), a Nubone nut, a Micarta saddle, and finally the strings made of Elixer Phosphor Bronze Medium.

How it felt When I Played The Taylor GS Mini Guitar

When I played this guitar, the sound quality was superb and was blown away by how great it was despite its low price point for a Taylor. It created a balanced tone and was pretty loud despite its size.

It also felt really comfortable in my hands when I played it.  The action was nice and low and the neck felt really nice sliding up and down the fret.  I only played it fingerpicking so I can’t really tell you how it was with a pick but I’m guessing it wouldn’t make a difference.

The only problem I had with it was the tuners and felt a little off when I went to adjust the sound.  

Overall, it was really fun, easy to play, consistent and really comfortable when I strummed the guitar.

My Final Opinion On The Taylor GS Mini Guitar

I’d say that this is an entry-level great guitar aimed at the person who travels a lot and wants something incredibly lightweight yet can produce the sound of a full-sized guitar.

It’s not too expensive, not too valuable, and not too big making it a favorite for many guitar enthusiasts who want to casually play the guitar for family events, with friends at a campfire, or a gig at a small venue.

Taylor GS Mini









  • Great Entry-Level Guitar
  • Perfect For Travelers
  • Lightweight


  • None

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