Why Self Teaching is More Effective Than Lessons When Learning Guitar

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Many new guitarists believe that taking formal lessons is the only way to effectively learn how to play the guitar. While being taught by a private instructor may seem like the way to go, it is expensive and often causes a loss of interest.

For most people, it is much more satisfying and rewarding to discover and accomplish something on their own, such as learning to play the guitar. Self-teaching has become more and more popular over the years among new guitarists. If you are a new guitarist, you should get yourself a Fender, Seagull or an Epiphone acoustic guitar.

Self-teaching is becoming the choice of an increasing number of guitarists for several reasons. Firstly, self-teaching is free. Formal lessons can be a costly expense of both time and money. The guitarist may choose to buy learning tools such as books, but no time investment or obligation is required. Self-teaching allows the guitarist to relax and learn at his or her own pace. This provides for a more enjoyable learning environment.

The second reason self-teaching is more effective is the myriad of learning resources available to the guitarist on the internet. Tons of lessons and valuable learning information can be found for free on the internet. In addition to this, tablature websites allow the guitarist to learn all of his or her favorite songs. Tablature is a special musical notation developed specifically for the guitar. It is much simpler to read and understand than regular musical notation.

Another reason why self-teaching is a smart choice when learning guitar is because lessons often cause a loss of interest in the instrument over time. This is likely because lessons do not allow the guitarist to work as his or her own pace or choose the time and place of the playing. Because of this, lessons can quickly become a burden to the guitarist causing a loss of interest in learning guitar. Self-teaching allows the guitarist to relax and learn on his or her own time.

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