5 Best Acoustic Guitars For Left Handed Players

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Already more than half of the world is populated by right-handed people, and most likely all the things that are made are mainly designed for the right-handed people, so it may sometimes be challenging and difficult trying to find a thing that is specifically made to be used with your left hand. Even when someone gives you a handshake they give you the right hand and if you are left-handed like me, you may encounter some challenges with stuff around the world.

It’s harder if you are a person who likes to play a musical instrument such as the guitar. If you like to play guitar you need to learn how to play it with your right hand, or you may need to flip your guitar to match your need to play it with the left hand.

Although turning the guitar upside down means the high notes are going to be above and low notes below, and that makes it extremely hard to play it, you are going to have to do all the strumming in a backward manner. Many brands have thought of this issue and have tried to provide the market with left-handed guitars, for people who are left-handed like me or maybe left-handed like you and to this day they are trying to make things easier for us.

They try to make everything for both hands, and they have succeeded in doing so by making guitars for left-handed people too. Many of these guitars offer a great ease of playability and fit comfortably and properly into your hands, they provide you with great sustainability that the only thing left for you to do is to let your creativity flow and not to worry about mechanical things, like trying to practice with your right hand or to flip your guitar backward.

Yes, left-handed guitars are a real thing now and they can be found just about anywhere, sometimes some things may be different and may have a few flaws, because when they first started to create the left handed guitars they flipped everything from one side to the other side and maybe lost some details or weren’t paying attention to the right details, the neck of the guitar wasn’t so good and the strings weren’t attached correctly. So you need to see these flaws from a different perspective and look at them with a forgiving eye. Times have changed and nowadays everything is correctly put and properly fit at the right place where they need to be, everything you need, you can have!

Some guitars are greatly build to fit properly in hands of the left-handed people, and some others just don’t fit so right on the hand of a left-handed guitarist. So in this article, we are going to talk about the 5 best left-handed guitars who are top rated by most of the left-handed players. We are going to consider the size of the guitar, the quality of it, the types of wood which the guitars are made of and the feel of guitars on the hands of the player, which is the best reason for a guitarist to give a great review on one of the guitars which we are going to talk below. So for all the left-handed players, I hope this article will help you on choosing the best left-handed guitar you can get to match your hands to give you a wonderful feeling and to let your creative juices flow from your soul to your hands and into the guitar’s soundhole so you can produce the sound of your everlasting creative spirit to please the ears of the listener.

Which is the Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar?

5. Ibanez Performance Series PF15L

To start off our best left-handed acoustic guitars list, we have an Ibanez guitar. Just like the real PF15, this guitar is the alternate version for left-handed people. Everything is designed and proceeded in a nice way, the alternative version of PF15 comes with a full-sized body dreadnought without any significant difference on the design.

The structure of the guitar or without any cutting piece of it, the types of wood materials that are used to build this guitar are also known to be mainly applied for most of the regular guitars or to be more specific just like the original PF15, so this guitar’s body is made from a solid top made out of Sitka spruce mixed with mahogany which is also used for the back and the sides. The neck of the guitar is also made out of mahogany wood to balance the design of the guitar with the back and the sides, above all the complete body, is finished with a glossy touch and it comes only with the natural color of the wood but a tad bit shinier.

There is a fingerboard which is made out of rosewood which has 20 frets, the headstock shows the Ibanez logo, and the die-cast tuners are layered in chrome. If we talk about the sound of this guitar we can’t talk more or less than we can talk about the real PF15, so with short discussion and with short words, with this Ibanez, you can produce everything you could do with the PF15 but now with your left hand too. You can hear the tones produce a bright sound and it renders the kind of feeling that the real PF15 was all praised about.

So, after all, this guitar is one of the best left handed guitars that can sit comfortably in your hands, if you are a left-handed person and would like to play with a left-handed guitar I would definitely suggest you get your hands on this one as fast as you can. That’s not all though, read our review on the Ibanez PF15L for more!

4. Fender CC-60SCE

This guitar is one of the best Left Handed acoustic guitars you can get your hands on, no matter what skill level you’re at. This guitar was produced to satisfy the demands of someone who is just starting out to learn this fabulous instrument, but nonetheless, an intermediate guitar performer can greatly benefit from this one too.

Fender is a popular brand that makes appearances among the best acoustic guitars, and this is a model that makes effective use of electric components too. This acoustic-electric guitar was constructed by one of the most beloved brand Fender, it’s constructed in the way just like the Grand Concert guitars are built. It has a rounded top and produces that kind of mid rage volume that Grand Concert guitars are so good at conveying.

The way this guitar is made it is of solid wood, this type of wood is mainly known in the acoustic world as one of the best wood materials that the guitar can wear. All solid wood acoustics are regarded as one of the best instruments you can get your hands on, every single experienced player will tell you this and the difference is greatly notable regarding the sound and the durability of the acoustic which makes practical use of solid wood materials.

This guitar is equipped with 20 frets on the neck, the Fender hardware is greatly praisable, and comes with Fishman electronics. It’s a traditional dreadnought guitar. It comes with two types of designs both black and white covered with gloss for a shiny touch and equipped with a rosewood bridge, a fingerboard made of rosewood and a mahogany neck.

If we talk about the sound, the sound of this guitar delivers the best beginner classical guitar quality you can get on this price range.

So we came at the conclusion that the CC-60SCE will definitely please your hands your ears and also your listener’s ears will thank you. Guitar players who are fairly experienced, just like I, are giving this guitar great reviews. They rate it as one of the best guitars they can get their left hands on. So good luck if you get one and try to play it with care. If you’re still unsure, we wrote a Fender CC-60SCE review to make your mind up.

3. Fender Paramount PM-1

If we talk about Fender we are talking about a quality company, taking this to account the guitar’s standard of appeal goes up, this guitar at first came to us by 2016 and to this day it’s still one of the most exceptional guitars made for many players.

So if you are left-handed and want this guitar, this is one of the best you can get. This guitar is made mainly from a mahogany top which is also used for the back and the sides of the guitar, it also has a mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard. As you can see this is made almost all out of mahogany wood.

This guitar is embellished with modern aesthetics and it is the latest type of acoustic guitar you can get, also it has a touch of a vintage feel which renders the feeling in your hands like you are connected to the spirit of a famous guitar player.
The guitar is not that heavy to carry, so you can take it with you around easily.

If we talk about the sound that this guitar produces you will be tremendously fascinated, it will please your essence wholly. It has a booming acoustic tone and is equipped with that common spirit that most Fenders are so great at producing.

So in the end, this is the guitar you will need to put your hands on if you like a real old school vibe. This guitar will give you the astonishing sound with a box that resounds freely and fits properly to the ideals of a left-handed player. You can check the Pro’s and Con’s of this guitar on our full Fender Paramount PM-1 Review.

2. Seagull Original S6 Left

This left-handed baby is an acoustic guitar with a slim suitable neck and a top made of solid cedar, also polished with Semi-Gloss, This guitar may be the one that represents the Seagull philosophy the best. For most people, these guitars render them the left-hand opportunity to transfer their skills on the instrument easily, also the Seagull S6 is the Winner of several notable awards. So we can say it’s one of the best of left-handed guitars.

It comes at a full-sized body, the attention this guitar gets comes from the neck which is slim but so suitable for the player, the company took extra care to ensure that the neck will give you a wonderful feeling while you are playing it. Also, the pitch is correctly adjusted into the neck of the guitar, if other guitars sound soggy this particular characteristic assists in making it sound tight.

From the start, this guitar was constructed for the left-handed people so this will help you a lot and will make most left-handed guitar players amazed at what this Seagull is capable of. It features a solid cedar top which provides the guitar with an impressively good tone that can be comparable to most of the high-end guitars. The back & the sides are made of Canadian Wild Cherry, which results in great durability.

A compact saddle and nut will give you sustainability of the guitar followed by a bone nut. On the headstock, you have a set of tuners which help you keep your guitar in tune and delivers not so much tension on a straighter string pull.

This is one of the best guitars you can get for the sound it produces and the feeling it provides when you hold the baby Seagull. We wrote a detailed review of the Seagull S6, so make sure you read that too!

1. Martin X Series DX1AEL

Is it possible to finish a best left-handed acoustic guitars list without mentioning a Martin guitar? Absolutely not. If you are someone who knows the reliable reputation of a Martin guitar and would like to have it to play it with your left hand then this Martin is the best you can get. It comes in the shape of a full-sized dreadnought with a cutaway design.

The back of the guitar and the sides are made from High-Pressure Laminate mahogany, the soundboard from high-pressure laminated spruce. it also makes effective use of Sonitone electronics components. The fingerboard is implemented with 20 frets and it is made from the black richlite.

The Sonite electronic components while plugged in offer you great control over the volume and the tone. The neck wood is rust stratabond and neck shape is oval, it comes equipped with 6 steel strings and also it has a Corian string nut.

The sound of this guitar is what you need to hear and what others want to hear, You can play with it however you want and however your creative force will guide you.

In conclusion, this is the best guitar you will ever play around your friends equipped with more volume with more tone and it loves you with more emotion to be translated from the sound of this guitar.

So grab one of the Martin DX1AE and work your way with your left hand to produce everything you need and everything you’ll want to express around people.

The Conclusion

These are the best left-handed guitars you can get around the world. I’ve reviewed each of them separately, so get your hand on one of these guitars and your left hand will flow freely on the strings. I am sure that you are going to be capable of producing amazing sound and amazing resonance that will amaze the people who are listening to you play.

These top 5 guitars are rated as the best from people who are left-handed, some of these guitars are tailored for professionals and beginners but nonetheless, the feeling they give you is indescribable, so I hope you get your hands on one of these babies and try to play around concerts, street corners or also around the people you like.

Some of these are more for professionals and are a bit more pricey and some of them are tailored for beginners, but in the end, they all are enjoyable guitars that you would need in your left handed guitar collection. There are so many other guitars that are not involved in the list of top five great left-handed guitars but we were trying our best to give you everything we got about these top five.

With small talk and more work, this article was meant to help and give you a glimpse of top left-handed acoustic guitars you can get in today’s market. So all we can say to you at the end it is good luck finding your way around these five guitars to see which one feels greater in your hands and which one will inspire your creative flow to a greater extent.

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