Best Guitar Picks For Beginners

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Guitar picks are very useful and important accessories for beginners who have started to play on this instrument recently. Even though having a guitar pick won’t make you a professional in 2 days, still, the main purpose of guitar picks is to enhance the playability of your guitar, so that you can easily achieve better results and shape your skills.

However, there are plenty of guitar picks available on the market, and since you’re a beginner, choosing the right one(s) may not be the most simple thing in the world.

That’s why, in this article, I will list the 10 best guitar picks for beginners, and therefore, I’d suggest you to get the one or those that suit your preferences the most, because all of them have one thing in common – quality!

10 Best Guitar Picks For Beginners

10. D’Addario Assorted Pearl Celluloid Picks

The D’Addario Assorted Pearl Celluloid picks are among the most affordable and quality guitar picks that you can find on the market, and this is one of the reasons that has made their popularity to sky rocket from the moment they’ve been introduced on the market!

First of all, I’d like to inform you that these picks are available in 4 styles, including the light, medium which is the one I’m currently reviewing, heavy and extra light, as well as in 5 different colors, however, so from the very beginning, you already know that you will never have difficulties to choose the style and the color that suits your preferences the most!

What’s cool about these picks is the Celluloid material, a material which is widely being used by the musicians on the market, due to its warm, fat tone that does really sound natural, and since these picks are made by this material,  having a convenient and pleasing guitar experience will be your new daily routine!

Last but not least, they are very suitable for strumming and articulate picking, and those who’ve had an opportunity to play with them, claim that even after a longer period of time, they didn’t notice a significant decrease in their quality, which by default means that they should be set on your purchase list right away!

9. Girly Guitar Picks

As the name suggests, these guitar picks are for girls, kids, and teens who want to become guitarists in the future. What got my attention regarding this picks is that they look fresh, and the decoration is definitely unique!

But, let that “childish” look do not fool you! The main material used throughout the crafting process is Celluloid, and at the same time, they have a medium-sized, gauge thickness of 0.71mm which by default makes these picks to be highly suitable for electrical, bass and acoustic guitars!

Currently, Girly Guitar picks are well-known on the market, and in fact, they are among the most purchased guitar picks on Amazon, which is just a proof of their quality.

So, if you have a chance to gift your child for the Christmas holidays, you can get her a box of these guitar picks, and from the moment she starts practicing, even you will find out that they actually do make a difference in terms of the performance!

Therefore, you should definitely consider these picks as your next purchase, and if you ever decide to purchase them, I’m sure that this would be an excellent gift for your daughter!

8. Donner Celluloid

Who doesn’t want to play with “style”? These picks simply shine with stylish look, but, what’s even better is the celluloid material and the fact that they count 16 in a single pack and are available in 4 sizes, including thin, medium, heavy and extra heavy! One of them will surely suit your style right?

In addition, the Celluloid material and their shape will surely contribute a lot on how you’ll be playing on your guitar, because they will not offer you comfortable hold, but also,  you would be able to achieve great results, since the tones will be satisfying when heard by multiple people.

Personally, I really prefer playing with Celluloid guitar picks due to their fat tone, and if you think that this is your style as well, then you shouldn’t hesitate to consider them as your next purchase, and if you ever decide to purchase them, you will assure yourself of their quality!

7. ChromaCast CC-SAMPLE

The ChromaCast CC-Sample are shipped in multiple colors, sizes, and what’s even better is that count 12 in number, whereas, the price is extremely affordable, and you shouldn’t be surprised at all, when you reveal that these picks are often a choice for thousands of guitarists!

Moreover, they have a wide body, rounded tip and 6 of them are made of Celluloid material, which as you already know, is one of the most popular guitar pick material, while the rest 6 are made of Delrin. Delrin material will guarantee you stability, low friction, strength, and the most important part -it will ensure that you won’t feel fatigued even if you’ve been playing for a considerably long period of time. Also, this material lets the guitarist to feel that typical bright, “clicking” sound as he/she is hitting the strings regardless if it comes for single-note passages, acoustic or rhythm guitar. Sounds interesting? I would say more than that, because the reason is pretty simple – you will have an option to try both materials, and since you’re a beginner, you will gain a better insight of how these two materials affect the sound and the way you’ll be playing on your guitar!

6. Vincent Van Gogh Guitar Picks

Music and guitars are seen as an art. Well, if you’ve been interested in having guitar picks that combine art with music, then let’s see what these picks have to offer for you!

First of all, I’d like to inform you that these picks count 12 in number, are made of Celluloid and have medium-thickness which by default, make them be an ideal option for beginners who are playing on acoustic, bass, or electric guitar. In addition, there are numerous videos of the customers who have made an actual purchase, and you can easily witness by yourself how quality these picks actually are.

In other words, you will never have difficulties to “slide” on the strings, or perform for hours, and honestly, if you do a simple research regarding this picks, you will notice that they are one of the most highly rated picks on the Internet, and Amazon! This definitely has to mean something, because the manufacturer has managed to create durable and quality picks that will look different from the others. Therefore, if you see yourself as a person that “stands from the crowd” in numerous ways, including the musical aspect, then I think that you’ve found the perfect guitar picks for you!

Before we end, there’s yet another thing I would like to tell you. Even if you’re not a guitarist, but a person whose child, friend or colleague is an enthusiast and a beginner who wants to get better, do not hesitate to gift them these picks, because they will never disappoint them!

5. Rick Rock RGP1-8

The Rick Rock RGP1-8 are fancy and comfortable guitar picks which have a regular 351 shape, and at the same time, they are 2.8mm thick and employ embedded design at the inside, and when you see them as a whole, I think that you will be very satisfied with them!

The other thing in which you will be very satisfied would be the performance. Why? Well, their structure is nicely-rounded and at the same time, they were specifically designed not only to output good tones, but also to ensure that you won’t deal with pick noise.

Moreover, if you love to heavy picking and strumming, then I have good news for you! Those who have already purchased them claim that they never had difficulties doing such thing, and also, most of them claim that these picks remained durable and quality, even after plenty of hours of practicing. So, you get three benefits in one package – quality, durability and fancy looking picks!

4. Dunlop Tortex

The Dunlop Tortex is a perfect choice for beginners, mainly because of the fact that once they master the skill of playing guitar, they wouldn’t require any other guitar pick, because these picks are even used by the most famous musicials on this planet!

What makes these picks different from the others is the material and the durability. To be more precise, the material used throughout the crafting process is Tortex, which simply stands for durability on one side, and a bright tone reproduction on the other!

Moreover, even though I’m currently reviewing the 12-pack version, feel free to switch if you ask for more, since these picks are available as a 36-pack, and 72-pack as well. Either way, I’d suggest you to stick with the 12-pack version because once you understand how good they are, then,  when the time comes for change, you can easily change the package.

But that’s not all! These picks are available in 0.50/60/73/88/1/1.14 gauges, so as you can see, you will have plenty of opportunities to find the right thickness and become a better guitarist!

In conclusion, if you’re keen on investing in durable guitar picks whose form is specifically enginereed to mimic the characteristics of a tortoise shell, then the Tortex would be a top option for you!

3. Dunlop Jazz III

As the name suggest, the Dunlop Jazz III is primarily focused to satisfy the demands of the beginners who want to find their place in the Jazz music industry.

Speaking of the material, these picks are made of nylon and are finished in red and their gripping surface is finished with Dunlop so that you can have an incredibly good grip and a higher level of maneuverability.

Furthermore, to be even more precise, once you take a single pick out of its package, you will instantly notice that its tip is shard, whereas the grip is broad, and from the moment you start playing jazz, you will instantly recognize the quality of these picks, since they can produce true jazz tones. Exactly as you’d like! Great job, Dunlop!

Before we end, I would also like to mention that, you’re not obliged to get the nylon version, since this model is avaiilable as a “Stiffo”-style, as well as if you need more than 6 picks, do not hesitate to switch and get the 24-pack version!

2. Pick Geek Picks

The Pick Geek Picks are a typical example of how should a guitar pick look and perform like, regardless of the type of your guitar. If you’ve started playing on an electric guitar, then be prepared for success, the same can be said for acoustic and bass guitar! These picks are well-known for their durability!

For your information, this pack counts 51 guitar picks and each of them looks unique in its own way, since there are 4 different thicknesses, but what all of them have in common is the embedded logo that does really look cool!

If you’re curious regarding the material, I would like to inform you that the manufacturer suggests the following – there are two materials such as Delrin and Celluloid, and as I’ve mentioned previously, both materials are different from each other mostly in terms of sound. So, the benefit you will have here is that you will have a better understanding of the guitar picks, and how does a specific material sound in practice. Honestly, I think that this is an actual jackpot, due to the fact that if you find the Delrin material more suitable to your style, you can keep going with it, and vice-versa. You won’t be obliged to play only with specific material!

To summarize, the Pick Geek picks are excellent choice for beginners who want to have a better understanding regarding the types of materials, and if you’re one of them, then congratulations, you’ve found the picks for you!

1. Fender Premium Picks

Fender is a well-known name in the music industry, and in fact, their guitars can be seen as a true masterpience, since they belong to the leading brands in the music industry. Well, this time, I have some picks for you, and guess what? They are made by them!

These picks count 24, and are available in 3 thicknesses, starting from thin, medium and heavy. What all of them share in common is that they are made from a Celluloid material, and if you prefer those tones, then I think that you will be more than satisfied to have these strings.

Also, they are available in multiple color editions, and you can literally try them all while expecting nothing less than a smooth performance!

If you make your own research on the Internet, you will be very surprised of the rating and the level of satisfaction that users have regarding these strings. If you make an actual purchase, then it will be more than sure that you will become one of those people whose satisfaction is indeed great!

Buying Guide

There are a few steps you should follow in order to get the best out of your acoustic guitar and acoustic guitar pick, and although some people will say that you don’t have to have a Ph.D. in guitar picks to find out the right one, sometimes, the results may not be as expected. Hence, since I always want to ease your life when it comes to guitars, I’ve decided to bring you some tips you should consider prior to making an actual purchase.


The material is one of the most important part if not the most important part regarding the guitar picks, since they have a huge role in terms of the longevity and the quality of the performance.

For your information, the most common materials are :

  • Nylon – they are widely known because of their flexibility, since they allow the guitarist to have better striking and strumming on the strings. Those picks that are crafted by this material sound very warm, and most of the musicians who play Rock and Jazz are using them.
  • Delrin – this type of plastic is hard, durable and glossy at the same time, and they tend to produce a bit of pick noise, however, they do offer the guitarist an opportunity to have a truly convenient grip.
  • Celluloid – this is the most common type of the most common materials used for crafting guitar picks. What’s interesting about it is that these guitar picks have kind of oily texture that allows the musician to play fast and produce a very clean tone.


The thickness is measured in millimeters, and in general, guitar picks range from 0.38(thin) to 1.5mm(thick), although you shouldn’t be surprised if you see some guitar picks that are as thick as 3mm or beyond.

For instance, thin guitar picks do a great job in absorbing the shocks which are caused as a result of playing chords, and therefore, they offer a better comfort to the guitarist. On the contrary, thick picks are excellent for rhythm and lead guitars. Also, the thickness also affects the sound, so, you should pay attention whether you need, thin or thick guitar pick.


Here, I will be very precise, and you should keep one thing in mind. Once you opt to search for a pick guitar, remember that the material should not be too brittle, but instead, it should be strong enough to withstand heavy use. Either way, even if you have the strongest guitar pick in the world, after some time it will wear off as a result of multiple factors.


Most of the guitar picks on the market are very affordable, however, you’re not obliged to purchase only those whose price is affordable. Sometimes, it is better if you invest a bit more and get a sturdy guitar pick, which can last for a fairly long period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What’s the recommended size of a guitar pick for beginners?

A: Well, this depends a lot on the music style, playing style and on the guitar as a whole. In general, guitar picks normally range from 0.38 and all the way up to 1.5 mm. The first is thin, whereas, the latter is thick. Therefore, if you prefer a lead guitar, then thick guitar pick would be a good choice for you, while on the other side, if you prefer playing on a “rhythm guitar” then thin guitars would suit you better.

Q:  Do I actually need a guitar pick?

A: Even though this is just a personal preference, keep in mind that you’re not obliged to have one. However, having one will drastically ease your play and let you be way more faster in comparison to the case where you wouldn’t use one.

Q: Is it better to play with thick guitar picks?

A: Yes, it is, due to the fact that they would not bend easily and in a return, you will have greater picking control, which is crucial, honestly!

Q:  How long do guitar picks last?

A: This depends on multiple factors, including the build quality of the pick, material, your playing style, how long you’re playing, etc. Hence, This is a very tough question to answer because there isn’t a specific time frame.

Q: What’s the best guitar pick for beginners?

A:  Considering the fact that there’s a plethora of guitar picks on the market, I won’t be able to offer you the right answer regarding these questions. However, what I can do would be to suggest you consider one or more of the included guitar picks in this list, because most of them are known for their quality.

Q: What’s the recommended size of a guitar pick for beginners?

A: Well, this depends a lot on the music style, playing style and on the guitar as a whole. In general, guitar picks normally range from 0.38 and all the way up to 1.5 mm. The first is thin, whereas, the latter is thick. Therefore, if you prefer a lead guitar, then thick guitar pick would be a good choice for you, while on the other side, if you prefer playing on a “rhythm guitar” then thin guitars would suit you better.


After all, I hope that you found this article informative and entertaining because I’ve given my best to bring you the best guitar picks, so that you, as a beginner, would benefit a lot and become a better guitarist whose name will be known in the future!

In case you have questions, or if you ever purchase one of these guitar picks, I’d recommend you not to hesitate, but instead, feel free to contact me and tell me whether you’re satisfied or not!

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