The Top 6 Best Yamaha Guitars in 2023

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If the thought of becoming a guitar player has crossed your mind, then, you are one of the many beginners that this guide is made for! If you’re already one of the expert guitar players who has long traveled in this joyful journey of becoming a guitar player, then, you know that when it comes to choosing the right guitar brand is crucial, choosing the right brand from whom to buy your instrument is a crucial part of your journey, will it be an easier one or will it be filled with crappy intonation and saddened crippled strings.

A Quick Look At The Best Models

Nonetheless, it is very important that you pick the right instrument and that it suits your playing style. If you want to avoid and not let those problems be a part of your journey and want to make your way as easy as possible then Yamaha is the best choice. Yamaha is producing some of the most special and top quality guitars in the biz. Since Yamaha has been around for a long time and given their manufacturing quality they definitely rank amongst the best brand names in the guitar making industry. Our main goal is to help you narrow down the options and decide. We’ll try to include here some general features that can help you make your choice easier and to assist you in benefiting the most from their best guitar series. If you don’t want the best Yamaha guitar, you can take a look at our other guides here.

But first and foremost let’s give get us some reasons to why should you want the best Yamaha guitar!

Which is the Best Yamaha Guitar?

9. Yamaha C40

For many years now, Yamaha has been and its still an excellent option for those looking to buy a beginner classical guitar. In fact, if you’d ask some professionals, I bet they’d tell you that they started out with a Yamaha, while in this case, the Yamaha C40 was built with beginners in mind, and it’s a full-sized classical guitar.

It’s not really the high-quality guitar you’d expect, obviously, you can tell by the price, it’s the perfect option for people who are just starting out, or for someone who doesn’t really want to spend a whole fortune on a guitar.

First, let’s start with the construction. The Yamaha C40 boasts a Spruce wood top, and if you’ve done your research, then you probably know that’s pretty common on guitars, while the sides and the back are made of Meranti.

Additionally, the manufacturer has made the wood laminate, which means that the projection won’t be as good as with a solid wood guitar, but for the most part, it will be good considering the fact that this one is a beginner guitar. To continue, the neck is made of Nato with a rosewood fretboard and it’s wide just like with any other classical guitar out there.

More on that, the C40 features a gloss finish as it is traditional with classical guitars, it gives a nice touch to the overall appearance of the guitar.

Inside the box, the C40 comes with a padded gig bag with the strings connected with the guitar, which means straight out of the box, you won’t need to follow instructions of some sort, since you’re a beginner, you can straight start playing, while for more convenience, there’s also an electronic tuner available. Apart from that, this particular model also comes with a guitar stand, a string winder, guitar polish, guitar rag, and some extra guitar strings.

However, for more quality, there’s something that I’d like to suggest, you won’t really like the factory strings so I suggest you change them within the first month to get the most quality out of the guitar, although that might just be my personal opinion so first, check out how it feels.

Yamaha is well-known for delivering durable products, and that’s an advantage over all other beginner guitars out there, it has a smooth neck and a properly sized body, however, it’s not the perfect choice for a younger player, you might consider other smaller guitars, for instance, the Yamaha CS40ii which is pretty much the same guitar with a thinner body and a shorter scale length, which will allow for more comfortable holding as they learn how to play.

In other words, I would highly recommend the Yamaha C40 to those people who are just starting out, it’s budget-friendly and it’s definitely better than most other guitars from different brands that you see online.

8. Yamaha FG-TA

The TransAcoustic FG-TA is a 6-string acoustic and electric guitar which outputs a high-quality sound and it delivers an outstanding experience, with rich tones and lively acoustic space.

In terms of the design, this particular model features a dreadnought body with a mahogany back and sides and a solid Sitka spruce top. On Amazon, you can get this guitar in four different colors, such as the Vintage Tint, Black, Ruby Red, and the Brown Sunburst which we are currently reviewing.

It also comes in four different sizes, classical, parlor, concert, and dreadnought the size which we are currently reviewing. As you can see, you get plenty of options to choose from, and you can always find the one that meets your requirements the most.
What makes this guitar stand out from the others on the market is the groundbreaking TransAcoustic technology which enables the guitar to offer onboard reverb and chorus effects, thus, this guitar doesn’t require any external amplification.

In addition, you can mix the effect via the simple-to-use controls, while afterward, you have access to those tones plugged in through the guitar’s System70 + SRT Piezo pickup system.

To be more specific, this technology is possible due to the small device hidden inside the guitar, as soon as the strings vibrate the actuator vibrates as well, while these vibrations are then transmitted to the guitar body, as well as the air around the guitar, while all of this results in authentic reverb and chorus, which again, it means that you don’t need any additional amplification or effects.

For your information, the Yamaha’s FG series is a worldwide bestseller due to the comfortable dreadnought bodies that they offer, the professional-grade tonewoods, and fast-playing necks that make the camera a perfect choice for beginners, and those seasoned players who just want a second guitar for the stage.

It’s also important to note that the TransAcoustic effects offer a different kind of control at your fingertips, with the help of the easy-to-use controls, you’ll be able to bring different effects during a set as the material demands. Apart from that, you’ll find the onboard reverb to be quite inspiring since it allows you to dial in great room ambiance and sustain anywhere you go.

Furthermore, the Yamaha FG-TA’s scalloped bracing makes sure to improve punch and projections, while the slim, tapered nato neck with fast satin finish glides through the hand.

There’s really a lot to talk about this guitar, but for the most part, I’ve mentioned everything important.

This particular guitar from Yamaha is also an affordable model that brings innovation and creativity to the guitar lovers, and if you ever decide to purchase it, I assure you that it will elevate your experience to a whole new level.

7. Yamaha JR2TBS

The Yamaha JR2TBS is a guitar that outputs a respectable sound, while it comes with an affordable price which makes it perfect for those that are just starting out, and for those who don’t want to spend a whole fortune on a guitar. I don’t really recommend this to those seasoned players who want a second guitar, the JR2TBS was built with beginners in mind, and beginners in mind only.

This particular model differs from its predecessor in terms of construction, unlike the JR1, the JR2TBS boasts an authentic-looking mahogany Ultra Thin Film finish to the laminate poly-board back and sides, along with a subtly arched tidy spruce top. If you check it out on Amazon, you’re going to notice that the guitar comes in two colors, Tobacco Sunburst which we are currently reviewing, and natural. It’s a highly-reviews guitar which makes it even more reliable for beginners.

The style overall looks great, the guitar itself is punchy enough to compete with some higher-priced guitars on the market, it outputs rich mids with a pretty decent sustain for the size, while the full-fat bass tones are gone.

What I didn’t really like is the way that the fingers mix up due to the narrow 43mm nut, which really sets a difference when you compare this guitar with a full-size one. Nonetheless, after you play for a while, you get used to it, and for novice players, I don’t really think this will be a problem.

As you may know, Yamaha always made sure to deliver well-designed dreadnoughts which are easy to sling around your neck. This particular model is smaller and lighter than most other rivals out there, and it’s much cheaper as well, while to ensure durability, the manufacturer has included a rugged nylon gig bag in the box that protects the guitar in most cases.

In terms of sound quality, you can’t really completely depend on the hardware and tonewood, while for the most part, if you’re someone who is just starting out, you also need a smaller guitar in size, and that’s exactly why this guitar is just perfect, it has great consumption that can match any full-sized guitar, while the volume and depth are perfect even though this one is smaller and cheaper.

To conclude, the Yamaha JR2 delivers exceptional comfort, a well-built guitar with great aesthetics, and a quality sound.

It’s the ideal choice for beginners since it can greatly help you improve, it’s the size that will really help you, while if you’re already someone experienced, this model would be great for your travels, or if you simply want a second guitar which is smaller in size, and I assure you that it brings out sounds just like any other full-sized guitar out there.

6. Yamaha FS850

The Yamaha FS850 is a mid-range acoustic guitar which delivers a very warm and full sound, it’s well-built and beautifully crafted featuring a small-body that makes it preferable for younger players.

If you check it out on Amazon, you can get this guitar in two different sizes, dreadnought and concert depending on what your requirements are.

For this review, I’ve chosen the Concert body type which has a solid mahogany top wood, mahogany back and sides, and a scalloped X bracing pattern. In addition to all of this, the Yamaha FS850 has a gloss body finish which gives a great look to the overall appearance of the guitar.

The FS body makes sure to not sacrifice tone and volume while providing users with comfortable playing experience. In fact, due to the slim body, the FS provides users with increased comfort and playability with no loss of volume or bass, while this makes the guitar more appealing to beginners and smaller guitarists, and above all, the lower propensity to feedback make the FS ideal for stage use.

It has a nut width of 43mm which for some users it may be frustrating cause sometimes putting your fingers for more sophisticated sounds might get crowdy, however, that’s just my personal opinion. The fingerboard is rosewood and the neck wood is nato, while it has a scale length of 24.9-inches and a total number of frets of 20.

Sound-wise, if you combine the hardwood top and the reduced size into one piece, this guitar delivers a slightly narrower sound with a little less bass oomph and slightly rounded, almost compressed highs. Thanks to the cutting-edge acoustic analysis technology, the FG has louder and stronger sound in the low- to mid-ranges, while all of this is achieved by utilizing analysis and simulation to arrive at the best bracing design without depending on tradition or guesswork.

Moreover, the Yamaha FS850 looks great, it’s really light, resonates well and holds its tune excellently, while it delivers great warmth just like a mahogany guitar should provide, and this is ideal especially for beginners who want to upgrade their music experience to a whole new level.

The only thing that caught my attention was the hideous pickguard, however, that can be easily peeled off easily, you just need to loosen the glue while afterward, it won’t leave any residue or tanline as you might call it, I 100% recommend it.

To sum up, the new scalloped bracing design makes the Yamaha FS850 an ideal acoustic guitar with a structure that maintains the durability of the top board while bringing out the most sound the Yamaha has to offer.

5. Yamaha JR1

Beginning with Yamaha’s JR1 you’re bound to find that these guitars are compressed in size which categorizes them as a beginner-friendly guitar. Its size contributes to making it easier for kids or people who tend to have smaller hands. Full-sized guitars tend to make the learning process a tad bit harder for people who are just starting out to play the guitar for the first time and that’s why we think that this is a perfect choice as your starting point to your learning journey.

Even though this guitar offers a small size nonetheless this guitar is produced by the high-end Yamaha’s standards. This is not a toy! even though its body may fool you into thinking that this guitar cant produce the sound you want, but you can find with this JR1 that appearances can be deceitful.

Yamaha’s JR1 has a spruce top, meranti is used for the back and sides, a solid nato neck and a well-polished rosewood bridge and fingerboard. Meranti wood and Nato contribute to a more economical replacement for Mahogany although they tend to not produce the rich sound and depth of tone as the guitars coated with a Mahogany wood do.

Overall this is a quality guitar that will help a beginner start their journey off with the right means. This guitar can also be used as a travel-friendly guitar for the expert players who like to go outdoors and play or who travel around from time to time.

4. Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar

When you’re arguing about the best selling acoustic guitar of all times Yamaha FG 800 repute is bound to pop up. This well-balanced acoustic guitar which provides a qualitative character with a solid durable build will have you charmed with the Yamaha manufacturers because you don’t have to spend as much funds as you would on another guitar for your training classes you are going to take.

The Yamaha FG 800 acoustic guitar is very suitable for the newbies and the veterans will find themselves amused by its tonality and playability.

The FG800 provides powerful quality and has the most vivid sound you can find on a budget acoustic which is all thanks to the dreadnought body it possesses. This full-sized guitar delivers a powerful tone that has a rich vibrant sound which you might expect to see in the range of the more valuable guitars. as with most of the Yamaha’s acoustics, it all comes down to the firm durable design and tone quality they produce.

The FG800 is typically decorated as all the Yamaha’s use of materials they use to build a well solid acoustic. This guitar features a solid Sitka spruce with a rosewood fingerboard and a nato back which is also used for the sides and neck too. Nato wood has comparable attributes to Mahogany wood and it definitely contributes to providing depth of sound and great tonality. The Spruce top usually assists to make a more articulated character and give it a touch of crispness in music.

Overall this guitars is one of the best you may find out there, especially if you’re starting out. Its ease of play contributes to making this guitar the most praisable acoustic out there is. Check out our Yamaha FG800 review for a more in-depth review.

3. Yamaha A-Series AC1M

Laying there waiting to find a master for which it can be satisfying and at the same time play the role of a workhorse; in the A-Series of Yamaha’s guitars is series is the AC1M an acoustic-electric guitar that is bound to produce many jaw drops by the sound it produces. Equipped with Studio Response Tech. pickup system this guitar is categorized as a concert-size instrument.

This small-bodied guitar is specifically designed with the traveler’s convenience in mind.

The materials that are used here to produce such an outstanding guitar are the first of their class. Mahogany is used to cover the back and sides and the neck too, ebony bridge and a complimenting Sitka spruce top, provide this guitar with everlasting durability and a very decorated polished look.

The ebony bridge that is used in the neck profile provides this guitar with superb quality in sound that will make it thrilling to play for hours. Its longevity leaves you strumming it for years to come and the satisfying feeling it gives makes it very hard to let it go out of your hands. Make sure you also read the Yamaha AC1M review if you decide to buy this guitar.

2. Yamaha FD01S

You ever wondered why the feeling of playing the guitar habitually is kind of a stress-buster? Well given that you’re playing a solid well built a guitar, it tends to be so.

If by any chance you’re playing in a cheaply built guitar than strumming down those chords can be kind of stress-full! But that’s not what Yamaha’s all about, if by any chance you’ve ever had a chance to pick up a guitar made from this brand then you know that they’re very easy to get comfortable with and keep you entertained for hours. Yamaha’s FD01S is an acoustic guitar that produces a vibrant kind of sound that will get your endorphins running up and down.

This guitar looks like a well-balanced expensive looking guitar, but let that not fool you into thinking that it cant be better than that, because it is better than that. This guitar’s body is very solidified the whole body is made of top-notch wood materials .

You’ll find that the neck is made out of Nato wood, the fingerboard is made of rosewood which is well known for its durability and the satisfying feeling that leads to presenting the players with an easier hand movement to go quickly from fret to fret.

The advantages of buying an acoustic of this kind are numerous. It’s really affordable, aside from that the materials used here are sure to provide you with a powerful, vibrant, excellent quality sound. You’ll find out that it has a similar sound just like many expensive guitars do, but it comes at a lower price. We looked at the Pro’s and Con’s of the Yamaha FD01S on the full review, so make sure to check that out too!

1. Yamaha AC3R

At number 2 of our best Yamaha guitars list, we have the Yamaha AC3R. Modern sound engineering decorated with a vintage style is sure to provide you with some substantial rich vibe. This acoustic-electric guitar is one of the Yamaha’s gems which lies in the A series of the brand.

Yamaha AC3R is a concert guitar. Its magnified sound in the mid-low scales is thanks to the new scalloped bracing for the head and shorter bracing on the full sized dreadnought’s rear. This guitar is coated on top with a solid Sitka spruce, and the back is made of rosewood and so are the sides.

This concert shaped guitar makes use of its clever Studio Response Technology pick up a system that generates a great recording and a superb performance. with the Studio Response Tech Yamaha provides allows you to modify the bass response, volume control and treble to produce your very own distinctive sound.

Thankful to the new scalloped top bracing Yamaha’s AC3R quality resonates even more thoroughly comparing to those guitars that used the kind of more traditional design. Regarding to the value of A series, deliberately talking, when compared between the L Series and the FG’s the A series are created to provide the kind of instruments that are regarded for a more serious strumming performance, such as recording in the studio or going around and moving crowds at your gig.

Meanwhile, the FGs are usually made for that “having fun at home” kind of vibe. A series utilizes a newly improved neck arrangement and string spacings are comfortably put in a manner which will appeal more to an electric style player. So, the question is, is this guitar worth it? Find out in the detailed review of the Yamaha AC3R.

Why Yamaha Guitars?

Given that Yamaha is a very successful brand, and they are at the top of their game when it comes to producing high-quality instruments. They have lots of experience in making very great instruments. With their knowledge of the flow, Yamaha’s manufacturers are capable of generating some outstanding guitars with great execution of playability. Besides they have a very broad range of variety when it comes to guitars, hence this is what makes them a reliable brand when it comes to making guitars of all kinds and sizes. Yamaha’s guitars are not only great at performing to high-quality extents, they also have lots of budget-friendly guitars, that alone helps them make Yamaha a noteworthy distinct brand aside from the other brands that are in the same industry.

Now that we know that Yamaha is a trust worthy, reliable brand what kind of benefits can we expect from them? Just to list a few of the many characteristics there are to be explored. With lots of top-notch accessories that they offer which amongst them are tuners, gig bags, and qualitative metronomes. With the aid of these certain features, you are guaranteed to have an easier way of playing. Yamaha’s trademark touch is simplicity that they offer. Given that you don’t have to bother about any confusion in sound with their guitars.

If you are the beginner we talked about earlier then I highly recommend you choose Yamaha’s wide range of instruments because of their ease of strumming they offer. As your opening guitar you might be lured into buying a cheap guitar that won’t provide you with some of their best features, but if you’re serious about making the journey as special and easy as possible for you and you’re earnest to grow together with your guitar then I would encourage you to buy one that would contribute to a better longevity. If nonetheless, you still decide to go purchase one of the low end priced guitars, then be aware of their design issues that may present in the future.
As it’s the case with most of the Yamaha’s guitars it all evolves from the quality they induce. Many of the guitars that are mass manufactured for the low-end price range, tend to usually make the learning manner more challenging and frustrating which usually leads to giving up on the whole dream of becoming a guitar player. If your dreams embrace becoming a good musician and plan on holding to your guitar for some years, a great quality guitar from this brand is bound to make that dream come true.

The most significant portion of discovering a magnificent guitar is that it is fitting to the style you want to incorporate in your music. If your guitar makes that pleasing sound you want to produce it is rest assured that you’re going to play it more often and enjoy your time with it even more. The most amazing quality that Yamaha offers is the eloquent overall sound their guitars produce, such is the case with the FG series one of their most popular guitar the fashionable FG800 which is incredibly suitable for beginners but nonetheless it’s very entertaining for the experts too. Yamaha’s FG line has been excelling in the guitar industry for about 50 years and it still holds the status of being one of the best-selling acoustics in the market.

Wanting the Yamaha style for your next acoustic guitar is one of the healthiest decisions you can take for your journey of becoming a guitar player. There are a variety of alternatives to be discovered and you can be certain to find one that satisfies your demands. Just remember that whichever acoustic guitar you settle on from this list we’re going to provide you with; you can be confident that you’re going to explore superb excellence in the acoustics, construction and tech system that Yamaha is so well-known for. Their history on becoming a popular name in the world may have started out simply by producing reed organs in 1887, but it has evolved to grow as one of the greatest constructors of acoustic guitars in the world.

What makes Yamaha Guitars special?

Ultimately, no matter if you are just beginning the lifelong journey of becoming a guitarist or maybe you are already an advanced player, you are bound to find that Yamaha’s impressive instruments will satisfy every player’s needs. Yamaha’s series of guitars were made to blend comfort and easy entrance for beginners and also are made to produce the kind of quality sound that one may use on big stage performance. With a variety of choices in compact bodies and firm construction with Yamaha, you can be sure to get what you pay for, usually more. Given that you’ve decided to buy a guitar from this reputable brand which is well known for their quality guitars, you can’t do any wrong with whatever guitar you decide to pick. I hope this article helped you find the best Taylor guitar for your needs!

What Should You Look For Before Buying?

One of the most important things you should consider before buying is to decide whether you want a new or an used guitar. If this is the first time you are going to pick up a guitar and start playing it, then I recommend you get your hands on a used one first so you can see if you actually like playing it or not. Most second-hand guitars are very cheap, and can bring the same things to the table as a new guitar.

If you can, i would also highly recommend you go to your local music instrument dealer and see if they have the models you want, so you can take it in your hands and start playing it to see if it feels right.

I also want you to keep in mind that when you are shopping for a guitar, you should not focus on the brand too much. If the guitar sounds exactly as you like it, the brand doesn’t make a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Yamaha acoustic guitars good?

This answer can be easily answered by the sales and popularity of the Yamaha acoustic guitars since I can surely say that Yamaha has the most affordable but better-made guitars in the market and it hasn't been hard to choose an instrument for yourself from their lineup.

What is the best Yamaha acoustic guitar for beginners?

While the company was well known for its premium models that have dominated the market, in recent years, the company has delivered the best entry-level lineup in the market while delivering ease of use and value for the price. However, the best one for beginners in their lineup is the Yamaha FD01S.

Where are Yamaha guitars made?

I can comfortably say that the most Yamaha models in the market are made in either Singapore or in Taiwan, however, this counts only for its entry-level and mid-range guitars. However, their high-end models are all made in Japan, with careful crafting and expertise, but they have a price to correspond.

What is the best way to take care of my Yamaha acoustic guitar?

I would recommend you to always store your guitar in a case when not in use, preferably a hardshell case and to be kept in optimal temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this counts for every guitar brand and not just Yamaha acoustic guitars.

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