The Best Acoustic Guitars Under $200

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When you’re dreaming of learning something that you’re passionate about, money tends to be a small issue. You always think of the ways and what needs to be done to get to the point of the journey where you’ve mastered what you’re most enthusiastic about. Nonetheless, it should not cost you a fortune to follow your passions and your dreams, you can do that by starting small as such is the case with the guitars that I’m going to list below. In this article, I’m going to present you with 7 most affordable guitars that are below 200 dollars. With one purpose in mind, to assist you in discovering the best budget guitar to start this lifelong journey filled with passion and bliss.

A Quick Look At My Favorite Acoustic Guitars Under $200

Guitars, in general, are one of the most affordable instruments in the musical industry, but just as with any product, the pricier the product is, the more enhanced features you’re going to be presented with. Nevertheless, there are countless guitar manufacturers that produce perfectly fit guitars that are capable of performing triumphantly and are going to fuel your way to creating the essence of your own unique sound at a very affordable price.

I’ve featured here some of the most notable brands that provide the market with guitars that have a tremendous amount of durability, sustainable tone quality and are crafted with solid wood materials.

Furthermore, you’re going to discover the sound and the appearances of the classic acoustics that are manufactured by the great experts of Gibson which are very well experienced particularly when you take a glance at their several distinctive guitars that they’ve produced in the past, their craftsmanship originates from years of practice in the trade of constructing guitars of great character, they are known to equip their guitars with the most reliable materials that will constantly contribute to a kind of durability that will last you and will develop with its player for the next years to come.

You’ll explore several guitars from Yamaha they’re the definition of what being affordable means. Yamaha’s guitars are not only exceptional at performing to high-quality extents, but they similarly have lots of budget-friendly guitars, that solely makes Yamaha a noteworthy brand aside from the other names that are in the same industry and that’s why I’ve decided to feature two of their guitars. Furthermore, you’ll discover many gems that I’ve featured here that are manufactured from some other remarkable brands such as Fender, Washburn, Jasmine, Rouge and Bristol.

Which is the Best Acoustic Guitar Under $200?

7. Ibanez PC12MH

We are going to start our list with a very popular guitar. This acoustic-electric guitar is the perfect blend of excellent quality in tone and sustainability of it, this Ibanez makes effective use of some interesting features.

The experts and beginners can benefit from this Grand Concert acoustic guitar. What makes this guitar more fitting and presents a tremendous advantage when being compared to other guitars is the affordable price it arrives at. It represents a polished design and is embellished with a unique touch of elegance and quality.

The materials selected for this guitar render an impressive essence in tone too. If you want to start your quest of becoming a prosperous musician but you don’t wanna break the bank to buy a guitar, then this is the most proper choice for you. This affordable guitar emphasizes the sound quality that you could expect only from expensive guitars. Materials applied to construct this guitar are laminated mahogany which is applied for the top, back, sides and the neck which equip this guitar with a traditional acoustic tone which adds more warmness to its character.

Other features involve a tortoiseshell pickguard, rosewood bridge and fingerboard, the tuning machines are made of chrome. Moreover, this acoustic comes from the line of Grand Concert guitars which leads to a comfortable experience for newcomers as opposed to dreadnought acoustics which tends to be less accessible given the size they arrive at.

Overall, this guitar presents the players with the sense that this acoustic is made with great consideration and exceptional craftsmanship. The mahogany wood choice serves this guitar with a vivid tone, it presents a stylish looks and the price this acoustic-electric guitar comes at is unbelievable. You can read the full Ibanez PC12MH review here.

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6. Fender CD-60S

Being the perfect choice for every beginner this guitar highlights some astonishing features that come at a very inviting price. The Fender CD-60S has a well-balaced tone to build quality rating and is evenly matched with a unique touch of character that will only enhance your guitar’s sound quality with age.

This guitar makes effective use of the superior sound a traditional dreadnought offers and is very well suited to fit properly every beginner’s needs, but nonetheless, at the price rate, this guitar comes, it surely can appeal to an expert guitarist too.

The first thing that this guitar may surprise you with is its charming design which is embellished with a laminated spruce top, the back and sides are made of mahogany wood, the fingerboard is made out of rosewood, the dual action support rod is there to assist you, makes effective use of die-cast tuners which are sealed and is constructed with a scalloped X bracing these are some features which are very hard to come by on this price range.

This acoustic dreadnought feels just as appealing as it sounds and it is granted to produce a richly powerful tone that so many players enjoy. But being a beginners guitar you can expect this guitar to not be as defined and produce that clear sound that many advanced acoustic guitars provide, remember this is one of the most affordable guitars. Nonetheless, being able to start your musical journey on a Fender is one of the most satisfying feelings ever. For more, take a look at our detailed review of the Fender CD-60S.

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5. Yamaha CG102

What beginner wouldn’t want to start their learning process on Yamaha’s Guitars? This brand manufactures some of the most fairly priced classic acoustics in the guitar making industry.

This particular guitar the CG102 offers a vibrant tone that many guitar players are inspired to keep playing this instrument long after their skill levels have improved.

The G102 makes effective and practical use of the most reliable techniques ever known by experts of Yamaha’s craftsmanship and was improved to produce prime level tone character, sustainable appearance and ease of playability.

This is a full-size traditional dreadnought acoustic guitar that is equipped with a spruce top and the back and sides are made out of Nato and so is the neck made of Nato wood materials, It highlights a rosewood fretboard with a 52 mm nut width that helps to deliver that classical way of performance.

This guitar is equipped with nylon strings and is the best choice for the younger guitar players who are striving to develop their skills to greater heights. The nylon stringed guitars, as opposed to steel stringed guitars, keep the fingers less fatigued and provide the player with a long experience on the instrument which means, you can strum it for hours and not have that sharp pain on your fingers that usually is a result of steel-stringed acoustics.

Overall this guitar makes effective use of some awesome features that come at a very affordable price, you can have lots of fun with this guitar especially if you’re just starting to put in your first few hours, it will fit comfortably in your hands and will leave you with so much space to improve your playing skills. At the price this guitar comes at this is more than you could ask for. For more information, read our Yamaha CG102 Review.

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4. Rogue RA-090

In an industry where there are countless cheap guitars, how do you pick the right one that is tailored properly to your needs? it’s not very common that you come across a guitar that is equipped with great features and it’s fairly priced. And Rouge RA 090 is that unique gem you rarely come across. This dreadnought acoustic guitar delivers great quality and smooth playability.

This is the beginner’s best choice, for such an affordable price Rouge RA 090 presents a decent appearance that every guitar player would gladly add to their collection.

The Rouge manufacturers outdid themselves to make this guitar more accessible for everyone by making it more affordable this particular fact reflects when you take a look at the materials used to render the guitar with construction and the wood materials it uses. Rouge RA 090 makes effective use of a big dreadnought body, and it’s is mainly made with laminated whitewood, a glossy finish and beautiful pickguard.

It comes in different options of colors, sunburst, natural, and black. The neck is built of solid nato, the fretboard is essentially covered in maple. You might feel that this is not a very classy guitar or a fashionable one but that’s to be expected when you’re looking at an affordable guitar. Nonetheless, this guitar is put together fairly well and it will provide you with a type of durability that’ll have you playing it for a decent amount of time. If you liked this guitar, make sure your read our full Rogue RA-090 Review.

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3. Washburn WD100DL

Washburn WD100DL is a dreadnought sized steel-stringed acoustic guitar which fits properly into the category of being a guitar you can practice with and perform with too.

This guitar consists mainly of mahogany wood materials, the top is made of mahogany including the back and sides. The c shaped neck profile is made of the same selection of wood materials with an exception to the fretboard and the bridge which are made out of rosewood.

The nut and saddle are artificial bone composed of plastic. The pickguard arrives in black. It’s decorated with a simplistic rosette around the soundhole. The darkly shaded mahogany which is used to make the soundboard produces a warmness on the essence of sound which creates a distinctive character.

The result of this combination of tonewoods delivers a sound that is both pleasant and powerful enough to be heard without the need to plug it in. This guitar also comes in 3 color options which are natural, black and wine red transparent. The headstock is tinted to compliment and match the body, on the headstock is also embellished with a flower logo of Washburn. The die-cast gear tuners are colored in gold which adds a touch of elegance to this guitar.

Overall this guitar is fairly priced and greatly packed with some interesting features. Given that this guitar is a full-sized dreadnought it may be hard to fit properly into the hands of younger players and may give them a hard time strumming this guitar. Read our full review on the Washburn WD100DL here.

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2. Gibson Maestro

A full dreadnought size glazed with charming looks, this Maestro by Gibson is effectively decorated with materials that assist this acoustic guitar to spur a sort of stability that will delight every player’s passion. Revealing a full-sized dreadnought, this guitar delivers the kind of energetic tone quality that would make your ears crave for more. This is a remarkable choice of Gibson Guitars.

Its design is very simplistic but classy nonetheless. It presents the player with excellent playability and offers a splendidly impressive sound character. This particular model has a solid neck and its profile adjusts very quickly to your hands.

The back and the sides are decorated with Kauri wood which adds an exceptional warmth in resonance. Furthermore, the top holds a classic used material such as laminated Spruce which equally contributes to the guitar’s well-being. The maple wood materials are used to construct the neck, rosewood is used to cover the fretboard. The materials used on this guitar score a really shining touch of elegance.

Overall, this guitar assists well to all the players who want to have a guitar that they can exercise on or strum around at a place where is filled with their companions, it comes with steel strings and the intonation of this guitar may vary but with some little alterations in tone you can make this guitar produce a great sound.

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1. Jasmine JO-36 Orchestra

The winner of our best acoustic guitars under $200 roundup is definitely the JO-36 by Jasmine. When you’re set to go on the mission of discovering the most affordable acoustic guitar there is, you must to be ready to face a wide variety of designs and models. You must be equipped with at least some knowledge regarding every brand that presents the market with what you deem to be suitable to you the most. Among some well-known worthy names that manufacture greatly affordable guitars is Jasmine.

Their steel stringed Orchestra Jasmine JO36 is set to make it in the list of the most affordable guitars there are. This marvelous guitar is very solidly constructed and produces a powerful sound. Moreover, Jasmine JO36 is embellished with a fabulous classical rosette and a black teardrop lookalike pickguard.

The JO36 is built of laminated wood materials, this is to be expected given the very affordable price. Furthermore, it makes practical use of a finely selected spruce top, the back and sides are made of sapele and it has a natural gloss finish. The top highlights the traditional Advanced X bracing which improves the sound definition by being shifted more forward. On the headstock, this guitar features diecast chrome tuners.

The nato neck provides this guitar with a solid establishment, the fretboard is made of rosewood and its build feels well rounded despite being produced in great quantities. This guitar does not make use of electronic pickups because is mainly an acoustic guitar.

Overall, This guitar produces a sound worth hearing although the tonewoods are not so sophisticated, you still get the vibe of the classical features from the sapele wood. Even though it lacks the characteristics of substantial wood it still produces a sound that is decently powerful and is perfectly fitting to start your musical journey with. If you want more information, take a look at our Jasmine JO-36 Review.

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The Conclusion

If you are on the hunt for finding a cheap guitar that also includes all other essentials such as a gig bag, then odds are that you’re just starting out on this journey and don’t want to spend money on something you might drop off later and never pick up. Whether you are looking for your first guitar or just rambling around to find something different to exercise on you’re going to find on the list I provided you with some of the top-rated guitars for this price range. The benefits of buying a low priced guitar is that it won’t be of much annoyance to you if you scratch it or drop it (although I hope that doesn’t happen with the guitar you’re going to pick)

Whether you want to learn about guitars, guitar equipment or other instruments, Guitarsquid has all the answers.