Gretsch G5220 Electromatic Jet BT: A Comprehensive Review

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The Gretsch G5220 Electromatic Jet BT is a major player in the guitar scene.

This electric beast adapts like a chameleon, ready to rock your favorite music genre. Packed with potent BroadTron pickups and flexible humbuckers, it cranks out an intoxicatingly sharp sound – you’ll get hooked!

And damn, just look at this thing! With its retro design and flawless finish, it’s more than eye candy; it’s downright gorgeous. Trust me on this one: jamming on this guitar feels like heaven.

So when scrolling for your next electric guitar buy, don’t sleep on the Gretsch G5220. If you’re wondering whether Gretsch guitars are good or not, don’t worry, they are very reputable and also a big part of the guitar industry today.

Design and Build Features

Picture this: an electric guitar that’s a lightweight powerhouse. That’s the Gretsch G5220 Electromatic Jet BT for you. Its chambered body not only looks cool but also boosts playability by making it comfortable enough for marathon jam sessions, without compromising its distinct resonance and tonal features.

Gretsch didn’t forget about the planet either when crafting this beauty. See, it’s got a CITES-friendly walnut board. This environmentally-conscious choice delivers the perfect fusion of sustainability and superior quality, all while maintaining that visual appeal.

And speaking of aesthetics, we can’t ignore that unmistakable Gretsch touch – just one glance at the V stoptail bridge, and you’ll be hooked by its distinctive allure.

So, here it is: the G5220, an unmatched combo of design, functionality, and eco-consciousness. It’s the go-to guitar for those wanting to balance versatility with a side of sustainability.

BroadTron Pickups & Gretsch G5220

Diving deeper into the soul of the G5220, you’ll find the real star of the show – its BroadTron pickups. Trust me, these beasts take harmonic detail and responsiveness to another level, making this guitar a standout amidst others at this price.

The BroadTron pickups, being basically humbucker-sized FilterTron-style pickups, strike a sublime balance between PAF warmth and the best single-coil brightness. They deliver that vintage twang and chime with a crystal-clear audibility that leaves you stunned.

But don’t be restricted by the subtle tones. Push these puppies and they’re more than capable of cranking out rich, articulate tones that can give even a Les Paul a rude awakening. Considering the diverse tonal variety these BroadTron pickups offer, it’s pretty clear they’re the main force that catapults the G5220 ahead of the flock, making it a must-have for any serious guitarist.

BroadTron Pickup Performance BroadTron Pickup Characteristics BroadTron Pickup Advantages
Incredible harmonic detail Hum-cancelling Versatile tonal options
Responsive Powerful and defined sound Suitable for various styles
Clear cleans with vintage twang and chime Fat-but-articulated tones Wide range of tonal possibilities
Versatile for different genres PAF warmth and single-coil brightness Standout choice for any player
Can rival a Les Paul in tones Dynamic and expressive Exceptional performance

Versatility and Sound Performance

I’ve gotta admit, I’m genuinely awestruck by the huge sound spectrum the G5220 brings to the table. It’s as if the guitar has its own distinctive personality – a unique mix of gritty power and sophisticated elegance.

Major credit goes to those BroadTron pickups; they’re belting out assured, meaty tones that make each chord and riff resonate with charisma.

It’s remarkable how the G5220 handles genres. Being a guitar enthusiast myself, I find it amazing that I can easily shift gears from slamming out AC/DC’s hard-hitting riffs to dishing out some heavy-duty metal onslaughts.

The guitar’s playability is stellar as well – it’s set up with a low string action that doesn’t just make it a delight to play, the companionable string tension allows you to easily traverse the entire neck.

And the versatility in tone – whether I’m after that robust bass boost or chasing clean, retro twangs, the G5220 delivers spot-on precision and spellbinding clarity. Plus, the availability of both a master volume control and individual pickup adjustments create a ripe playground for immediate tone tweaks.

Overall, the G5220 is seriously a gem in the guitar world, scoring high on both versatility and sound output. It surely deserves a top spot on the wishlist of anyone keen on a trusty and versatile instrument.

Control Layout and Player Experience

Let’s be real, figuring out the control layout of the G5220 can seem a tad complicated at first, but trust me, it’s all part of the thrill. The secret ingredients here are low action and pleasant string tension.

Sure, it might take a moment to get the hang of the control setup, but once you nail it, you’ll see why playing this guitar is a breeze. The low string action makes fretting notes and transitioning between chords feel seamless. And the user-friendly string tension? That’s your ticket to enhanced comfort.

Whether your jam is laying down rhythm chords or shredding solos, this guitar has your back with flawless precision and crystal-clear tone. So don’t stress if the layout seems a little odd initially – the superb playability of the G5220 is worth the minor learning curve. No wonder it offers such a damn satisfying playing experience.

Overview and Value Proposition

Boasting killer value and a timeless look, the G5220 Electromatic Jet BT stands as a formidable contender in its price bracket. In the arena of price point contests, this axe can hold its own against many others of the same breed. Here are three knockout reasons why the G5220 should be on your shortlist:

Unrivalled Versatility

Talk about range — the G5220 serves up a sound spectrum that can easily swing from rock and blues to full-blown metal. Its secret weapon is the BroadTron pickups, cranking out anything from retro twang to dense, articulate tones. So, no matter what you’re in the mood for, the G5220 has your back.

Sturdy Construction:

Can we just say how much of a trooper the G5220 is? Despite its bang-for-the-buck tag, it maintains a solid build quality, no booby traps. Its design centers on a chambered mahogany body topped with a maple cap, striking the perfect balance of weight and durability. Also, it’s worth noting the little touches like the V stoptail bridge and environmentally conscious walnut board that enhance its high-end vibe.

Time-Honored Style:

The G5220 is like a modern-day rendition of the legendary Gretsch Jet design, you know, the one rocked by greats like George Harrison and Matt Bellamy. Its slim, single-cut mahogany framework and satisfying thickness make it a style statement. It’s this blend of classic allure and eclectic tone that makes the G5220 an absolute steal for anyone on the hunt for a new guitar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Weight of the Gretsch G5220 Electromatic Jet Bt?

Believe me, when it comes to comfort and ease-of-play, you can’t beat the Gretsch G5220. This guitar is lightweight yet robust – an absolute godsend during those long jamming sessions. The best part? Its feather-light design doesn’t detract from its impressive tone or playability.

Does the Gretsch G5220 Come With a Hardshell Case?

Absolutely! Each purchase of a G5220 includes a durable hardshell case – spot on for transportation and storage purposes. It’s like having your own personal bodyguard for your gear, ready at all times for any gig or tour – perfect if you’re into jazz music with equal emphasis on style and functionality.

Can the G5220 Be Used for Jazz Music?

Definitely! Don’t be deceived by its rock-star aesthetics; this versatile beast suits jazz players just fine thanks to its wide spectrum sound profile.

Are There Any Color Options Available for the G5220?

You got it! When it comes to customization options based on color preferences, this bad boy does not disappoint!

Does the G5220 Have Coil-Splitting Capabilities?

Yes indeed! With coil-splitting capabilities built in as standard features in every unit of these guitars delivered straight outta the factory line-up, you get more bang for your buck by switching between single-coil tones and meaty humbucker sounds effortlessly thus increasing versatility which opens up new avenues for experimentation with different tonal landscapes.


To sum it up, the Gretsch G5220 Electromatic Jet BT isn’t just your run-of-the-mill electric guitar, it’s a complete powerhouse. It boasts a stunning combo of sounds and looks that make it a total vibe.

With BroadTron pickups and functional humbuckers in its arsenal, it dishes out an impressive spectrum of tones, just waiting to be explored, no matter your music mojo.

Throw in an impeccably high build quality and a crazy comfortable feel when you’re playing, this guitar is an outright catch for any player, regardless of where you’re at in your music journey.

So, really, what’s holding you back? Don’t you think it’s about time you elevated your performance with the Gretsch G5220?

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