Ibanez S670QM Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

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You’re on the hunt for a guitar that absolutely oozes style and attitude. Let me introduce to you the Ibanez S670QM. This thing? It’s both a looker and a beast.

Rocking a Quilted Maple top and a Mahogany body, this bad boy is an absolute showstopper. But don’t let the pretty face fool you; it’s got a fire inside that’s ready to roar.

Sure, it’s got its quirks, but once you’ve broken it in and made it truly yours, there’s no going back. You might be also interested in where Ibanez guitars are made, however, that’s a topic for another day.

Now, let’s dig into this review and see if this is the guitar you’ve been fantasizing ’bout. Trust me, you’re in for a treat!

Detailed Breakdown of the Ibanez S670QM’s

The Ibanez S670QM with its tantalizing quilted maple top, promises not just a killer look that’s sure to stand out, but also delivers an unbeatable snap and definition that gives it a resonating bold tone. The cherry on top? A smoothly designed Wizard III Maple neck that lets your fingers effortlessly drift across, smoothly carving out melodies on the bound rosewood fretboard. Most of the time, this guitar reminds of the Ibanez GRX70QA.

There’s a slight “but” though. Don’t be surprised if the jumbo frets feel a tad petite to your liking, and the volume knob just a whisker away from your strumming zone.

Right, let’s get you the skinny here on the pros and cons. The Edge-Zero II tremolo bridge offers an unyielding tuning stability – a big thumbs-up there. However, a heads up – this guitar, fresh out of the box, will need a little bit of setting up to get it just right. The intonation might be a skosh off, and the tremolo springs could do with a bit of tightening. But, once you’ve ironed those out, the Ibanez S670QM truly comes alive, belting out a punchy, well-defined tone that’s simply perfect for rock and metal genres.

As for the accessories you’ll need to turn it up to eleven, start with a set of high-quality strings that can make a world of difference. A comfortable strap is essential as well, especially for those marathon practice and gig sessions. And oh, don’t skip on a robust case. You’ve got a beauty here, and it’s worth keeping safe.

Overall, the Ibanez S670QM delivers the goods, balances style and substance in a way that’s bound to have you swooning over it. It’s a surefire solid choice!

Sound Quality & Playability

When it comes to nailing down those killer riffs and solos, the Ibanez S670QM is ace. Particularly, its ceramic hot pickups hit the sweet spot, giving the perfect amount of crunch for rock and metal – it’s practically an amp turned up to 11.

Working those chords and riffs on the Wizard III Maple neck and Bound Rosewood fretboard is an absolute walk in the park. The S670QM is all about speed and precision, a vital factor for hard-hitting genres like rock and metal.

You’re also likely to dig the guitar’s action. It starts lower at the nut and climbs up higher towards the bridge – guaranteeing you a swell, balanced feel across the neck. Plus, maintaining tune is a cinch, especially once you’ve properly stretched out the strings. Granted, it might require a bit of initial tweaking and set up out of the box, but once you’ve sorted that out, it’s smooth sailing with zero neck buzzing.

The Ibanez S670QM’s sound? Absolute quality! The steamy ceramic pickups paired with the Quilted Maple top and Mahogany body result in a rich, resonating tone that’ll capture the heart of even audiophiles. This bad boy is as happy belting out chunky riffs as it is tearing through soaring solos – making it one reliable musical companion.

Customer Experiences With the Ibanez S670QM

While the Ibanez S670QM is a total rockstar in terms of features, there’s been some chatter about the guitar’s neck being a bit bowed and curved right off the bat. This truss rod related hiccup can cause a bit of a snag in the playability and overall tone. So, you might need to tweak it yourself or get a pro to do it. But hey, don’t let this minor bump in the road bring you down.

When it comes to gauging any guitar’s quality, it isn’t just about making a checkmark list of its physical traits. The true litmus test lies in the magnitude of sound it belts out. And the S670QM doesn’t disappoint. Its pure, clear tones, coupled with the hot ceramic pickups, create that iconic crunch that embodies the spirit of rock and metal. The calculated action – lower at the nut and higher at the bridge – amps up your control and comfort when jamming.

Like with most things, experiences vary. But from what we’re picking up, most users report that once past the initial setup and adjustments, this guitar strums like a dream. The combination of the Wizard III Maple neck, striking quilted Maple top, and stout Mahogany body blend seamlessly to give it a magnetic look and feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Weight of the Ibanez S670QM Electric Guitar?

The Ibanez S670QM’s weight is actually super light. So whether you’re jamming out on stage or just having a marathon practice session at home, this guitar won’t weigh you down. Plus bonus, its stable tuning won’t bail on you no matter how hard you go at it.

How Does the Ibanez S670QM Compare to Other Guitars in the Same Price Range?

When stacking the Ibanez S670QM against other guitars in the same ballpark, the tone quality, and durability of this guitar really hit it out of the park. It has a rich, resonating sound, and the build is tough enough to handle regular and constant use. It’s a contender that easily outshines the competition.

Can the Ibanez S670QM Be Used for Genres Other Than Rock and Metal?

The S670QM is a rock and metal beast, but don’t box it in just yet. This versatile piece can handle more than you think. It has a pretty dynamic range that can pull off clean, crisp tones – great for jazz, blues, or even a little bit of country.

What Is the Warranty Period for the Ibanez S670QM Guitar?

As for the warranty, it normally comes with standard one-year coverage, but you may be able to extend it by registering your purchase. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the T to ensure you get the coverage right.

Are Any Additional Accessories (Like a Case or Picks) Included With the Purchase of the Ibanez S670qm?

When you shell out for the S670QM, bear in mind that it doesn’t include extras like a case or picks. It’s a gorgeous instrument, no doubt about it, but you’ll need to source these additional accessories yourself.


And there you have it folks – the Ibanez S670QM in all its glory. This piece of art isn’t just pretty to look at with its captivating Quilted Maple top, but it’s also a force to reckon with when it comes to sound production.

Yes, it’s structured to cater to rock and metal, but let’s not pigeonhole. It’s versatile enough to dabble in other genres as well. Of course, every rose has its thorn, and there are a few quirks to deal with. But with a bit of tweaking to your liking, it turns into a musical monster.

The verdict is in, and it’s singing high praises. Users are smitten, and the performance is rock-solid. Feeling bold enough to stand out from the crowd? The Ibanez S670QM might be the secret weapon you are looking for!

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