Squier Telecaster Affinity Review: An In-Depth Look

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As a guitar aficionado, I’m always on the lookout for excellent value. The Squier Telecaster Affinity was impossible to ignore with its legendary design and reputation for producing that unmistakable Tele sound.

Get ready to delve into my personal experience with this instrument. We’ll dissect its features meticulously, put its performance capabilities under the microscope, and determine if it’s worth dipping into your wallet.

So let’s see whether the Squier Telecaster Affinity truly stands up to all of its buzz. Buckle up – we’re embarking on an adventure filled with blazing riffs and pulsating chords!

Getting Into The Specifics

What really blew me away about the Squier Affinity Telecaster is its perfectly balanced and crystal-clear tone. The credit for this goes to its commendable single piece alder wood body construct.

Speaking of the neck and the fretboard, the craftsmanship invested in this guitar is extraordinary. The blend of maple for the neck and fretboard with a matte finish gives it a sturdy feel, enabling you to churn out heavy chords and slick blues solos like a pro.

As for the pickups and electronics, they’ve got their game on point too. The duo of vintage-style best single-coil pickups stationed at the neck and bridge position chalk out a vibrant, full-bodied Tele tone. Though a few users have hinted at a marginally higher hum compared to what its Fender counterparts churn out.

It’s important that you choose the best telecaster pickups when it comes to this model.

To sum up, the Squier Affinity Telecaster doesn’t skimp on giving you a remarkable strumming experience with its top-tier neck and fretboard, not to mention the resonant tone its pickups and electronics offer.

Neck and Fretboard

The C-shaped curvature of the neck on this beauty gives it a solid grip, making it a pleasure to play while effortlessly prancing up and down the fretboard.

Let’s dissect the good, the bad, and the nitty-gritty of the neck and fretboard of the Squier Affinity Telecaster:


  • The C-shaped curvature is pretty comfortable, giving your strumming hand a snug fit, and making playability a breeze.
  • The maple fretboard injects brightness and distinctiveness to the tone color, which is a fine touch.
  • The inclusion of 21 frets broadens the scope and flexibility of the instrument’s tonal range.
  • The bolt-on neck construction adds a dash of that signature Telecaster twang to the sound palette.


  • For those who are accustomed to a slimmer neck profile, the Squier’s neck might feel a bit too chunky for comfort.
  • Occasional upkeep of the fretboard is necessary to combat and stave off wear and tear.

Even when pitted against other Telecaster yardsticks, the Squier Affinity Telecaster holds its ground, courtesy of its easy-to-grip neck and flexible fretboard. Granted, it doesn’t ooze the same luxury feel as its costlier siblings, but it stands out as a steal for the asking price.

Pickups and Electronics

The vintage-style single coil pickups on this guitar really caught my fancy, resonating with a sturdy and twang-filled tone. This Squier Telecaster is decked out with a pair of these single coil pickups, snuggly fitted in the neck and bridge nooks. These are appreciable for their affordability and their talent to belt out that undeniable Telecaster charm. But like all things, they come with certain strengths and weaknesses.

Diving into the plus points, the vintage pickups gift you with a tone that’s transparent and balanced, embellished with deep lows and robust mids. They’re adept at capturing that signature Tele twang that’s music to any guitarist’s ears. What’s more, the slanted bridge pickup accentuates the bass punch and treble shimmer.

Coming to the downsides, you might find a slightly pronounced hum compared to the Fender alternatives. This might prove to be a letdown for those who value a more serene playing environment.

When thrown into the ring with pickups on other Tele models, the Squier Affinity Telecaster’s are seen as a solid option for beginners. While they may lack the clarity and adaptability of their more premium cousins, they ring out with an impressive tone, offering a sound deal for their price tag.

Hardware and Build Quality

The hardware on this guitar isn’t the best, feels a bit flimsy and often ends up loose, but all in all, it isn’t bad — it’s okay, just not impressive.

Let’s take a look at the hardware craftsmanship:

  • The knobs have a cheap touch to them and are somewhat loose, which can be a downer especially in the middle of a jam.
  • The jack leaves room for improvement and could be way more stable – it has a bit of a wobble and sometimes brings about inconsistent connectivity.
  • On a positive note, the tuning pegs are sturdy and reliable, ensuring precision and consistent tuning abilities.
  • The finish on the guitar is on the thinner side and prone to dings and scratches, implying it might not survive harsh playing conditions or rough handling.

Even though the hardware might leave much to be desired, it’s worth mentioning that the overall build of the guitar is quite decent. With the right care and upkeep, this guitar is capable of serving up plenty of enjoyable musical sessions. That said, if resilience and top-notch hardware are on your priority list, you might want to check out other options in the market.

Tone and Playability

For the dough you pay, this guitar punches above its weight when it comes to its tone and playability. The Squier Affinity Telecaster dishes out a clean and well-balanced tone, punctuated with lively lows and meaty mids. When stacked against its other Telecaster brethren, it doesn’t back down and exudes a strong performance.

The playability is also laudable, credit to its slim and comfy C-shaped neck structure and well-crafted frets. The fretboard action is smooth, allowing for swift navigation throughout the fret region.

Even though it may not be in the same craftsmanship league as pricier models, it doesn’t disappoint in dishing out a commendable playing experience that won’t leave your wallet empty. Whether you’re a novice figuring out your first chords or a mature player in the hunt for a dependable second guitar, the Squier Affinity Telecaster should definitely be on your radar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Weight of the Squier Telecaster Affinity?

The Squier Telecaster Affinity tips the scales at around 7.5 pounds, which is pretty cool because it makes for a more comfortable playing experience during those long jam sessions.

Does the Squier Telecaster Affinity Come With a Gig Bag or Case?

Nope, unfortunately not. The Squier Telecaster Affinity comes solo without any gig bag or case. It still rocks though with its solid weight that’s perfect for both beginners and seasoned players looking for an extra guitar.

What Is the Warranty on the Squier Telecaster Affinity?

The warranty on this bad boy is awesome! They’ve really got you covered here – it’s lengthy and comprehensive enough to give you total peace of mind while strumming away on your new axe.

Can the Pickups on the Squier Telecaster Affinity Be Upgraded?

Absolutely! If you’re all about tweaking sound quality, then upgrading pickups on your affinity will be right up your alley. Aftermarket pickups are definitely worth considering if you want to take things up a notch in terms of tone.

Are There Any Recommended Modifications or Upgrades for the Squier Telecaster Affinity?

Yeah sure! In fact, there are quite a few modifications and upgrades that could really ramp up performance levels – like replacing stock hardware components or installing an aftermarket bridge along with upgraded pickups can completely change how this baby sounds when cranked up!


In conclusion, the Squier Telecaster Affinity truly rocked my world with its high-quality build, eclectic sound palette and wallet-friendly cost.

This guitar authentically embodies the timeless Telecaster aura, churning out a rich yet luminous tone that can easily blend into diverse musical styles.

The cosy design of the neck paired with a polished fretboard ensures an absolute pleasure while playing – your fingers will just breeze over it for those flawless bends and seamless switches.

Fundamentally speaking, the Squier Telecaster Affinity emerges as an impressive choice for both beginners or seasoned musicians alike. It offers unbeatable bang-for-the-buck in today’s competitive market.

It is undoubtedly an uncut gem amongst affordable guitars – sparkling brilliantly against all challenges.

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