Yamaha FS800 Acoustic Guitar Review

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The Yamaha FS series is a classic lineup of budget acoustic guitars which was first introduced over half a decade ago. It consists of some of the most popular acoustic guitars on the market. Today, we are looking at the Yamaha FS800, an acoustic guitar that is made with excellent playability and durability.

Sure, this guitar holds no exception in the series that is packed with high-quality acoustic guitars. But is it all that matters? Read on and find out.

Yamaha FS800 Features

The Yamaha FS800 is available in both dreadnought and concert sizes. This guitar is particularly smaller, thinner, and more lightweight than most of its counterparts in Yamaha’s other lineups. Designed with utmost comfort in mind, this guitar is highly suitable for beginners, players with smaller hands, and guitarists who are constantly on the road.

The top is made from a solid Sitka spruce, while the back and sides are made from nato. The neck is made from nato too, while the fretboard and the bridge are both made from rosewood. The body is coated with a natural finish. For under $200, you are getting an attractive and robust tonewood and build, without gaps and excess glue around joints.

The design is the greatest asset of this guitar. You will not only enjoy its light and compact body, but you can definitely take advantage of the good balance between the neck and body, making it easy to play while standing or moving around. The neck, in particular, is fairly thin and flat, and the matte finish makes it so smooth even with sweaty hands.

All the good things to say about the Yamaha FS800 complements the outstanding sound of the instrument. The Yamaha FS800 delivers a slightly warm yet loud sound with heavy emphasis on bass and sustain. The bass is responsive, while the trebles are clear and sweet. The loud projection is there as well.

The Verdict: Should You Buy Yamaha FS800?

The Yamaha FS series is known for its quality construction and compact size. It is made with budding guitarist and intermediate players in mind. Regardless of experience, the well-balanced tones and the premium materials they are made of make it worth it to invest in any guitar in the lineup. The Yamaha FS800 is a perfect representation of the series.

Taking all the upsides in consideration — the solid Sitka spruce top, the impressive neck profile, and the great sound — the Yamaha FS800 is truly giving you a bang for your buck. In fact, this guitar is so good that it punches above its weight, and it can surely compete with more expensive acoustic guitars in terms of design, playability, and sound.

If you are looking for an acoustic guitar under $200, the Yamaha FS800 should be on your list of guitars to test drive. You will be in surprised, that is for sure.

Sound Sample:

Yamaha FS800









  • Compact Size
  • Well-Balanced Tones
  • Great Neck Profile


  • None

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