Yamaha FX370C Review: Getting Into The Specifics

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So, you’re considering snagging the Yamaha FX370C, huh? Yamaha is a well known brand for making some of the best acoustic guitars out there.

This acoustic-electric guitar, with its dreamy spruce top and elegant rosewood fingerboard, is seriously captivating.

It’s highly praised for its balanced sound output, adaptability to various music genres, and budget-friendly price tag. Whether you’re at a beginner level or already rocking out like a pro on stage – it promises steady performance every time.

The real question though – Is it your perfect match?

Let’s dive deep into examining the nitty-gritty of its craftsmanship quality, ease of playability, and overall value proposition; let’s determine whether this guitar has what it takes to be your next musical companion.

Features & Specifications Overview

The Yamaha FX370C is a real game-changer, packing in features like its whopping 20 medium-jumbo rosewood frets, and laminated top and sides that are built to last. The kicker? It’s got some serious electronics for amped-up performances. Delving into these specs reveals a System 58 preamp with an adjustable 3-band EQ empowering you to master control over bass, mid-range, and treble frequencies. And let’s not forget about its piezoelectric pickup – it guarantees your acoustic sound stays true even when amplified.

But this guitar doesn’t just talk tech; it’s also all about smooth playability. With a slick rosewood fretboard coupled with a nato neck, expect nothing but comfortable strumming sessions whether you’re fresh on the scene or already rocking gigs like there’s no tomorrow! Sound quality? You bet! This baby churns out balanced tones boasting crystal-clear highs paired with rich lows – perfect for any genre or playing style.

Stacking up against other acoustic-electric guitars in its league, the Yamaha FX370C stands tall thanks to its killer combo of quality craftsmanship, versatility plus affordability without breaking your bank account! Whether jamming solo at home (in pajamas!), laying down tracks in the studio, or killing it live on stage – this one won’t disappoint!

Now that we’ve broken down what makes this instrument tick under the hood feature-wise and how playable it truly is let’s flip gears towards dissecting those good-looking aesthetics making sure they match up equally well!

Design & Body Construction

Peeling back the layers of design and aesthetics, Yamaha FX370C’s glossy finish on its neck and body catches your eye right off the bat. The suave headstock logo adds a touch of class to this instrument. It sports a dreadnought body shape with a teardrop-shaped pickguard that gives it an edgy yet sophisticated visual appeal.

Let’s dive deeper into some key components:

  • Body: Combining resilience with style, the laminated top coupled with a spruce-nato combo for both sides guarantees durability.
  • Neck and Fretboard: A sleek nato wood neck featuring an easy-to-grip C-shaped profile is topped by a rosewood fingerboard packed with 20 medium-jumbo frets – all designed for smooth navigation across chords.

The Yamaha FX370C isn’t just about looks though; it packs quite a punch in terms of sound quality too! Expect balanced tones ranging from crisp highs to mellow lows, perfect for any genre you’re jamming out to. Whether you’re strumming those first few notes or rocking out full-blown solos, this guitar has got you covered thanks to its low action setup making playing effortless regardless of skill level.

Sound Quality & Performance

Don’t just shrug off the audio output of this Yamaha FX370C. This model packs a punch with its balanced sound that boasts crisp highs and rich lows. Giving it a strum, you’ll be blown away by how the sound envelops your space; perfect for those cozy jam sessions or rocking out at larger events.

Take a moment to really listen in on the tonal aspects – you’ll realize there’s more than meets the ear here. The spruce top mixed with nato back and sides amplify each note, letting them shine through vibrantly. Thanks to built-in tech wizardry, even amplified performances stay true-blue acoustic.

With an up-for-grabs 3-band EQ, tweaking bass, mid, and treble frequencies are all in your hands now! Be it picking melodies fingerstyle, strumming chords, or crafting tunes, the FX370C handles everything like a pro!

The playability of this model matches stride for stride with its superior sound quality. The rosewood fretboard ensures smooth sailing while playing, and the low-action design means less fatigue for your fingers. However, you should know that cleaning a rosewood fretboard has its own process, and it’s a plus if you know it. The cutaway feature? Well, it makes reaching those higher notes easier than ever before, giving you endless room to experiment musically.

So, in conclusion, the Yamaha FX370C isn’t just about great value. It goes beyond offering superb sound quality and easy-to-play features, making it not only ideal for novice players but also seasoned guitarists looking out for some fresh vibes!

Playability and Durability

Alright, let’s dive right in and dissect the functionality and resilience of this rad guitar model – Yamaha FX370C.

First things first, when it comes to how smoothly you can play a guitar, its neck plays a huge role. This bad boy is sporting a neck made from Nato wood that’s not only slim but also sports an uber-comfy C-shape profile. You’ll be cruising up and down the fretboard with ease while pulling off those intricate fingerstyle techniques without breaking a sweat.

Durability? This beast has got you covered! The Yamaha FX370C boasts hard-wearing features like the robust laminated top, resilient sides, and solid-as-a-rock hardware for longevity. Plus, it stands strong against temperature fluctuations or humidity variations which screams out its high-standard craftsmanship quality. So whether you’re jamming at home or hitting the road for gigs – this one’s built to last!


  • Sleek and cozy C-shape neck design
  • Ultra-low action for easy maneuvers


  • Robust, layered build
  • Withstands fluctuations in temperature and humidity

The Yamaha FX370C is a guitar that’s got its users singing praises about its superior sound output and sturdy construction quality. This versatile beast can handle any music genre you throw at it with ease, thanks to the rich tones it produces! And when we talk about resilience, this bad boy stands strong – built solidly to withstand the test of time.

Whether you’re just starting your musical journey or are an experienced hand on the strings, this guitar brings together an unbeatable trio of usability, longevity & fantastic audio performance like no other in the market today!

Is It Worth the Money?

You might be scratching your head, wondering if shelling out for this guitar is genuinely worth it. Is the buzz surrounding the brand real? Well, let me break it down for you – when we push Yamaha FX370C into a showdown with other acoustic electric rivals in its price league, guess what? It comes out strutting victoriously.

Why so? Let’s talk about a few standout features here. The lamination on top and sides of the body doesn’t just add to aesthetics but also durability. The rosewood bridge adds more than just looks- it brings stability and resonance too! And that cutaway body design isn’t only eye-catching; it’s practical as well, allowing easier access to those upper frets. Now onto some techy stuff – there are electronics built right into this bad boy which means you can easily amplify your performance without messing around with external gear!

As far as sound goes… brace yourself because this Yamaha model will blow your socks off! Expect balanced tones complete with crystal-clear highs and velvety lows irrespective of whether you prefer fingerpicking or strumming away at heart-stopping rhythms.

Now let’s get hands-on: playing on this baby feels like butter due to its comfy neck profile coupled with an ultra-smooth fretboard making navigation effortless.

But don’t just take my word for all of these praises– there’s a whole chorus line singing along from customers who’ve been rocking their own Yamaha FX370Cs. They’re raving about everything from killer sounds to great playability plus bonus points given by many for being easy on eyes!

So yes! That stellar reputation ain’t no fluke – they deliver quality instruments minus any insane price tags!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Easy Is It to Change the Strings on the Yamaha Fx370c?

Swapping out the strings on your Yamaha FX370C is pretty much child’s play. Thanks to its amazing design that guarantees solid string life and keeps those tunes steady, you’ll be done in no time. Just don’t forget – precision tuning for each new string will make sure your guitar sounds epic.

What Type of Batteries Does the Built-In Electronics of the Yamaha FX370C Require and How Long Do They Typically Last?

Your rocking machine aka the Yamaha FX370C runs smoothly with just two AA batteries. The battery life really depends on how much you’re jamming out but usually, they hang around for quite some time because of this bad boy’s power efficiency.

Can the Yamaha FX370C Be Used by Left-Handed Players?

Totally! Although our friend here, Mr.FX370C was essentially born right-handed, he doesn’t mind switching sides at all! With a few tweaks here and there by any reliable lefty tech guru, you’d have yourself a left-handed buddy ready to rock and roll although reaching that cutaway might take some effort!

Does the Yamaha FX370C Come With a Case or Does It Need to Be Purchased Separately?

You’d think they’d throw in something like that right?! But unfortunately not–you got to bag an additional cover-up yourself after getting your hands on your precious new toy- Your very own YAMAHA FX70C. Make sure whatever case you pick has enough strength game going strong so as to safeguard against accidental bumps & drops; It’s totally worth every penny spent protecting her from these everyday mishaps!

Which Amplifier Models Are Most Compatible With the Yamaha Fx370c’s Built-In Electronics?

Get ready to discover your FX370C’s full range of sound potential with a variety of killer amp models. Go ahead and play around with the settings on the FX370C until you find your perfect rhythm! Some cool options include Yamaha’s own THR series, Fender’s Mustang, or Boss’ Katana amps – all designed to give you that smooth versatile performance and deep rich tones


Alright, let’s wrap this up. The Yamaha FX370C? It absolutely nails the whole ‘you pay for what you get’ deal, and then some.

This guitar brings to the table killer sound quality, adaptability, and resilience that will have you playing like a rockstar in no time.

It isn’t just another piece of equipment; it’s your co-pilot on this wild ride called music creation.

So whether you’re just dipping your toes into the world of music or if you’ve been shredding for years now – the Yamaha FX370C is an impressive pick that won’t let down either your performance or bank balance.

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