Epiphone Les Paul Studio Review: Is It Worth It?

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As a certified guitar junkie, there’s just something about a Les Paul that’s always hit the right notes with me. But every time I’d even dare to dream of snagging a Gibson model, my wallet would start throwing tantrums at the daunting price tag! That’s what made discovering the Epiphone Les Paul Studio feel like unearthing a treasure trove at a yard sale!

This gem delivers all the aural delights of your standard Gibson – roaring humbuckers and snappy switching options aplenty. And the cherry on top? The price point is on point – it’s a lighter-on-the-pocket substitute that refuses to skimp on quality. It’s like getting to savour your cake and eating it too…sans the guilt of a decimated bank account!

Design and Features

This value-for-money Epiphone Les Paul Studio sports a lightweight mahogany body that’s been spruced up with a stylish maple top and a SlimTaper D mahogany neck. We have seen what these models can do, if you’ve used previous models such as the Les Paul Special VE. Nonetheless, the Les Paul Studio’s design definitely slays and the build quality is simply unreal – it’s a poster child for why Epiphone rules the roost.

Mahogany paired with maple? Now, that’s a dream team you can’t just walk past. It doesn’t just take the style quotient up a notch, but the mix of these elements lends a depth and warmth to the guitar’s overall sound that’s incomparable. Plus, with the SlimTaper D neck, your hands are in for a treat – gliding up and down the fretboard will be as smooth as silk.

When it comes to masterful workmanship, this Epiphone Les Paul Studio’s structure is singing praises of unwavering quality. No matter if you’re just dipping your toes into the guitar world or already tearing it up like a pro, you’re gonna be head over heels with the charm and outstanding build quality of this beast.

Playability and Comfort

Rocking out on this guitar is an absolute dream, boasting a neck design that makes gnarly bends and power chords a cinch. You might even wonder sometimes, can I make my electric guitar sound acoustic? Well, it’s totally possible, especially with this model.

The 60s SlimTaper profile strikes the perfect balance – it’s not as robust as a 50s Les Paul, but neither is it as slimmed down as a Modern C. The grip is snug, and the fretboard width coupled with that legendary Les Paul 24.75 scale length easily makes those rapid-fire riffs a walk in the park.

Add to the mix an Indian Laurel fretboard with Medium Jumbo frets, and you’ve got yourself a versatile landscape that caters to all sorts of playing styles. The slickness of the fretboard just takes the overall strumming or shredding experience up a notch.

Combine the neck profile with the material of the fretboard, and playing this guitar becomes sheer euphoria – whether you’re gently strumming serene chords or killing those fiery solos.

Sound and Tone

Get ready for an audio feast when you set this guitar into motion. Its pickups are crazy responsive, packing a tonal sphere that’s off the charts. Let’s dive into the deets, shall we?

  • Sound quality showdown: Picture the Epiphone Les Paul Studio as a cost-conscious sonic twin of the Gibson Les Paul – reeling in all the charm of that timeless single-cut sound that just never grows old. It’s a solid choice for artists on the hunt for that iconic Les Paul vibe without throwing their wallet under the bus.
  • Craft your sound: Here’s a fun twist – with the push-pull feature in your arsenal, you can flip between pristine clean sounds and a captivating chorus of tones faster than you can say ‘Les Paul’. And when you toss a Germanium-based fuzz pedal into the mix, brace yourself for the lead tones to pop off.
  • Sustain? Nailed it: If notes that linger are your jam, you’re gonna be jazzed about the sustain these Epiphone Alnico Classic Pro Humbuckers lay on the table.
  • Pickup response? Top tier: The pickups snatch up every minutiae of your play, doling out a hefty output, particularly the neck pickup on clean settings.

The long and short of it – the Epiphone Les Paul Studio hits it out of the park when it comes to features, playability, and overall sound value. It’s one heck of a guitar, and I’d totally put my stamp on it!

Comparison to Gibson Les Paul

Consider the Epiphone Les Paul Studio as the budget-friendly twin of the iconic Gibson Les Paul, brewing up equally robust tones without massacring your bank balance. Let’s pit these models against each other in the price versus value duel:

  Epiphone Les Paul Studio Gibson Les Paul
Price $$ $$$
Sound and Tone Similar to Gibson Authentic Gibson
Build Quality Excellent Exceptional
Playability Comfortable Smooth
Versatility Wide range of tones Classic Gibson
Pros Affordability Prestige
Cons Not a true Gibson Expensive

No doubt, the Gibson Les Paul is the crème de la crème, but the Epiphone Les Paul Studio is a killer deal at its asking rate. They both turn heads with their sound quality and playability, but the Epiphone is tonnes kinder to your wallet. When all’s said and done, the choice boils down to your personal preferences and, of course, how much coin you’re willing to part with. Fancy the Epiphone, with its more budget-friendly label, or the Gibson, with its legendary standing in the guitar arena? No matter what, you’re in for a treat.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

In my personal opinion, the Epiphone Les Paul Studio definitely takes the cake if you’re in search of a guitar that provides versatility while being kind to your budget. Now, let’s jet straight to the pros and the cons:


  • The bang-for-your-buck factor on the sound quality is off the charts, giving you those coveted Gibson-like tones without giving you a heart attack at the checkout.
  • It’s legit — No messing around with excessive frills. The core focus remains locked on delivering a killer tone.
  • The light-as-air body and the just-right neck profile feels like your hand’s best friend, making it an absolute breeze to play.
  • The push-pull function takes your sound’s versatility up a couple of notches, enabling you to change the game in an instant.


  • The glossy finish can seemingly feel a tad sticky under certain players’ hands.
  • Despite the pickups being super responsive and churning out abundant power, there may be a desire for a wider selection of options amongst some players.

In a nutshell, this Epiphone Les Paul Studio is a firecracker of a deal and definitely delivers value that punches way above its price tag. Whether you’re a seasoned pro daily grinding out gig after gig looking for a trustworthy companion or just a tone-chaser who’s fallen for the allure of that timeless single-cut sound, this guitar is set to serve you right.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Weight Relief Feature Affect the Overall Feel of the Epiphone Les Paul Studio?

Weight relief in an Epiphone Les Paul Studio is a game-changer for any music enthusiast. It provides a solid and comfortable grip, allowing you to play longer without fatigue. But it’s not just about comfort – this characteristic also broadens your sound range by ensuring each note resonates flawlessly regardless of your musical preference.

Can the Push-Pull Functionality on the Volume Pots Be Used to Achieve Single-Coil Tones?

Absolutely! The flexible push-pull functionality enables smooth switching between warm humbucker resonance and clear single-coil tones. This versatility opens up limitless possibilities for musical exploration.

Are There Any Color Options Available for the Epiphone Les Paul Studio Other Than Classic Ebony?

Yes indeed! You’re not restricted to classic ebony; there are other cool color options like Vintage Sunburst and Wine Red typically available as well. Keep in mind that color availability may vary depending on where you purchase from.

Does the Epiphone Les Paul Studio Come With a Case or Gig Bag Included?

Unfortunately, no – purchasing an Epiphone Les Paul Studio doesn’t come with cases or gig bags included. However, don’t let this deter you; compared to competitor brands which might include these extras at higher prices, its value for money remains unbeatable!

Is the Neck of the Epiphone Les Paul Studio Suitable for Players With Smaller Hands?

Indeed yes! If smaller hands are part of your guitar-playing equation then fret not (pun intended). The intelligently designed neck caters to all sizes assuring even those with small hands can effectively control their chords and riffs.


Alright, let’s wrap this up. The Epiphone Les Paul Studio is far more than just a guitar; it’s an absolute powerhouse that offers superior sound and playability without draining your bank account.

Its sleek design and flawless finish are pure eye candy for real music enthusiasts. And there’s more – its powerful humbuckers coupled with additional switch options offer unparalleled adaptability and unbeatable sound quality.

Whether you’re killing it on stage every other night or simply can’t resist playing in the comfort of your home, the Epiphone Les Paul Studio emerges as an outstanding choice that will surely spice up your musical journey.

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