Yamaha Pacifica 311h Review: The New Budget Premium

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As a hardcore guitar enthusiast, finding that quintessential axe can feel like a Herculean task – trust me, I’ve been there. So, imagine the sheer excitement that gripped me when I stumbled upon Yamaha’s Pacifica 311H.

I’m here to spill the tea about my personal deep dive into this surprisingly affordable yet amazingly high-quality instrument. In essence, the Pacifica 311H is an incarnation of Yamaha’s philosophy: delivering top-notch value for your hard-earned cash.

With its cool vintage white exterior and its stellar components to match, like the Grover locking tuners, this guitar is a serious contender. It’s like a designer piece, but at a fraction of the price tag – totally a steal! Let’s see!

Build and Design of the Yamaha Pacifica 311h

The Pacifica 311H rocks a sharp, Strat-inspired dual-cutaway design, masterfully chiseled from pure alder. Now, maybe you’re wondering, which is better, ash vs alder? The answer to that depends totally on you, but with some proper research, you can pretty much easily arrive to a conclusion.

Moving on, it’s not just an eye-candy but also offers a cozy and sturdy foundation for jamming those melodies. Like anything else in life, the construction and style of this guitar have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

On one hand, the complete alder body lays down a strong foundation for an awe-inspiring tone coupled with epic sound sustain. Moreover, its Strat-like structure is akin to your go-to pair of jeans – it feels utterly familiar and comfy enough that you can play round-the-clock without any discomfort.

However on the flip side there are some potential drawbacks as well . The unfinished neck and headstock may require additional care compared to finished ones which could be slightly inconvenient for some users.

Stacking up the 311H against its peers in the Pacifica series reveals how it stands out with its unique vintage white finish while being lighter on your pocketbook at the same time.

To sum things up – A great combination of solid craftsmanship paired with an economical price tag makes this beast called 311H a versatile choice for every guitar lover out there.

Hardware and Electronics Features

The nitty-gritty details of the hardware and electronics really make this guitar sing – and I’m living for it.

The Yamaha Pacifica 311H comes kitted out with Grover locking tuners, which are absolute lifesavers when it comes to maintaining tuning stability and swapping out old strings – on point and effortless.

Adding to the awesomeness are the harmonious union of the locking tuners and the Yamaha-designed fixed bridge. This dynamic duo means your guitar’s pitch will hold steady, even when you’re shredding on a frenzy.

The 311H takes it up a notch with its versatile selection of pickups – you’ve got an Alnico V P-90 nestled at the neck and an Alnico V open-coil humbucker at the bridge.

The P-90? It oozes a warm bluesy vibe reminiscent of vintage days. The bridge humbucker, on the other hand, brings in rich, meaty rock tones. And if that’s not enough, you can split the bridge humbucker coil to create those iconic, crisp single-coil sounds.

Combine all these features and what do you have? A true-blue reliable and all-encompassing instrument that can fulfill any guitarist’s wildest dreams, all wrapped up in the package that is the Yamaha Pacifica 311H.

Sound and Versatility of the 311h

The Yamaha Pacifica 311H is a game changer, capable of delivering some seriously impressive sounds and unparalleled versatility. This guitar is the ultimate tone shapeshifter – it flawlessly cranks out sleek tones that seamlessly blend with classic rock and blues vibes. So, whether you’re looking to shred some deep blues tunes or eager to rip into powerful rock solos, the 311H has got your back.

But what’s really mind-blowing? The sound quality – all thanks to cleverly engineered pickups by Yamaha. Nestled next to the neck, the Alnico V P-90 churns out warm vintage blues notes along with outstanding clarity; on the other hand, the bridge humbucker delivers rich and full-bodied rock tones for days. Plus, it even comes equipped with a coil-splitting feature for those sharp single-coil sounds that are simply timeless.

With this amazing gear in your hands, exploring various musical avenues becomes as easy as pie! When we talk about top-notch sound quality and adaptability across diverse music genres – let’s just say that 311H isn’t playing around!

Value and Price Comparison

In the league of guitars within a similar price range, the Yamaha Pacifica 311H absolutely stands out, offering an array of traditional sounds that’s more than worth your investment. What makes this guitar such a killer deal? It won’t drain your bank account, it offers sturdy construction and assures you easy-as-pie playability.

The 311H flaunts its sleek double-cutaway body inspired by Strat-style aesthetics – carved from solid alder wood. Grover locking tuners, Graph Tech Black Tusq nut and steel saddles on a Yamaha-designed fixed bridge are all part of the package—guaranteeing rock-steady tuning stability.

It boasts two specially engineered pickups by Yamaha – P-90 Alnico V cozied up to the neck and open-coil humbucker at the bridge end with Alnico V magnet. These power-packed twins provide an extensive spectrum of tonal potential.

To sum it up: The 311H is an unsung hero in Pacifica series adding incredible value for its price tag without compromising quality – making it a smart pick for those seeking great sound without splurging too much cash.

Final Thoughts on the Yamaha Pacifica 311h

Simply put, the Yamaha Pacifica 311H is seriously good value for your money. When stacked up against other models in the Pacifica series, it holds its ground with standout features and superior performance.

When I first put my hands on this guitar, it immediately gave me the feeling and vibes that I got when I tested the Yamaha Pacifica 112v, although, these two surely have their distinctions.

One of the key selling points of this model is its adaptability – ideal for a wide spectrum of music genres but rocks out exceptionally well when strumming some classic rock or blues riffs. The mix-up of P-90 pickup at the neck and humbucker at bridge pumps out a resonant yet crystal-clear vintage vibe that will get you hooked instantly.

The hardware component doesn’t disappoint either. Outfitted with Grover locking tuners paired with Graph Tech Black Tusq nut, expect spot-on tuning stability along with powerful sustain capabilities. Plus, there’s no overlooking that uber-cool unfinished neck and headstock aesthetic!

But let’s be real – it might not pack as much sound precision as Yamaha’s pricier contender – 611HFM. However if being budget-conscious tops your priority list right now; then keep this in mind: The Pacifica 311H can go toe-to-toe against industry giants like Fender and Gibson—delivering an invigorating touch while maintaining smoothness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Weight of the Yamaha Pacifica 311h?

The Yamaha Pacifica 311H guitar isn’t considered the lightest one nor the heaviest, as its weight clocks in at approximately 7 pounds.

Can the Yamaha Pacifica 311H Be Used for Heavy Metal or Extreme Genres?

Absolutely! The Yamaha Pacifica 311H proves to be a beast when played on heavy metal or other extreme music styles. Its humbucker pickup paired with coil-splitting features ensures that it can deliver both thick rock sounds and classic single-coil crispness, making this instrument adaptable to diverse musical landscapes.

Does the Yamaha Pacifica 311H Come With a Gig Bag or Case?

Unfortunately not, purchasing a Yamaha Pacifica 311H doesn’t come along with either gig bag or case. Don’t let this discourage you though as its ability to handle various music forms including intense ones like heavy metal justifies its worthiness.

What Type of Strings Does the Yamaha Pacifica 311H Come With?

The string game on the PACIFICA is tailored according to different playing vibes allowing ultimate customization. It’s crucial though- keep your strings clean regularly and replace them periodically so that your performance stays top-notch!

Are There Any Color Options Available for the Yamaha Pacifica 311h?

Definitely! You’ve got options galore from custom hues to limited-edition finishes if you’re looking for some personal touch on your YAMAHA PACIFICA. Take full advantage of these color choices – they are guaranteed to make you stand out while adding flair onto your six-stringed friend!


To wrap it up, the Yamaha Pacifica 311H is a diamond in the rough with budget-friendly guitars. It’s high time this beauty got more spotlight than it currently does with its standout design and eye-catching aesthetic.

Outfitted with top-notch hardware elements and superior electronic configuration, this guitar promises unmatched tuning stability while offering an array of sound options.

Given its reasonable price tag, getting your hands on the Yamaha Pacifica 311H feels like hitting the jackpot. For any guitarist eager to enhance their gear line-up without denting their wallet – This one’s a no-brainer!

So what are you waiting for? Propel your musical adventure sky-high with the exceptional audible prowess offered by Yamaha Pacifica 311H!

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