Fender Classic Series ’50s Stratocaster Review

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Fender’s Stratocaster has been one of the most prominent series in the history of the instrument, and rightly so.

Thanks to its timeless looks that appeal to the majority of guitarists, iconic Strat tones that are heavenly, and because it has been played by legendary guitarists throughout the history of music, for example, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, Buddy Holly and a countless number of legendary artists.

The Fender Classic Series ’50s Stratocaster is the recreation of the classic 50s design with modern quality upgrades that will please the contemporary guitarist with gorgeous looks and thanks to the new supercharged circuitry it achieves the best Stratocaster sounds. In addition to that, this electric guitar is under $1000, so that’s a pretty good deal!

Essentially, the Fender Classic Series ’50s Stratocaster looks like a normal Strat with some vintage style upgrades that enhance the 50s vibes.

First off, this guitar utilizes alder as a tonewood and maple for the neck, this combination combined with its pickups delivers amazing three-dimensional sound, more to that later. This Strat has a polyester finish on top available in Two-Color Sunburst, Fiesta Red, and the refreshing Surf Green paint jobs, all of them look perfect and feel the part.

On the body you will also find a white 8-hole pickguard that is also very retro looking, the pickups have aged covers, and the controls of the guitar also have aged covers that further amplifies the 50s vibes.

The neck of the Fender Classic Series ’50s Stratocaster has a soft V-shape and combined with the maple fretboard on top with 21-vintage-style frets and 7.25-inch radius, makes this instrument extremely playable and encourages quickness.

Overall, the quality of this Made in Mexico guitar is astounding, and out of the box, it has one of the best setups, in addition to that in the package you get a deluxe gig bag with the appropriate padding.

In the hardware department, there were some tricks added to add to the vintage sound and looks. This guitar uses the two-point bridge that is equipped with vintage-style saddles that improves the stability plus adds a more vintage tone, plus a synched tremolo or whammy bar. Furthermore, it rocks vintage-style locking Gotoh tuning machines, with a retro locking mechanism and is overall perfect.

Like a proper Strat, the Fender Classic Series ’50s Stratocaster features three single-coil pickups to achieve those divine Strat tones. They are placed on the bridge, middle, and neck position, then they are connected to the five-way pickup selector switch, the master volume knob, and two-tone knobs, one for the middle and one for the neck pickup.

This combination of tonewood, fretboard, and pickups provides a delicious, warm and a lively sound. It sounds like an old instrument, you’ll know if you played one, but extremely powerful at that.

I think that this guitar is perfect for a little more advanced player who already can showcase a great control over their guitars because this offers so much more to explore and you’ll be delighted by its sound.

Very rich and deep tones can be achieved, as well as sharp and bright, can’t go wrong with this Strat.

What i love the most about fender guitars is that they bring amazing quality to the table for a reasonable price tag. For example, they have some of the best bass guitars under $200, which are very hard to compete with.

Sound Demo:

Fender Classic Series '50s Stratocaster









  • Vintage Feel
  • Beautiful Design
  • Great Tone


  • None At All

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