Orange Crush 20RT Review

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As a strummer forever on the lookout for that one perfect amplifier, I recently had the great opportunity to give the Orange Crush 20RT a whirl.

Honestly, stumbling upon this awesome piece of gear felt like unearthing a hidden treasure amidst a jumble of other options. Not only did this amp ace all my tests, but it knocked my socks off with its standout performance and multi-faceted abilities.

Whether it’s resonant rock tunes that you’re digging or you’re all about that clean, crisp sound, the Orange Crush 20RT is a significant game upgrade.

Features and Performance

When you look at the Orange Crush 20RT, you probably see (almost) the same look and design of the Orange Crush Pro CR60C. So here’s the lowdown. The Orange Crush 20RT, it’s packing two channels you can whip between with the help of a foot-switch. There’s a built-in reverb too as well as a super handy tuner with a flash alert.

As for the sound output? This baby has got you covered. The amp churns out tones so incredible they’ll knock your expectations out of the park. The clean channel brings a warm, super clear sound while the dirty one is for days you’re feeling the need for some high-octane, rock-power vibes. For those into punk, this is just dropping and rollin’.

The three-band EQ is your best bet for tuning the precise kind of sound, dialed up just how you like it.

And guess what? There isn’t some weird, space-shuttle console interface to deal with. The layout is super self-explanatory and has pretty clear labeling, so you’ll be a pro in no time. The built-in tuner makes sure you’re not hitting those flat notes and keeps you on the pitch.

In a nutshell, the Orange Crush 20RT comes with all the right beats. It’s music to your ears, easy to operate, and oozes good vibes. It’s pretty much the full package for guitarists across all skill levels.

User Experience

The Orange Crush 20RT amp is legit a game-changer. With its two superhero channels and next-level tonal quality, it feels like you’re flexing your power in the midst of a symphony.

The sound clarity is hard to ignore; it’s top-notch stuff. The amp churns out gutsy, crisp tones on both clean and gritty channels. Trust me, this beast has got some real oomph!

What really hits you out of left field is the straightforward, user-friendly vibe – navigating the controls is as easy as a pie with clear labeling and functional design. Dialing the right tone becomes a cake-walk, no complicated rigmarole involved.

The compact size is the cherry on top, making it an ideal partner-in-crime for impromptu jam sessions or garage band rehearsals.

So, whether you’re fresh on the guitar scene or a seasoned pro, the Orange Crush 20RT is bound to impress you with its versatility and hardy performance.


This Orange Crush 20RT amp is no ordinary piece of kit. It’s the epitome of adaptability – seamless synergy with both electric and acoustic-electric guitars, catering to a myriad variety of music genres. This gem grants you an expansive sonic landscape, letting you experiment with diverse sounds that reflect your mood and personality.

Got a thing for blues, rock or jazz? Maybe more into chilled acoustic tunes? Well, this amp is the easiest way to tune your acoustic guitar! With electric guitars, prepare for some intense distorted tones on its Dirty Channel while the Clean Channel will immerse you in warm organic sounds when connected to an acoustic-electric guitar.

But this amp isn’t just about what type of guitar it can accommodate – its ingenious design ensures it’s tailored to handle a broad array of music styles as well. So whether you’re fresh off the boat or already making waves in professional circles – this versatile beast lets your unique sound soar! The flexibility offered by this little number is worth shouting from rooftops.


I’ve come across a few grumbles about the Orange Crush 20RT amp as a user myself. Some peeps are having a tough time with the headphone port – apparently, the sound likes to play hide-and-seek every now and then.

Despite the amp getting loads of love for its versatility and bang-for-buck value, there’s been a bit of chatter about troubles with the headphone port. There have also been some whispers about the built-in tuner not being 100% on point. A few users have found it slightly off the mark, finding themselves reaching for external tuners to get that perfect, razor-sharp tuning.

But even with these few gripes, the Orange Crush 20RT amp is still killing it with its robust performance. It’s seen as a practical starter amp that offers good value – especially for those just starting to find their rhythm.

Value for Money

This Orange Crush 20RT amp is a steal! It’s stacked with features and delivers an excellent performance that you wouldn’t expect for the price tag.

  • This bad boy isn’t just built to last, it’s practically indestructible. With its sturdy build and top-tier components, it’ll take whatever your guitar riffs can throw at it – making this amp a solid buy for any guitarist out there.
  • The tone range on this thing is insane! Whether you’re cranking out clean and sharp sounds or diving into gritty aggressive beats, the Orange Crush 20RT has got you covered. Blues? Easy-peasy; rock or metal? Bring ’em on!
  • Its performance doesn’t disappoint either: satisfyingly smooth whether you’re strumming your first chord or nailing those complex solos like a pro-guitarist would do in their sleep. Navigating through settings to get that sweet spot of sound couldn’t be simpler thanks to its user-friendly controls while its portable design means jam sessions anywhere are no problem.

In short, the Orange Crush 20RT packs a serious punch without punching holes in your wallet – durable as hell yet versatile enough for all music genres with top-drawer performance thrown into one handy little package.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Weight of the Orange Crush 20RT Amp?

The Orange Crush 20RT amp tips the scale at a decently portable weight of just about 15 lbs (6.8kg). It’s an awesome budget-friendly, solid-state amplifier that packs some seriously rocking tones and crisp cleans.

Where Are Most Orange Crush Amps Made?

Orange churns out most of their popular crush amps in China. The place where they’re manufactured significantly contributes to their overall quality standards – so it’s smart to know where your gear is coming from!

What Is the Main Difference Between the Orange Crush 20 and 20rt?

The key differences between siblings – the ‘basic’ Orange Crush 20 and its feature-rich cousin, The ‘loaded’ RT version are mainly two things – a built-in tuner and reverb function on the latter one! This means you get more versatility in tone shaping with superior audio quality along with these handy add-ons when opting for this particular model.

What Is the Best Alternative to the Orange Crush 20RT Under $200?

If you want something as good but lighter in the pocket than our superstar here (the Orange CRUSH RT), I’d say go for the Fender Mustang LT25! It’s not only super adaptable but also user-friendly. Plus, you can endlessly experiment with different tonal characteristics without burning through your wallet.

Is the Orange Crush 20RT Suitable for Metal Tones?

While it’s true that our featured star here-Orange CRUSH rt is capable enough to deliver those dark brooding metal tones, if we are talking specific genres like heavy metal, there could be alternatives providing better distortion expected by hard-core metal enthusiasts. Compared head-to-head against other specialty metal amps and its slightly advanced sibling, the Orange Crush 35RT, it might not live up to that high-intensity distortion expectation.


Wrapping it up, the Orange Crush 20RT is quite a beast of an amp that hits hard. Its wide-ranging capabilities and superior performance designate it as a prime pick for cost-conscious guitarists.

Its user-friendly controls coupled with its remarkable audio quality make this amp ideal for both novices and seasoned musicians.

No matter if you’re strumming away in your private space or setting the stage on fire, the Orange Crush 20RT stands up to expectations. Snatch one to catapult your inherent rockstar persona into prominence!

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