Jackson JS22 Dinky Review – Is it the Best Metal Machine?

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If you’re a fan of classic rock music and you’re looking for an instrument that captures the spirit of metal and hard rock, look no further than the Jackson JS22 Dinky.

With its high-output pickups and sleek design, this guitar is perfect for producing those raw, electric riffs. Whether you’re just getting started in your musical journey or already have some experience under your belt, playing the JS22 will give you everything you need to shred like never before.

So get ready to unlock your full potential with Jackson’s ultimate metal machine – The JS22 Dinky!

Unraveling the History of Jackson Guitars

The genesis story of Jackson Guitars is a thrilling ride that mirrors the evolution of heavy metal, kicking off in the rebellious era of the ’70s and skyrocketing to fame during the headbanging ’80s. This was when iconic models like Rhoads Concorde, King V, Soloist, and Dinky hit their stride. Each strum on a Jackson Guitar unleashes a raw sound wave that encapsulates rock’s primal essence while its unique design aesthetic screams pure rock n’ roll attitude.

Guitar virtuoso Randy Rhoads significantly shaped this brand’s identity with his legendary input to guitar designs. His partnership with Jackson birthed an enduring icon – The Rhoads Concorde; an instrument symbolizes both quality craftsmanship and innovative spirit at its finest even today.

Staying true to this legacy is today’s shining star from their lineup – The JS22 Dinky. Boasting high-output pickups for those bone-rattling riffs along with comfortable handling too tempting not to pick up every day; it has made waves in metal music circles worldwide. It strikes just right balance between aggressive tone delivery yet keeping it affordable enough so as many can get hands-on experience playing one mean machine!

This indeed sums up what makes Jackson guitars tick and tells whether Jackson guitars are good enough! Their unwavering dedication towards delivering instruments perfect for any passionate guitarist seeking out that quintessential heavy metal vibe is why they maintain such resonance across global music communities.

Detailed Breakdown of the JS22 Dinky’s Body and Neck

The guitar’s body is a single piece of durable basswood, famed for its punchy midrange sound output. This makes the JS22 Dinky your go-to weapon if you want to rip out those heart-pounding rock solos that set your soul on fire. Its neck, carved from a robust block of graphite-reinforced maple, provides an ultra-smooth playground for rapid-fire riffs and nimble fretwork.

Here are some winning features of this instrument:

  • Sturdy basswood body designed to endure hardcore jamming sessions
  • Swift and buttery neck facilitating lightning-fast movement
  • Compact yet comfortable construction ideal for long gigs

But let’s keep it real; not everything is perfect here. For instance, shorter-fingered musicians might struggle a bit with the wider-than-average neck width. And while we love our strong mid-range tones thanks to that trusty old basswood body – don’t expect deep resonant notes or richness offered by higher-end tonewoods.

So when choosing your Jackson battle-axe – take into account what kind of music truly moves you. If heavy metal or hard rock stirs up your passion then congratulations! With its fierce tone and speedy playability -the JS22 Dinky might just be calling out your name! But if you’re searching for broader musical horizons in terms of sound versatility – maybe other models within Jackson’s arsenal deserve consideration too.

Exploring the Sound and Pickups of the JS22 Dinky

As you delve into the audio landscape and pickup configuration of this beast, prepare to be blown away by its high-performance abilities. The unassuming price tag of the JS22 Dinky hides a formidable sonic powerhouse within. Two dynamic Jackson humbuckers embedded in its slick frame arm you with an array of soundscapes tailor-made for metal and rock genres.

But don’t box it just yet! The versatile nature of the JS22 Dinky deserves exploration. It dominates on heavy tones without a doubt, but with some crafty maneuvering on your tone dial, sweeter melodies can easily emerge from it too. Give it a whirl; discover that this guitar is more than meets the eye.

Next up – how playable is this guitar? Well, if you’re starting out in your six-string journey or have been shredding for years now doesn’t matter; because regardless, comfort won’t be compromised here! Its user-friendly body shape coupled with its fluidic neck makes playing effortless while still offering features that even hardened players will appreciate.

The wide neck design and oversized frets make those note-heavy solos or intricate chord progressions less daunting – daring you to push your musical boundaries further.

To sum up things nicely – think beyond considering JS22 as merely an instrument- envision it as your companion through every chapter of your musical narrative.

A Closer Look at the Hardware and Features of the JS22 Dinky

The JS22 Dinky is a great choice for any rock or metal musician who’s looking for an affordable guitar without sacrificing quality. With its two-point fulcrum tremolo, die-cast Jackson tuners, and reinforced maple neck with rosewood fretboard, this instrument offers exceptional playability that won’t leave your fingers cramped after hours of jamming.

What else makes the JS22 Dinky so special? Its 24 frets provide unbeatable access to higher notes – something that’ll surely boost your confidence when shredding through solos! Plus, thanks to its lightweight body and wide flat neck you can keep rocking out in comfort during extended sessions.

In short, if you’re searching for a reliable yet budget-friendly option then the JS22 Dinky should be at the top of your list! It’s got all the features needed to make music magic while remaining comfortable enough so you don’t have to sacrifice tone or playing style along those long journeys into sound exploration, as this guitar is definitely one of the things you need for a successful guitar-playing career.

Comparing the JS22 Dinky With Other Jackson Guitar Models

Ever wondered how this guitar holds its own against others in the same brand category? Well, hold onto your seatbelt because you’re about to get blown away! The Jackson JS22 Dinky slays competition when it comes down to price comparisons. This diamond-in-the-rough delivers a beastly sound and effortless playability that’s challenging to encounter at this cost level.

Now, let’s shift gears and examine some alternative options within the Jackson range. If you’re open-minded towards other models, give some thought to the Jackson JS Series King V JS32. Sporting an iconic V-shaped body, this model is guaranteed not just turn heads but also deliver a knockout punch with its robust tone. Another exceptional option would be the attention-grabbing Jackson X Series Kelly KEXQ Electric Guitar; known for its distinct body shape coupled with a rich, resonant sound.

However, if your heart beats for more classic styles then look no further than the vibrant Bright Blue colored -Jackson Dinky JS32 DKA Arch Top Electric Guitar might be up your alleyway. With its traditional form factor combined with vivid hue makes it both visually appealing as well as an auditory force of nature!

Ultimately though –the ball’s in your court! Every model carries unique charisma and brings something different on board.That’s what makes guitars so extraordinary right? Regardless of which one you go for – rest assured that you’ll be jamming out like never before!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Strings Does the Jackson JS22 Dinky Come With, and Are They Easy to Replace?

Your Jackson JS22 Dinky is fitted with hard-wearing nickel-plated steel strings renowned for their steadfastness in tuning. Swapping them out is a breeze, giving you the freedom to explore various tones until you stumble upon your ideal sound.

How Does the Weight of the Jackson JS22 Dinky Compare to Other Electric Guitars in Its Class?

Prepare yourself for an absolute revelation when it comes down to balance and weight with your new Jackson JS22 Dinky. At just a nimble 8.8 pounds, this guitar seriously undercuts many rivals on heftiness providing supreme comfort during epic jam sessions. This beast truly delivers!

Are There Any Special Care or Maintenance Instructions for the JS22 Dinky’s Satin Black Finish?

Exercise caution while maintaining that captivating satin black finish on your prized possession – the JS22 dInky! Steer clear from harsh cleaning substances; instead lean towards gentle guitar cleaners designed specifically not to damage finishes like yours. A regular swipe will keep it gleaming brilliantly!

What Is the Return Policy or Warranty for the Jackson JS22 Dinky if Purchased Through an Authorized Dealer?

You’d have better luck asking directly from your authorized dealer concerning their distinct return policies But generally speaking, Jackson typically provides a limited lifetime warranty guarding against any factory defects – but always verify the dealer’s legitimacy before purchase so as not to void potential warranty coverage.

Can the JS22 Dinky’s Hardware Be Easily Upgraded With Higher-End Components?

Definitely! You can totally give Your Js32Dinksy Hardware a boost by swapping old parts With more upscale ones. Replacing The Pickups Can Really Make a Difference In terms of tone, and better tuners can lead to improved tuning stability. It’s an awesome way to make your guitar more “you”.


The Jackson JS22 Dinky is a hidden beast within an affordable package – delivering unyielding power without breaking the bank. The powerful pickups emit a robust growl, while its sleek body and neck provide effortless playability, complemented by its feather-light design for ultimate comfort.

Whether you’re just starting out or already into your music journey as an intermediate player with metal running in your veins, this guitar could be your perfect ally. Dive headfirst into the exhilarating world of heavy metal with the JS22 Dinky – it’s cost-effective yet packs some serious punch as a top-notch shredder.

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